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Actually I wanted to know what if you had...

Actually I wanted to know what if you had both the Marmot Pinnacle and the Marmot Lithium which would be the better choice to keep?

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If price is not a consideration, you'd probably be better off with the Lithium for its versatility and higher quality down.

A few more comparison points that Tim didn't mention

- Marmot uses different fabrics on the two bags. The Lithium has a standard DWR nylon exterior with a Polyester Taffeta interior. This results in a highly breathable, lightweight and luxuriously silky bag. The Pinnacle has a Nylon Silicon DWR shell and is therefore slightly more water resistant, but its Nylon interior doesn't feel anywhere near as nice.

- The Pinnacle has a thicker, wider, heavier zipper coil guard which results in fewer snags. Both have the same double pull YKK zipper which is mateable.

-The Draft collar of the Lithium has much more down in it, resulting in a better gasket to retain warm air. The Pinnacle's is floppy, but has two snaps and an elastic drawcord to keep it closed (The Helium has only a "Passive" draft flap, no collar).

- The Pinnacle has a few extra features, like a glow in the dark zipper pull and a valuables pocket in the draft tube that the Lithium and Helium are missing.

- The Pinnacle comes with a cheap, heavy stuff sack made from black nylon. The Lithium and Helium come with featherweight color coded ones. All three bags come with cotton storage sacks. None come with compression sacks.

- The Lithium weighs 2lb 12oz, the Pinnacle 2lb 8oz, and the Helium 2lb 2oz.

- The Lithium is EN Limit rated to 6ºF, the Pinnacle 10ºF, and the Helium 16ºF

Hope that was helpful