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The lightweight, non-stick 1650ml Titanium Cookset begins and ends your day where it counts—with a well cooked meal. Pack this ultra-light titanium cookset for anything from a casual overnighter to a weeklong expedition and save your energy for fun at the end of the trail. The 3-centimeter deep pan doubles as a lid or a sauce pan, and the 1300-mililiter pot boils enough water for dinner, or a day’s worth of hydration. Heat-resistant handles fend for your digits, and the easy-pack system plays nice with the rest of the gear in your pack.

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Great set for the price

    This set is super light and gets the job done. I haven't used it for frying, but other people say that it isn't 1650ml, or non-stick. The handles work fine, but they aren't the best design out there. The two handles on the pot have the ability to sway side to side while holding it, and the lid handle has to be bent inward to be placed back in travel position. It works just fine on the Jetboil with the pot adapter if you stir regularly and watch the flame level. It's not the highest quality, but it's a great first time set for the price.

    Great pot/pan for the price!

      I've only used it on the trail once but it did what it was supposed to... cooked our meals (2 of us) just fine, boiled water quickly and seems super durable. Plus it's light as a feather... We used it with our MSR Pocket Rocket and it's a perfect fit, bonus points for an 8oz fuel canister fitting snugly inside with our silverware and a rag... Can't beat this combo really....

      Light and indestructible.

        Great solo piece! I use mine with an MSR dragonfly and love it. I might remove the handle on the lid, it is a PITA to get to snap back once you fold it out. I liked the one I got off of SAC so much that I bought a second one. The bottom will discolor a bit and also warp a little, but nothing major. I also picked up two of the Ti sporks which fit nicely inside the pots and are insanely light.

        definatley not non-stick

          Has the same bead blasted surface as the long handled spoon, spork, and 700 ml pot. Most definatley not non-stick. That aside the pot works. I can fit a fuel canister in it but not my MSR pocket rocket. I have yet to find a use for the lid other than a plate.

          BC needs to change the description... there is not coating on this pot!!!!!!!! just a bead blast

          Not 1650ml

            I ordered this on SAC thinking I was going to get about 1.5L in the pot for snow melting, cooking, etc. I see on Backcountry a better description. However, I measured the volume of the pot and found that if you fill to the very rim you might get 1100ml +/-. The lid filled to the rim is <400ml. Of course in the real world you can't cook with a pot filled to the extreme rim. I'm not sure who wrote the 1650ml but be prepared for something very light (nice), but smaller than advertised(not so nice).

   Titanium Cookset - 1650ml.

              Ripper pans - Big enough to boil small Croc's or a leg of Koala, too small for a Red Roo steak, but they can be hard to catch, so no worries.



                Used as a secondary set (I have a GSI fancy non-stick nested stuff set as primary) on a three night backpacking trip with some equipmentless friends and ended wondering why I would ever want to carry the GSI set on two person trips. This thing is light and works perfectly for two people. This might change me to ultralight backpacking. I am now watching SAC for a pair of ti cups (just got the knife/fork/spoon set- two thumbs up) and then I'm set.

                Not really 1650ml!

                  The product is fine. The marketing is misleading. If you buy this on SAC (as I did,) it doesn't tell you that the pot is only 1.3 liters, and the remaining 350ml is the volume of the lid. Ended up being too small and I returned it. Too bad, so sad.

                  Great Tit Cookware for the price

                    The cook set is well made and amazingly light. It comes in a nice black carrying case. It disperses heat about the best you can expect titanium to do. I am very pleased with the purchase considering that anything of similar quality is at least 20 dollars more. I would recommend this to anyone, as long as they understand that titanium cookware will eventually warp. Great Product! Thanks Backcountry!

                    cookin me up some grub

                      I really like this set. great storage case to keep them nice and pretty. they're lightweight. they do scratch up a bit but since they aren't non stick treated i'm not really too worried. The grips do show they are not the highest end titanium pots out there. but who's keeping track anyway when you're eating a well cooked meal in the BC?

                      Great Cookware

                        Just went on a very short 3 dayer and found this cookware to be excellent and so light weight. Large enough for most dry-lite food. the handle for the pan snaps into open position and is very stable. the little bit of coating on the handles was just enough to keep from burning myself. My MSR Wisperlight does not easily fit in the pot, but I don't recommend stove storage in the food cookware anyway.

                        good for the price and weight

                          this titanium set is mos def light. i also own the smaller version of this same set (both SAC purchases). as advertised, it is light and you can cook things in it and put it in a backpack. non-stick? no. rices, noodles, and various stews are all i have ever cooked in it. burnt the 1st batch of dirty rice. went without dinner, aside from a cliff bar. good news is that it cleaned very easily...just boiled some more water in it, it loosened up and i shook it and poured it out. the next time i was more diligent in my observation. i used lower heat and stirred at least once per minute. i have only used this with the MSR pocket rocket and open pit experience with any of the higher dollar backpacking stoves. the pocket rocket and an msr fuel cannister (not bottle) fit inside. hasnt scratched yet. i have used the mesh storage bag to strain weird tastes left behind. all of this was done not more than 1000ft above sea level for anyone who is interested in that type of thing. has NOT warped over very high open pit heat. good pots if you keep an eye on what you are cooking. if you want to set it and forget it, look somewhere else.

                          Great deal.

                            Got this on SAC for a bargain. Works just like any other Ti pot, wish it had a small pour spout, but it's not too messy so no prob. I haven't had a problem with things sticking to the bottom of my pot yet, but I haven't cooked any eggs and don't plan on it anytime soon. Oatmeal, chili, mac and cheese, etc. all cook super freaking duper. Good stuff.

                            Good Stuff

                              I love this cook set. Got it for $30 of SAC.
                              Its perfect for my little 3 man group. The lid doubles
                              as a skillet which I really like. The only reason that
                              it gets four stars is because the lid doesn't always sit
                              real easily on the pot. Could have been done just a little
                              better. For the price though who care.

                              Bob, SAC is It is a website run by that runs closeouts and specials. There is one new item every 20 or 30 minutes and it runs until it sells out or the time runs out. There is no real way to know what is coming on. I think many folks (like me) just keep it open in a separate window all day and check it periodically.

                              actually SAC now has a desktop app that pops up and dings for you when a new product arrives.... the downside I have found with the application... the number of purchases for SAC have significantly increased... the positive.. big saves on many products... It's not good that my office mate and I both have it... we never miss a product

                              Does this pot come increments on the...

                              Does this pot come increments on the inside/outside? I like to just eat straight out of my pot when I cook oatmeal, pasta, etc., and it's easier with exact measurements rather than approximations.

                              Does "non-stick" refer to the natural...

                              Does "non-stick" refer to the natural titanium finish, or is it coated with something else?

                              Unanswered Question

                              I told myself after being burned the last...

                              I told myself after being burned the last time that I would never buy a pot/pan with these thin, folding handles again. However, I am looking at this set up for use when my jet boil with companion cup is not enough. My question is this: how easy are the handles to use when it is cold with cold stiff hands or while wearing gloves?

                              As a side note has anyone gone from using Aluminum to Titanium and noticed a difference in fuel usage? The Titanium should not transfer heat as efficiently as the Aluminum, and I was wondering if that translated into increased fuel usage or if it is not noticeable.

                              Thanks in advance!!!

                              How would this hold up over an open candle...

                              How would this hold up over an open candle flame such as an 120 hour emergency candle placed in a basic fold out stove. Just in can i need to heat up some noodles in an emergency?

                              Any plans to make a flat top with drain...

                              Any plans to make a flat top with drain holes for this piece to replace the pan top?

                              Will the backcountry Ti spoon scratch the...

                              Will the backcountry Ti spoon scratch the surface on this pot? Do I need to use plastic or wood only?

                              Confused about the non-stick nature of...

                              Confused about the non-stick nature of this pot set.
                              Is it just the naturally non-stickyness of titanium, or does it have a non-stick coating, like teflon?
                              It matters for my choice of cooking utensil.

                              Best Answer

                              You can use any type of cooking utensil with this pan, it is uncoated titanium.

                              Furthermore, I think "non-stick" is flirting with misrepresentation. This pot is made of VERY thin titanium, and as a result has a terrible heat distribution. You'll have trouble with things sticking if you aren't very careful about the way you cook in it.

                              What is this SAC mentioned in so many...

                              What is this SAC mentioned in so many posts? Sounds like something I could use.

                              will the msr windopro fit inside this...

                              will the msr windopro fit inside this set

                              How well would this fit on a Coleman...

                              How well would this fit on a Coleman Ultralight F1 Stove?

                              Is it me or is the nonstick coating only...

                              Is it me or is the nonstick coating only on the bottom of the pot, but not the sides and the pan.

                              I don't see a coating on my pans, and to say you don't need non-stick coating with titanium isn't really true. You don't need it if you don't care about food sticking to your pan, but if you plan on pan-frying anything up in there, you might want to use something better.

                              It says non stick surface. Would cooking...

                              It says non stick surface. Would cooking an egg in the pan be a problem?

                              The non-stick on my pan is just so-so. I did the fried egg test, lightly sprayed (I don't usually have much on the way of spray/oil/butter while backpacking), and it stuck a bit. If you had some butter or oil, no problem, but its not like your non-stick Calphalons at home.

                              What is the size of the pot? Is it 1650ml...

                              What is the size of the pot? Is it 1650ml for the bottom pot? or combined with the top pot? And if it is combined how big is just the bottom part alone?

                              Best Answer

                              But doesn't knowing just take all the fun out of having to guess?

                              From Dakka's dimensions: 1650ml is going to be the whole pot and fry pan combined. His #'s translate to height w/lid- 3.94" w/o lid- 2.95" diameter- 5.91", and that should make the volume of just the bottom pot about 1250ml

                              I'm not exactly sure who makes their kits (I can sure make a good guess though), and what you're basically looking at is the larger half of the Snow Peak Multi Compact set (item# SNO 0015)

                              How much does this cookset weigh? What is...

                              How much does this cookset weigh? What is the diameter?