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Burnt Greens/Last Call Camo... HYFR!!!

Burnt Greens/Last Call Camo... HYFR!!!

you ppl are crazy if you dont get these pants on sale.. i paid full price.. an i have the new 2012 AK stagger pants.. truth is i always rock these.. you know that crazy moment when your using sag gaiters an you bend over in the lift line an some kids dad says " you mind pulling your pants up " some ppl just dont get it... -thats why they get left behind... in other words on a real note BUY THESE PANTS AN ROCK OUT!!!..... yeah!!! thanks,

rb... ride FORUM

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what size did you get? we look like the same built but didnt know if i should get the large for extra large, i dont want to get the large and have them not sag, but i also dont want to get the extra large and have the waist gaiter be too big.