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Any one have issues with there optimus...

Any one have issues with there optimus Crux working with the new brighter orange/red MSR fuel cans, I am on stove # 2 and it will work with a cheap ozark trail fuel can a snow peak fuel the old MSR cans but on the new ones its died on me twice only burning the first 10% or so of the can. used my friends msr pocket rocket on the same fuel can and he had no problems

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Sounds like just the propane in the fuel mixture is burning based on your 10%. That's normally a temperature issue. What was the temperature? Were you hooking up your friend's PocketRocket under the same conditions? Seal is good?

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temp was 75- 80 F seal is great like i said i can use it with every other fuel except the new MSR can. and yes my friend was right there with me it took it off my stove and put it on his pocket rocket he had no problems.

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tyc221 - I've had the EXACT same problem (dying out when there's still lots of fuel in the cannister)....I was told by a friend of mine (experienced guide) that it's likely due to the temperature of the fuel cannister (as Phil Maher asked), as in cold enough temperatures the fuel burns just propane, and hence the "dying flame". Was suggested to keep the fuel cannister in a warm place (like inside the tent or even sleeping bag, annoying, I know) and see if that makes a difference. Hope this helps.
UPDATE: Did exactly what I suggested on a week-long trek....worked like a charm - flame never died, as I kept the fuel canister relatively warm before using.