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Any thoughts on either this sirrus or...

Any thoughts on either this sirrus or greggory's jade? Besides the capacity and weight. I feel like the osprey is going to breathe better but I have not been able to try on either of these particular packs. Although i have tried on multiple greggory and osprey. It seems to me that greggory is more durable.

Thoughts? I am hoping to buy a good day pack within the month.

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I have had a Jade 30 and I didn't like it very much. It was well made, but the interior space was not very usable--the pack is too narrow to fit things in an efficient manner.

However, I did find that the breathability and the durability of both packs is comparable. The carry of the Osprey was a bit better--the harness and hipbelt fit much better.

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I tried on both, and while I liked the look of the Jade a lot better, I ended up buying the Sirrus. It was just more comfortable on my tall, narrow-shouldered frame. Among other things, the hip belt on the Jade was too big when the torso length was correct, and the Sirrus just seemed to sit better on me when weighted.