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Dear Skeptics

Dear Skeptics

Go Native. These shades rock. They are hands down the best and most comfortable sunglasses I have ever worn.

Lens quality is stellar, as I expected from a legit brand like Native. I've used them road biking, running, mountain biking, and just lounging around and the scratch factor is naught. Super easy to clean if they get smudged, dirty, or sweaty.

The wraparound fit on the hardtop xp's is simply amazing. Clichés aside, I truly do not notice that they're there on my face, they are so comfortable.

Native did well to make all the moving parts (hinges and interchangeable lenses) work smoothly. Lenses pop right into place once you've figured it out (trust me I was rather cautious at first go, but don't worry). I've cleaned my pair out with water several times and never has the water caused any rusting or squeaking in the hinges. The soft blue temple pieces are a nice touch as well.

Last words:
I am a huge fan of the platinum frame/blue reflex lens combo, the style points that tag along with them are unbeatable.