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99% certain I know the answers to both of...

99% certain I know the answers to both of these, just figure I'd make sure before buying. I bought an '09 Rossy Jones Experience. Perfectly fine to split, right (Its core is something called THCore: "
Triple Hybrid Core Carbon Kevlar® is 2 types of wood, Poplar and Steamed, laminated around a central Microcell beam and topped with Carbon and Kevlar® resulting in lower weight, balance, control, grip and explosive pop.")? Its wood, but it also has carbon and /kevlar/, the kevlar would be my concern.

Also, are the binding angle adjustable or once you split there set, I think I read that once you drill it, its set. But nobody seems to be complaining about it here, so maybe I'm just imagining things.

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I have been splitting the Rossi experience for 4 years now. Its a great board to cut in half, i've never had any issues with the core of the board. Just be sure to use a good marine epoxy like West Systems G-flex epoxy and put 2-4 thin coats on the fresh cut sidewall. Sand those a bit and you're ready to mount the chinese hooks and beyond...

The newer Rossi Experience has a foam type strip down the center of the cut, which is kind of a bummer, where as those older models have straight wood. Still, the new "foam" sidewalls coated in G-flex have held up fine with everyday use.

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Hey Jeremiah, I believe the board you have will have a center strip down the middle, like Neil talks about, but its not "foam" its actually sidewall material... it makes the split nice as you don't need to seal it... With this kit the bindings are in a fixed stance... The rotating stance system can be installed DIY, but requires some extra thought/work...

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