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Thirtytwo TM-TWOs

Thirtytwo TM-TWOs

i have the 2012 DC JUDGE, An these "Thirtytwo TM-Twos Simon Chamberlain model" i love em eveything about these boots is so tank, from charging hard "really hard" to big freeestyllee all day terrrain park light weight boots love all the features. honestly you have to be a true rider to Appreciate all that this boot brings to the table. so much tech in this boot. if you ride a lot an want perfect comfort treat your self. ESP if you ride a lot an your waking back an forth. hands down awesome. another reason perfect stiffness.

extra notes :

2012 Special Blend Annex Burnt green camo
2012 FORUM destroyer Doubbble DOGG 154
2012 Burton Malavita RE-FLEX