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defective pair?

defective pair?

washed once and got this...
Love the product, bought multiple pair but haven't had them long. Hopefully this is an exception.

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I've had these underwear for about 3 years and have never had this problem. However, whenever I have done my washing I always remove these (along with any other quick dry synthetics, eg. Nike DryFit, CoolMax) from the load of laundry and let them air dry overnight since a dryer on Permanent Press setting would be way too hot for quick dry synthetics and would probably fry the material. I'm not sure if that's what happened to your pair but if you let these air dry rather than drying them in a dryer you shouldn't have the damage that your photo shows. I've been washing about 5 pairs of these regularly maybe every two-weeks (not my only underwear - but certainly my most favourite) for the past three years without any issue or damaged material.