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27 yo. male 125lbs. I'm looking to replace...

27 yo. male 125lbs. I'm looking to replace my Icon x boot. Will be used for Ski patrol, free ride and light touring. I'm an aggressive skier and value performance over comfort, but don't want to compramise eithere aspect.

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I would say this will work out for you. I eventually chose the Method, but I liked this one as well and would probably be better with added stiffness for a more aggressive skiier.

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stiff flex is higher over-rated! it's like the old day's of who can ride the longest ski! if you want have fun hit the bumps,actually articulate your your turns!!! ignore "gotta go stiff bro" mantra. if your gonna run gates and go 70mph+ YES get a stiff boot. otherwise 100-110 is perfect!