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8" GSI Pinnacle frypan is excellent except...

8" GSI Pinnacle frypan is excellent except that it's TOPLESS. I need a simple flat lid with a lifting loop. Anyone have a solution.

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It's not exactly a lid with a loop but a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil would certainly suffice. I use this set-up when frying my fresh-caught trout in the back country. It's much lighter & you don't have to clean it up when you've finished cooking.

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There's a company called Open Country Campware that makes inexpensive aluminum pots and kettles that have the exact type of lid you're looking for. I'm not sure if the dimensions would work out perfectly, but they put the diameter of their 4qt non-stick kettle @ 8". Their stock # is: 4369-0085-30. Should be real close, if not right on. The whole set-up retails for under $13. I use a couple smaller ones for throwing directly on the fire, and the lids are actually pretty decent and weigh next to nothing. Good luck.