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Anyone have one of these jackets? I've...

Anyone have one of these jackets? I've got a North Face Apex jacket without a hood and I love it, but was wondering how the hoodie version is.

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Having a hood is great when it's windy or raining. It's the apex with an adjustable hood that's totally functional & warm. You'll love it. Get the same size as your other apex-fit is true to TNF size.

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Because of the nature of the Apex fabric, the hood doesn't lay down very well when not in use. It's not a functionality problem at all, just know that you are a bit more aware of it being back there when seated, or even just walking around. I opted for the Android over the Bionic this year for the hood, and have ZERO regret. In fact, it completes the full coverage shell functionality that the Bionic is noticeably lacking.