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Any problems with how only 19% of the...

Any problems with how only 19% of the binding is actually attached to the board? Does it weaken the connection after a while and break?

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I think ur confused a lil lol. Only 19% of the binder is actually touching your board, but that doesn't mean that only 19% of the binder is attached. The base plate attaches like any other base plate, but because of the EVA foam, it makes the binder pretty much float on your deck. 100% of the binding is attached, but the foam raises it up off of the board to allow for a 'more true' flex. But by only having 19% of the binding touching your board, that doesn't mean it's weakened by any means. I have a pair of '09 Contacts and they are stellar. I have had no problems with them as of yet and they are still gonna be with me for another few years, AT LEAST. So to answer your question in full, no they are not weakened by the contacts points, and yes they are as strong or stronger than anything out. Union all the way