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Anybody have any input on the version of...

Anybody have any input on the version of this stove that actually ships?
You can't see it in the product photo, but the shipping version of this stove has an on/off knob built onto the pump near the shank/sleeve that connects to the fuel line hose. I have an older version of this stove (all green...2005 model, I believe...) that does not have such a knob built into the pump. The only on/off is controlled via the simmer lever on the burner and the orientation of the bottle itself. Why the triple-redundant on/off functionality?
(On/off based on the orientation of the bottle...on/off based on the state of the knob on the pump....on/off based on the state of the simmer lever on the burner...)
Also, the version that I has different connector firmly snaps into need to twist, like you have to with this version. The first time I tried this version it leaked whitegas from that twist shank...not cool.

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The off/on valve on the pump is a handy feature to save the pressure in the fuel bottle. Simply turn the bottle over to the "off" position and when the flame goes out, close the valve on the pump. The pressure remaining inside the fuel bottle stays there reducing the pumping the next time you use the stove.