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1. So even though it's a "3 season", there...

1. So even though it's a "3 season", there is no rain tarp? (is it waterproof?)

From the pictures, it looks like its just a 'one piece'.

2. Also, do you set it up from the inside?

3. Is it a "3 season" or "4 season". On their website, it says "4 season".


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Ths is a four season tent, Backcountry is wrong on thier listing.

This tent is completely water-proof, you do not need a rain fly.

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Hayden is right.

Black Diamond seems to vascilate on calling the HiLight a 3 or 4 season tent. I've seen it listed both ways on their site. I use mine as a 4 season tent, and I believe it's strong enough for some mountain use, but I have no illusions about it being as tough as a true mountaineering tent.

The tent is constructed of breathable, water resistant fabric, meaning it's all but waterproof. Mine has never leaked, and no fly is required.

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its 3 season- everything but hot summer. And yes, it does set up from the inside. Quick and easy to set up and you stay pretty dry when doing so in the rain...