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Am curious about the non-stick coating....

Am curious about the non-stick coating. Is it a teflon type of stuff that scratches off or is it actually hard anodzing on he interior of the pot? I'm not a fan of consuming teflon or direct contact of bare aluminum with my grub when the coating scratches off.

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It is a Teflon type material but as long as you do not scratch it with metal cook wear, it is pretty durable. The pots we have in MSR that we have used plastic spoons and spatulas with are holding up fine going on 5 years.

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Like Karl says, it's all going to be a matter of the utensils you use and the care you take...metal utensils, scouring pads...your finish is toast...quickly. The coating is pretty tough, but it can only take so much. Armed with this in mind, you'll get years and years out of these pots. Happy cooking.