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A concern I have with larger packs is the...

A concern I have with larger packs is the ability to look up while wearing a helmet- does this pack have a little "scooped" out section to help create space when you tip your head back? (or similar solution). For example the Gregory Palisade 80 is shaped slightly to allow this but not quite enough in my opinion. Any help appreciated, thanks!

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Mountain hardwear does not have a "scooped section like that. The only packs that I've used that have an intentional section like that for being able to look up while wearing a helmet would be Osprey packs. And if you are gonna go with a pack this large(6400cu in), Id go with Osprey(or Gregory) anyways because they seem to have better packs when it comes to large capacity. Mountain hardwear is better with mid sized to small technical packs. Hope that answers your question.