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A sizing dilemma..

I think I am stuck...

A sizing dilemma..

I think I am stuck between 2 sizes here (as happened before with the Patagonia micropuff pullover).. I am about 5'10" and maybe 170 lbs or so with an slim(ish) athletic build. I think my arms are too short because I ordered the medium and it fits rather snug (like I could only wear my medium sized tshirt underneath and the armpits are real tight). Snug is okay, the big issue is the sleeves are like 3 inchs too long and thus the whole arms 'bundle' up and look all wavy.

I am considering returning for a large to solve the arm pit and general snugness.. Problem being if I do so I am assuming the large will have even longer sleeves (oh no!). Can anyone confirm or deny this? Any thoughts on my first world crisis issue here?


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The Large will add another inch to the sleeve length. Sounds like you do not want this... so, you can go with the medium and wear only a thin layer underneath. I would have to go with the next size up, though, because the underarm tightness would annoy me more than the sleeve length. Have to pick based on what annoys you the most. The Large will still have a nice athletic fit, too.