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Walk/Ski switch failure

Walk/Ski switch failure

One to two dozen days with these boots, and I really liked them. Skiing in bounds on powder days, but mostly in the back country.

I hit a roller today in bounds and ejected from my skis. This is a documented phenomenon with dynafit bindings - If the ski bends in such a way that the tip goes down and the middle rises it spreads the binding enough for the boot to pop out. Or maybe I just sucked, and hit the roller wrong. Either way, it was not too hard of a hit and I ejected.

My right boot felt like it was in walk mode when I stood up. This is what I discovered when I tried to reset the boot to ski mode.

I could still ski enough to get out ( no hiking involved) but be aware that this boot can fail, and in a backcountry setting this failure could make egress very hard.

Inspect this part on your boot. I noted my right boot seemed "looser" than the left, but neglected to tighten the power band. I expect that here is a sign I should have noted.

6'3'', 220 #

TL;DR: Boot broke - carry zip ties.