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After 5 years they are still awesome

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

They are just now starting to show their age. The velcro straps are finally coming undone. They have lasted 4 ski season victoriously. Fantastic gloves. It's borderline insane that they haven't brought these back, but what do I know about marketing.

Great for a year, good for another.

    I loved this glove the first season I got it. After about 50 days of use they began to pack out and loose warmth. After that they were better worn with some liners on cold days. Great dexterity, and comfort. Still use them
    Gloves still good three years later, just not as warm and not as dry. Just not perfect.

    Perfect glove

      I have tried these in all kinds of conditions and compared them to BD Patrol, Stoic Welders, MH Hydras and Burton Goretex gloves and these beat them all to shreds. I allpied some nikwax glove proof and they have not let any water in. They got a little wet after a lot of contact at Keystone in the North Bowl in 10 degree weather but remained dry inside the glove. I would use these from 15-30 degrees. Anyting higher then that would be a bit warm. I hope they make something like this again for next season!

      Buy these

        These gloves are by and large the best glove I've worn. They fit true to size, "like a glove". After throughly abusing these gloves snowboarding on icy days, mixed climbing in freezing temps, and pulling hot cans off fire they still seem new. After packing out they still provide ample insulation, and are nimble enough for rope work. I Highly recommend these gloves to anyone looking for a durable pair of warm gloves. I hope will have stock these gloves 5 years from now, because after a full years worth of use that's the life expectancy I give them.

        Great Gloves

          I bought the Stoic Inbound Gloves as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He needed a warm leather gloves and since we live in the Rocky Mountain area, I sought out the best of the best. The Stoic Inbound Glove has really been an all around great glove. My boyfriend has not said anything bad about the glove yet. They keep the snow out since they go far back under your coat sleeve and are super warm because they are all leather. If you like riding out in powder and/or on freezing cold days... they are the perfect glove. Excellent purchase.

          The other reviewers must be wearing the glove on the equator

            Terrible glove. Looks nice, but totally lacks insulation. My hands were FREEZING while skiing in 20 degree weather. Couldn't recommend it less. I'd return it if I weren't so lazy.


              I have been skiing with the typical two glove system (shell + liner) for a while now, and this is my first leather ski specific glove.

              WOW. I did not know what I was missing until I switched to leather. It feels so much better than synthetic in every aspect. I am talking simply the feel alone. How it connects to the pole, the flexibility, dexterity etc...its hard to describe, but it simply feels more 'natural'. This glove has a sweet wool liner that feels very nice. I can 100% agree with the outside gear review that this was the best fitting/feeling glove...and I must have tried on like 15 gloves. There is just something really comfortable about it. The cuff is not too tight as folks have stated...its very easy to fit over your hand and take off with your teeth on the slopes. The leather feels phenomenal when skiing...if you haven't tried a leather skiing glove, wow you are missing out

              Actual ski use has been very good, but not quite as good as simply trying on the glove. I have worn this glove in 5-30 degree temps, on groomers to bowls to trees, and it was worked admirably, keeping my hands very comfortable. I treated the gloves right away to the Nixwax that was provided, and while they never got really that wet from precip, they have not soaked through at all.

              The one downfall I have noted [which isnt major], is that I don't get as much of the wicking benefits from a liner/shell system. IE if I were to use a merino wool liner glove along with a breathable shell, my hands did not get as sweaty/clammy as when wearing just the Inbounds glove. I will say my hands get very hot/sweaty easily though. Reference wise, I wore the BC inbound gloves in 0-10 degree just around town, and my fingers were a bit chilly, but nothing bad, as I prefer slightly cool hands.

              So for me, these gloves kill it overall for 5-30 degree inbounds skiing. Backcountry they definitely work, but a system style might be better, as you can shed a layer when skinning or working hard when the temps are 20+.

              Great job BC, and get some flippin tan ones in size L in so I can have both colors!!!!

              best glove ever

                seriously. best glove ever. kinda tight outta the box, but once broken in, its amazing. super durable, super tough, really comfy. i was sorta bummed at first b/c the palms were real thick and there wasnt a whole lot of dexterity, but after shoveling the driveway a bunch of times i can feel my ski poles and put my tele leashes on w/o taking off my gloves. another thing is i have wide palms(XXL hands) and i never use the velcro strap as its simply too tight with them cinced and i find myself pulling them on and off all the time. but go without and its a great time

                awesome glove

                Sweet all-around, temperate weather gloves

                  These aren't the warmest gloves on the market, but more than warm enough for 9 out of ten days in the bc or on the hill. As a snowboarder, I'm more of a gauntlet over the cuffs kind of guy since when I stop for a breather or in a safety zone I usually have a sit in the pow. BUT, the cuffs on these gloves do a pretty good job of keeping out snow despite being under my jacket sleeve. For that reason, it can be a small struggle to get them on if you have a big hand, but it's worth that small inconvenience. I don't know if they're still in stock, if so buy them. More than worth the cash.

                  Very nice Gloves

                    Tried out a pair after seeing the reviews (and some Tahoe ski patrollers wearing them.) I was between sizes (7.25) and went for the medium size after reading the comments. They are too small, so I'm sending them back for a large pair. A smaller-handed friend wore them at Heavenly Resort one cold day. Reportedly they were great until the temperature dropped to about 15F and then they froze up. To be fair, everyone else's froze up around 20F, so I would say that they proved themselves. I'm looking forward to having a better fitting pair to hit the slopes with.

                    Should last for many seasons

                      Went skiing for a cold, wet, powder day yesterday and the gloves performed great. Stayed dry and warm. No, I did not wax/oil them yet. My hand is 7.5" and the Large fits perfect, no complaint about being too tight to squeeze it on. Only thing I would have liked on them was a leash, but will create my own with the leather pull tabs. I also bought the Hestra Cloud Nine (size 10, fit great) but returned them as the Stoic Inbounds was superior leather and construction in my opinion.

                      Hi, does anyone know if this glove is...

                      Hi, does anyone know if this glove is coming back this year?

                      When will these be back in stock? I have...

                      When will these be back in stock? I have been looking for gloves like this for a long time.

                      The rep I spoke with said they were not on order, so, sadly, we may never be able to purchase these gloves again.

                      I was looking at them as a less expensive and better featured alternative to the Hestra SkiCross. It's a shame, really. Backcountry, please bring them back! (Size L, Natural leather for me)

                      id like to condition/waterproof a pair i...

                      id like to condition/waterproof a pair i beat down last year. Is it helpful or necessary to clean the glove with something like lexol cleaner before treating with pecards/obenauf's/snoseal?

                      Does the backcountry liner fit in this...

                      Does the backcountry liner fit in this glove?

                      I just applied the Nikwax now the non-leather...

                      I just applied the Nikwax now the non-leather parts look all manky. I tried to keep the wax on just the leather but hey, sh*t happens. Should I rub the wax all over the glove? What's the dealio?

                      I'm looking for a glove that I can use to...

                      I'm looking for a glove that I can use to ride my dirt bike throughout the winter. The Kombi gloves that I have are a little bulky to work the clutch smoothly. I won't be riding in the snow directly but I often see temperatures down into the teens, or lower, plus the windchill.


                      Just got these gloves. The fit is great....

                      Just got these gloves. The fit is great. Should I treat them with the wax before going skiing next week?

                      Best Answer

                      It's not necessary fresh out of the bag. But after some use, the DWR starts to break down, and since they are leather, they do start to take on water. Snoseal (by Atsko) works best. Nikwax works pretty good as well. I noticed that after about 25-30 days of continuous use (I was skiing in them everyday) I needed to use snoseal. Once I did though, they were just like new, if not better.

                      Stoic vs Armada Riot Glove ?.

                      Stoic vs Armada Riot Glove ?.

                      Blut Dog. I really have loved my Armada Riot gloves. Very warm! My dad and brothers both got the Stoic Welder and they love theirs as well. I really felt that the Riot was softer inside and the flexability was 5xs than that of the welder glove. I really wanted my gloves to feel like the Hestra brand gloves and I think that this Riot glove accomplishes that. Super soft and Super warm. I fit into a Large but went w/ the XL cause I like a little room a the tips of my fingers for extra warmth. Hope this helps

                      How does the Backcountry Stoic compare to...

                      How does the Backcountry Stoic compare to the Hestra Ski Cross Glove? Pro's and Con's? Warmth and Dexterity compared to the Hestra? For Mountaineering.

                      Thank you.

                      I tried on the Hestra locally before I bought last years model of this glove. the hestra will give you a more specific fit seeing their sizing methods. The BC is designed to fit a wider range of palms so you can end up with a really basic fit. To me you'll find better dexterity in the Hestra. After that the BC is nearly a copy-cat. The Hestra "felt" warm in the store but keep in mind I just tried them on never rode in them. Either way you'll end up with a bomber winter leather set up.

                      Unanswered Question

                      Is this a very warm glove? I get cold...

                      Is this a very warm glove? I get cold hands easily so warmth is important to me. Are there others in the under cuff style that are warmer? How about the Marmot Chute Under cuff?

                      Does the leather on these gloves stretch...

                      Does the leather on these gloves stretch at all? I'm in between a L and an XL according to the sizing chart, and based on some of the feedback here I ordered the L. They just arrived and they're feeling pretty darn snug, so I'm just wondering if I'll get some give in them once they break in or whether they should go back for the XL instead. Probably don't have room for liners as-is.

                      Otherwise, they're looking pretty sweet!

                      Best Answer

                      proper fit of the stoic inbounds glove. if they are tight in terms of hitting the tips of your fingers, or thumb, and does not sit well in the thumb crotch, then send them back and get an XL. the glove does not stretch much, but the lining will pack in a bit, as you wear them.

                      I feel like a lot of people think that this glove is "snug" out of the box, when in fact this is not the case. The glove does fit very true to the sizing chart and does not stretch much, however the CUFF of the glove is in fact very tight. Once you get the cuff of the glove over your wrist it fits PERFECT. If the glove feels short anywhere, size up, if by "snug" you are talking about the CUFF of the glove being very does loosen up over time..but will always be tight.

                      How breathable are these gloves? My hands...

                      How breathable are these gloves? My hands tend to sweat a lot even when it's cold enough that my fingertips are numb...

                      Also, how windproof are these?

                      the stoic inbounds glove is made with goat pittards leather, and softshell materials, all breath great. the wool lining also does a great job of feeling dry, even when you get sweaty palms. there is no liner, or goretex bladder inside this glove so they breathe much better.

                      Love these gloves and have rocked them in...

                      Love these gloves and have rocked them in all weather conditions this winter. The tight cuff is great if your shell or jacket wont work with a gauntlet. Anyway, the leather on these has been cured and or tanned with a strong chemical which smells the minute you open the bag. Im on a whole winter and the smell has not dissipated. Anyone know if or when it goes away...

                      How do these gloves compare with the...

                      How do these gloves compare with the Cloudveil Troller? Is one warmer than the other?

                      I'm having a lil bit of trouble applying...

                      I'm having a lil bit of trouble applying the Nikwax evenly. Iv just been using my hand which isnt the smartest idea in my opinion...any suggestions on what to use instead??

                      Best Answer

                      Try Sno-Seal instead. This stuff is great: it is made from bees wax. Warm up the leather with a blow-dryer, rub the Sno-Seal into the leather, and watch it get absorbed. It darkens the leather slightly but leaves a nice rich sheen and lasts a long, long time. I use it on skates, hiking and hunting boots, gloves, shoes, anything leather.

                      How to make the nikwax work properly:

                      1.)Goober up both gloves a bit with the wax.
                      2.)Put on both gloves
                      3.)Rub that shit in by walking around the house doing your best Bond-villain hand-wringing impression. Make sure to rub in the goop that inevitably gets in between the folds on the back, and rub between the fingers.

                      This method keeps your hands clean and makes sure both gloves get it evenly.

                      my palm is a smidge over 9" around and...

                      my palm is a smidge over 9" around and right at 8 1/2" long. Would I be a large or XL? Thanks,

                      I ski patrol Sundays at Park City Mountain...

                      I ski patrol Sundays at Park City Mountain Resort and I am looking for a durable glove. I have a tendency to wear gloves out but this glove looks like a possible option. How durable are the palms?I also tend to fall into size never never land between L and XL. I have fairly short fingers but a broad palm. Which size would you recommend?Eric Heltzel

                      It might be heresy, but the Inbounds really isn't a real snow work glove - but then again the BD Patrol, the Cloudveil Troller, the Marmot Exum, and the Hestra Patrol aren't either.

                      All of them will rip apart under heavy use. The Inbounds however IS the best compromise glove between a dextrous, warm, but rather delicate glove like the Hestra Patrol and a not-as-warm, but completely bombproof can-stop-a-chainsaw-with-my-hands-and-pick-up-flaming-logs-and-get-grease-all-over-them-and-I-don't-care, but-I-can't-bend-my-fingers Kinco 901 true winter work glove. I would rate it as more durable than all the other options I've listed save the Kinco 901. These are a good price compared to the other mainstream options I've listed from Marmot, BD, Cloudveil, Hestra, et. al.

                      With short fingers, I'd get the L. But be aware the cuff is quite narrow and will be a squeeze to get on and off with your broad palm.

                      the inbounds will take on the Kinco head to head. the inbounds uses goat leather, the kinco uses Pig... not as durable. also the kinco is cotton lined, so while you may look like a rancher, the wet and not articulated glove will also feel a ranchers glove, not a skiers glove.

                      My hand measures about 8.2 inches. The...

                      My hand measures about 8.2 inches. The Hestra Seth Morrisons fits well in a size 9. What size would you reccomend for this glove?

                      That is a great question. I wear a size 10 in the Hestra Seth Morrison glove and I wear a size Medium in this glove. I put on a size small, but it just didn't cut it. The Medium is still a great dexterous fit and is very warm. My hand is 8.0 inches in perimeter and is 7.5 inches long. The medium fits great. Bill Hartlieb threw some information down below:I have a 9 inch palm, and I wear a large. for a 8.2, a medium would be a roomy and warm fit, a small would be a tight dextrous fit.

                      Is the fit true for these gloves? I am...

                      Is the fit true for these gloves? I am between a medium & large and I don't know if I should size up or down.

                      These fit pretty true to size. I have a regular-sized palm and long fingers and usually go with either a large or a medium ... I went with a medium and they fit great. I just tried these on I wear a Medium as I would with most gloves. I would liken these to a Hestra size 9 and a Dakine size M. Hope that helps you out.Go with the medium for sure. I am somewhere between Medium and Large, I wear a large in Head and Dakine Gloves generally, but the Medium in the Inbounds Glove fits perfectly.