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Any one have an idea on the battery life?...

Any one have an idea on the battery life? ... i have several solar and auto-wind and like the watch but not too thrilled about having to go back to changing a battery...

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Suunto says about 9 months with average use, probably 9 months to a year with general timekeeping duties. The battery change is going to be a little more involved than say the Core or Vector, which can be done in the field. The Elementum will either need to go back to the dealer or a jeweler, or sent back to Suunto for a battery change. The caseback for the Elementum has four Torx screws holding it, rather than screwback, as other Suunto models.

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The battery lasts around 18 months. I just had a battery replaced at a jewler...the charged my $20 and it took about 15 minutes.