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Interesting jacket

    Looks pretty good; I'm a traditionalist, gear-wise, so I'm skeptical of all the welded seams. The tricot lining around the neck and chin area is pretty champion.

    Had to return because of small size. My wife is an xsmall wife, but this jacket was xsmaller. Tight in the shoulders, but no armpit issues as others have described.

    Great Shell

      Bought one of these for my sister and one for my self. Both of us love it. I use mine for everything from climbing to backpacking to buying groceries at the store. Love this shell.
      I'm a tall guy (6"5') but I'm really skinny (170lbs) I got a XL so that the sleeves would fit. The sleeves fit great. And because it has such an athletic cut, it's not even that baggy. When I put a fleece beneath it, it fits fairly snug, but I still have full range of motion.
      "Bottom Line: The Stoic 2.0 Shell weathers the storm." I'm often wary of claims such as this, but with the 2.0, it's OK. It's very tough. I've (accidentally) dropped sharp objects on it with no results, hiked through thick alders with not even a scratch added to it's visage, and rolled over rocks with the same results.
      My Bottom Line? The Stoic 2.0 Shell delivers.

      Leaking jacket

        First the positives...sits super nice, perfectly cut for women, nice length in both the arms and torso. The color is great as well, i love the grey with that darker red.

        Now the is not water proof!!!!! I used it biking to work which takes about 20 minutes, it was raining ok..not like a heavy heavy downpoor but still more than just misting. Anyway, my shoulders and chest were soaked and it took the actual jacket forever to dry. This jacket is also quite thick and does not breath very well. If you want to use this for the winter as a snowboard or ski jacket then i think you will love it (unless you need a ski guard which this jacket does not have) if you are looking for a rain coat then this is not the jacket for you. Sadly I'm only giving it 2 stars since I was really hoping it would be more waterproof than it is.

        I think this post is misleading. Mecorn must have the wrong jacket. The Stoic 2.0 Shell is very thin and only a shell (no liner) so it couldn't be thick and take a long time to dry as mecorn posted. I received this present as a Christmas gift. I live in Seattle and this jacket has seen a bunch of rain and kept me 100% dry. I've also been in thunderstorms (in the south) and stayed completely dry (well my top half anyway, jeans don't work nearly as good!). I've also been hang gliding in it, the jacket stopped the wind and kept out the moisture from the clouds :) However, if you plan to layer order one size larger. I love the tailored fit! The only con is it doesn't breath well, but it does have pit zips which help a lot! Overall, I absolutely love this jacket!

        Worth it

          I have been looking for a good light waterproof jacket for some time and was really pleased when I found this. I am 5' 3" 110lbs and I got an XS. The armpits are not small, more like there is just a little more fabric there so you can have complete movement in your arms, really great for climbing. The armpits don't bother me at all. The cut of the jacket it wonderful, I hate that most technical wear for women doesn't have a nice female cut, but this jacket does. Bought the jacket for use with light layers underneath (like light fleeces) which it is great for, if you want to layer more than go up a size. This jacket is quality. It was not cheeply made at all. I am an ex ski racer, I am use to dealing with only top quality gear and this jacket makes the cut, the whole jacket is fully weather proof, all seams and zippers are sealed beautifully. Plus the fabric is truly top notch.

          Not worth it to buy

            The armpit area is really tight, and after i tried on, I feel like a penguin, arms can't be comfortable. Also, feel that the lines are seems like glue together, I think it look cheap. Don't like it at all, so return it.

            Great jacket

              I love this jacket. I have used it for biking, cross-country skiing and winter hiking, all in cold and windy conditions, and it functions perfectly. Great details like the adjustable hood and two-sided underarm zips. When my sister and mum saw it, I had to order two more for them. Awesome deal at $68.99. If you want to layer a lot underneath or want a more relaxed fit, order up a size, but for a slim fit it is not necessary (and still comfortable).

              Awesome jacket!

                Awesome jacket for an incredible price! I got mine on sale for $68.99 and for this price I could not buy anything close to this product. I got the Carbon color.
                The fit is very feminine with a very defined waist line, which is quite special among outwear. I really like it.
                I got size S while I am 5'7" and 120 lbs. Fits great with a room for another layer (I use Siphon wool hoodie in Berry, size S, got it also here for $53.69, yet another great deal!).
                The Stoic Shell is truly waterproof. Some reviewers did not like the material, but I love it. It's a very technical material with a smooth finish. All seams are sealed including zippers. The overall design and workmanship is top notch.
                The Carbon is light gray color with true red zippers. The jacket has a whole bunch of perfect little details such as adjustable hood.

                Great jacket, sleeves were a little shorter than I wanted though

                  Overall the jacket is a great buy, I could not be more happy with it except the sleeves were a little short. I couldn't tell you that this will be the case for everyone but make sure that when you buy the jacket you take measurements of the person who will be wearing it. Right now it is as waterproof as an arc'teryx jacket, I just hope it stays that way.

                  Great jacket for a tall thin person. I couldn't really layer under it which I feel is very important. Otherwise, a really elegant, well made garment.

                    Great jacket for a tall thin person. I couldn't really layer under it which I feel is very important. Otherwise, a very elegant, well made garment.

                    Love it!

                      Got this one from my boyfriend for Christmas and I have worn it just about everyday since then. A lot of people have said to buy a size up but I usually buy a small and this small fits perfectly and still has room for stuff underneath (wore it skiing with a fleece and two baselayers underneath and it was still comfortable). Blocks the wind and water really well and the big pit-zips keep it airy plus it has a good feminine fit which my old shell did not have. Would definitely recommend it!

                      Great buy!!

                        Got this for my wife for Christmas and I don't know who likes it more; me or her. Do get one size up than usual. She can layer underneath with a fleace or light down jacket or wear it by itself. Even then it doesn't look baggy. I've been looking for months for a stout rain jacket to get her without paying $250+ for one. Great deal, very satisfied!

                        Straight dope

                          Got this for my lady friend and she absolutely loves it. She can wear it walking around town on a rainy day while staying bone dry and looking very fashionable at the same time...although I'm unfamiliar with the word, her friends call it "cute." She can also wear it hiking/walking on a breezy day without overheating because it breathes quite well. I know she's just as excited to layer up and throw it over top to hit the slopes. I can't imagine this thing would have any trouble keeping the snow and chill out as long as you have some nice thermals underneath. Overall, it's practical, functional and it looks great...taped/sealed seams and zippers make this thing unstoppable.

                          Repelled water and the fit is flattering

                            First thing I noticed about this jacket was, finally , a jacket that didn't scrimp on sleeve length - or anything else! Nice flattering fit, lots of nice deep pockets and hood adjusts large enough for a helmet. Love the extra length down the back. My first day out I wore it hiking thru nine hours of constant, relentless, Oregon rain, and it repelled the water. Order one size up to layer underneath.

                            looking for a v.d. present for 'da wife....

                            looking for a v.d. present for 'da wife. 5'2" about 120-30 lbs and us a sz 2-4. Is the XS too small?

                            I ordered the xs and it is too small. Although I'm taller than your wife at 5'5" I weigh less 108. The sleeves are short on me (probably be ok for someone shorter) and the shoulders and arms are too tight and I don't have very beefy arms. Hope that helps! I would not recommend the xs for her weight.

                            What are the hood controls on this jacket?...

                            What are the hood controls on this jacket? I'm used to a velcro tab on the back, a cinch around the back of the head and the standard cinch around the edge of the hood. From the pictures, it looks like this jacket only has a cinch around the hood. Can someone fill me in? Thanks.

                            Can a softshell be zipped into this shell?...

                            Can a softshell be zipped into this shell? Would this shell be a good one for <0 (negative degree ) weather. I am looking for a good outer shell to take to the Himalayas in February.

                            What is the difference between this jacket...

                            What is the difference between this jacket and the backcountry "SHIFT" jacket for women...Which would be better for skiing?

                            Best Answer

                            This is a full, waterproof breathable shell, while the shift is a softshell. Softshells aren't really waterproof, but have a water repellent coating on the outside surface. On the other hand, waterproof breathable garments don't breathe as well. It's really a matter of what conditions you're going to use the jacket for. The stoic is better for all around use and wetter conditions, while the shift might be better for drier, higher output activities.

                            How would you classify this jacket? My...

                            How would you classify this jacket? My sister-in-law is looking for a wind- breaker/water resistant/ warm jacket for the cool Northern Florida windy mornings on her way to school.

                            Would this jacket fit the mold?

                            Its probably a bit more intense than that... I mean, its got welded seams, and is 20K/15K for water/wind. Don't get me wrong, it will be wonderful and cute and great for your sister-in-law, but its not as much an "around town" jacket as it is a "mountain girl" type of thing. Its your call, cause thats a stellar price and its always better to have a better jacket that works than a crappy one that doesn't. :)

                            I'm looking to order the Mountain hardware...

                            I'm looking to order the Mountain hardware black down coat and was wondering if I need a shell like this one to go over it. I was planning on getting the small down coat and getting a medium shell. Would that be a good choice? Do I even need to get a shell with the down coat I am purchasing?

                            Would you use this shell as a top layer...

                            Would you use this shell as a top layer for skiing/snowboarding on cold windy days with let's say a fleece and a merino first layer under? I need to be warm; sitting on a windy chairlift without a warm jacket isn't fun at all...

                            for sure! hood isn't exactly helmet compatable so if you like to pull something over your head on the lifts (and you wear a helmet) this might not be the best, but it's solid, pretty light, and goes great with a down sweater (see backcountry luft 800) for super cold days or a lighter fleece or merino for some warmer ski weather. pit zips are a must on all ski jackets i own and i like that these aren't huge and bulky, just big enough for some ventilation without feeling like you'll fly away in a gust of wind. the sleeve cuffs are pretty nice, but there's no pow skirt and the drawstring at the hem isn't the burliest i've had- it doesn't truly bother me but again, it's something to consider. size up for sure if you want to layer. hope this helps! PRAY FOR SNOW.

                            Im 5'9" and have troubles with womens...

                            Im 5'9" and have troubles with womens clothing being too short. Is the length of this jacket shorter/longer or pretty standard?

                            How do I wash this jacket, I can't seam...

                            How do I wash this jacket, I can't seam to find a label with instructions?

                            You should be able to machine wash cold with mild detergent. There doesn't appear to be material in the jacket that will be ruined from washing it. And it does come equipped with a lifetime warranty, meaning it's built tough, and you could probably wash it and be just fine.

                            I spot cleaned this jacket with a bit of soap and water. From experience use a dry detergent to wash any waterproofing materials, then hang dry. Avoid fabric softners and liquid detergents because it breaks down the fabric. I use nikwax if I have killed my garments.

                            How comparable is sizing...

                            How comparable is sizing to arc'teryx? Also, I is there another jacket comparable to the Stoic? I am in need of very versatile rain jacket, but want to be able to use it for any activity that may come my way.

                            I don't own this specific jacket, but intend to purchase it soon. I do, however, own multiple jackets. I have found that all of their jackets are incredibly true to there measurement chart. I also am a huge fan of their feminine and figure flattering form.

                            i own arcteryx in medium (5'9 140) and backcountry in a medium. however, this jacket i exchanged for a large so i can layer with a light down sweater or fleece underneath. this was mostly because i felt like it was too short so if you're not tall this might not be an issue for you.