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All size M parameters fit my physique...

All size M parameters fit my physique perfectly except chest circumference. I'm 2" bigger. Do you think I should get M size and will it stretch comfortably? I'm afraid that if I get L it will be too long.

Thank you.

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Get a large. The alpinist half zip has a very athletic cut and may be far too tight. I am usually a small in marmot products but I own a medium in the half zip. Much more comfortable.

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Thank you! I was just afraid that L will be too long. Is your M length (sleeves and body) OK considering that you wear S?

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The sleeve length is fine. The sleeves are a little longer due to the thumb holes. The piece overall is a little shorter so it may be a touch long but it doesn't bother me.

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@ned4132386 (or anyone who knows) I have similar issue. My chest is 40", waist 33-34" but my arms are gangly and long -- wrist is right at 35.5", so I'm always looking at large or xls (even tho I could prolly fit in a medium), mostly b/c I hate long sleeves that are too short. I love thumbholes, but not if they aren't attached to long enough sleeves (pinches on my thumb "gussets"). When you say the medium that you buy in this shirt/jacket is a lil longer b/c of the thumbholes, what is the sleeve length of a med from the center of your back to the end of the sleeves (past the thumbholes)? What is it to the thumbholes opening? Thanks! Your answer will help a lot!