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Anyone have these cuties for sport climbing?...

Anyone have these cuties for sport climbing? Any recommendations, cons, pros? They are on heavier side but they seem to be solid, they have keylock gear biner and they have wider dogbones so Its not likely they will twist during the clipping. Im considering buiyng 12 of them for sport crags routes but there are also the BD Hotwires , they are 10 grams lighter than posiwires but they dont come with 18 cm long dogbones here.. I have a dilemma which to choose. Is the positron biner the same size as Nitron ?

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This is a great draw, both Carabiners are a nice size and quite functional - its also an amazing value.

My recommendation would be this draw over the Hotwire, unless you're made of money or are obsessed with aesthetics. The extra $.30 per gram saved is not a very good price/weight tradeoff, also, an extra 120g on your harness wont make a lick of difference as to whether or not you send a sport route. You'd be better off putting that $36 towards a lighter rope.

The positron is almost exactly the same size as the Nitron, although a slightly different shape

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They seem to have 18cm back in stock if you're still looking (totally go with the 18cm). I'd pick em up in a pack though unless you don't need 6 of them right now.

I do prefer the nitron biner to the positron, but like simon says, it's not worth the extra money unless you're in dire need of some extra light gear with an awesome orange color ;)and even then there are lighter draws. Tho maybe not full sized with the same strength ratings as the hotwires!

If I had infinite money, I'd totally buy the hotwires over the posiwires in a heartbeat. no question.