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Sweet jacket - size up

    Awesome shell. Use it as my everyday winter ski jacket in mammoth. Into it's 2nd season and it's holding up well. Definately slim fit - normally i'm an xl but went for xxl to get good sleeve length. Not too bulky/loose either.

    Great shell!!!!

      I am in between kids and men sizes. I love this shell. I went to about 5 different ski shops trying to find a shell that would fit, and could not find a shell with pit zips that would fit. This jacket fits great.

      Score Another Win for Product Development

        Perfect fit for those with longer arms. Im 5'10 with 35" sleeves and a large fit perfectly with a little bit of space for a midweight layer beneath, I think I could have even gone with a medium for an even tighter fit. I've used this jacket in hurricane conditions, mountain biking in the rain, and skiing and its great for every situation. Check out the complete review here

        Review Title

          great jacket. totally waterproof. sat in a torrential downpour in Tampa FL for 4 hours and a drop didn't get thru. opened up the big pitvents to breath and was fine. I am 6'4" 235 and a XXL fits nicely, not too big not too tight. just ordered a Stoic Welder HI to complement this jacket for trips to UT. I like this jacket better than the Arc'teryx Stingray in usually wear and it's 1/2 the cost.

          Review Title

            great jacket. totally waterproof. sat in a torrential downpour in Tampa FL for 4 hours and a drop didn't get thru. opened up the big pitvents to breath and was fine. I am 6'4" 235 and a XXL fits nicely, not too big not too tight. just ordered a Stoic Welder HI to complement this jacket for trips to UT. I like this jacket better than the Arc'teryx Stingray in usually wear and it's 1/2 the cost.

            Summit Sky Puts Blaze Orange to Shame

              I'm a recently graduated wildlife biologist tracking birds for the winter in the Black Hills and I seem to ruin gear, so I bought this shell looking for something a little more rugged. After destroying an EMS and a Helly Hansen rain shell in the last year and then my 3 in 1 TNF winter jacket too, I settled on this shell due to the good reviews and awesome price. I got it in an XL due to my awkward body (5-10, 190 and large shoulders) and it fits perfectly. In the last three months it's stood up to barbed wire, trees, rocks, wind, rain and snow without a hiccup. The pockets are pretty well placed and the little bit of fleece around the collar is an awesome touch on these raw windy days. Only problem is the color. It's a little on the bright side for my tastes and I don't mind it, but in the small rural community I live in I've turned into the "the guy with the blue coat". It's about the most visible thing in these Ponderosa Pine forests and makes blaze orange look dull. The up side is that no one will shoot me (accidentally, at least) during hunting season. I work most days in areas burned by wildfires and get covered in soot, but every time this sucker gets wet, it washes it all off. Occasionally, when I'm looking straight at the zipper without gloves it won't engage, but when I'm not paying attention or have my mittens on it zips right up. Go figure. Bottom line is that it's wicked waterproof, kills the wind and so far has put up with heavy abuse and I'm more than impressed.

              Look Ma, I'm bulletproof!

                Alright, so maybe I would wouldn't stand in front of a loaded weapon with this jacket, but it definitely feels bulletproof. I put it up against some lofty (and expensive) competition and it holds it's own. Backcountry put their name on it, so you know it's no slouch. You could buy Patagonia, TNF, MH, Arc'teryx, sure - if you want to spend twice as much.
                A note on comparing it to those other companies though, the sizing is a little smaller. I wear a medium shell in basically everything else. I'm 6' 175 and I picked this jacket up in a large, which is basically perfect for fitting a fleece underneath.
                The lining is comfortable against the skin. The welded seams save weight and make it uber-waterproof, the angled cuffs are an awesome touch, and the summit blue looks great in person. I've spent some time in the rain with this jacket and stayed nice and dry. It also breaths well.
                My only possible complaints - it only has 3 pockets, which is the least of all the ski shell's I have. It's probably a good thing cause I won't be weighting myself down with a bunch of crap that I don't need. On the flip side of that, it's good for fast and light. If you're wearing a backpack the lack of pocket space doesn't matter anyways.
                The only other thing is that it doesn't have a powder skirt. Obviously it says this in the specs, so I'm not docking it any points for that. I have a one piece for all the deep days, but this would be a really unbelievable ski shell if it had a powder skirt. If I were expecting some really nasty weather I could also stash this jacket when I go backpacking, it packs small and only weighs 22 oz (10 more than my Precip).
                Overall this is an excellent all around jacket; skiing, backpacking, climbing, it's capable of keeping you comfortable regardless of the pursuit.

                Second crack ... sweet jacket

                  So this is my second review, I had to return my previous XL for a XXL ... so a bit about fit. I tried on both a Arc'teryx side winder jacket and that XL fit me perfectly, the Stoic 2.0 XL was a lot more snug around the lower portion to the point where I didn't think I'd have much room for layers.

                  Having said that, the shoulder/chest area is quite ample, however the lower half really tapers off quite drastically ... I'm 5'11" and 230 lbs so keep that in mind when ordering.

                  So ... the jacket itself ... the bamboo liner/thing that's on the inside of the jacket is incredible, you can wear it over a T-shirt as a rain jacket and you don't get that sticky Gore-tex on skin feeling.

                  So far I've worn it as a rain jacket and it's done a great job. For the money this is a wicked jacket. I'll post another review after I take it up skiing this winter.

                  Backcountry delivers

                    This jacket is full of surprises, but the best of all is the fit.I'm 6'2" 200 lbs athletic build, and I bought the large.I'm not a baggy dressed skier, so the fit is perfect and there is just enough movement when I wear my layers.The sleeves have plenty of room for movement and my arms are apelike long.the only setback, no powder skirt. I have some overall pants... but if you're skiing the deep, it might be a little chilly

                    Performance & Value

                      I got a great deal on this item on Steep and Cheap. I really like the welded construction. The material is tough without being too stiff and the brushed style finish on the inside feels great if you wear the jacket with just a t-shirt underneath. As a couple other reviews have mentioned, it tends run a bit short, so you might have to size up. I am 6'1, 185 pounds and had to return the large and get an extra large because the arms and torso were too short. (Note: my arm length in dress shirts is 36/37).So far the jacket has performed great in the rain and wind of the Northwest. I can't wait to really test it out snowmobiling once we get enough snow pack. The only minor issue I have is that when using the hood the front comes down low and restricts vision a tiny bit if I am not wearing a hat.

                      Review Title

                        Picked up this hot little # after purchasing the Stoic eVent last year. In comparison this one is much warmer and shocking feels like it is substantially better put together as a whole. Definite an athletic cut so size up....length runs small. I use this one as my outer shell for skiing and have used my event for biking etc.

                        Great jacket, very waterproof, small hood

                          I am 5' 9 130 and I got the small. It fits snug but good. The coat is very cool looking and definitely waterproof. My two complaints are the zipper and the hood. The taped zippers are sweet but the main zipper is hard to get started. Once you get it going it zips up fine. I used to wear an arc'teryx coat for skiing and the hood huge and nice to put over my helmet. The hood on this coat is fairly small and will not fit over any helmet you could find. Overall great coat, zipper and hood my only complaints, still glad I bought it

                          Sweet jacket ... tight fitting

                            I just received my XL jacket. When I spoke to the guys at Backcountry they told me it fit similar to the Arcterix (sp) jackets, I tried on a Sidewinder jacket in XL and it fit perfectly. This one fits much tighter. Waist and torso are very tight while the shoulders are a bit better fitting.

                            Compared to my XL Cloudveil jacket this feels about a size and a half smaller. I'm returning it for a XXL. I'm 5'11' and 230 lbs. Someone in the reviews said something when in doubt go up a size ... I def second that.

                            The jacket build is incredible, the angle cut on the sleeves is perfect and the bamboo weave they have on the inside is super nice ... gives it a velvety type touch, if you wear it over a t-shirt it doesn't have the rough feel.

                            Overall for $109 ... this is a killer jacket. Once i get my XXL and take it out for a few ski runs I'll write a more detailed review.

                            Why buy Arc'Teryx?

                              When you can have this jacket for a fraction of the price? Excellent piece of kit. It's pretty much the same as an Arc'Teryx Alpha SV, but it's not $600 retail. What's not to like?

                              OK, my only criticism is that the collar of the jacket is a bit rough on the underside of my chin, be it zipped up or not. Somehow it manages to poke me uncomfortably, but it's a small thing, though.

                              I am 6'3" and 205 lbs, and the XL fits me like a glove. There's a decent amount of room for some layers underneath, but I could not get a down jacket in there.

                              Great Jacket

                                Am 6'5", 195lbs and ordered the XL and it fits perfect, with some room for some base layers underneath. A MUCH different (read: Better, slimmer, more athletic) fit then my Backcountry Primaloft Siphon jacket of the same size. I typically have torso/sleeve length issues with my jackets, but these are ideal length.

                                I love the angled cut on the sleeves, ingenious! Fabric is tough and durable, I ordered this during the summer, so I don't know how it will stand up to riding in the trees, but I would have to guess that it will hold up fine.

                                Only down side is no snow skirt or wrist gaiters, but I knew that going in, so I can't be too bummed.

                                The Zipper is a little sticky (as others have commented on) but I assume it is a result of it being water tight. It's not something I lose sleep on at night though.

                                My stoic 2.0 is unglueing at the seams and...

                                My stoic 2.0 is unglueing at the seams and I'm wondering how I can repair that. If seems that if I can just get the right glue I can tape it back myself.

                                Do I need to treat this jacket with...

                                Do I need to treat this jacket with water-proofing after I wash it? Will Nikkwax spray work?

                                Best Answer

                                Hey Tom,

                                Initially chucking this thing in the dryer will maintain the water repellent coating. Eventually (say 4 or 5 washes) you'll want to treat it with some cleaning and proofing agents. I would suggest Nikwax Tech Wash to clean the fabric, and TX-Direct to renew the water repellent coating. Hope that helps.

                                Unanswered Question

                                to BC employees...... I'm looking for a...

                                to BC employees......

                                I'm looking for a pair of pants with seamless (or as close to seamless) color match to the summit sky...I was thinking about the Oakley Extraction pant in vivid blue, can anyone tell me how close the two are please??

                                Looking at the sizes: I'm barely 5'7"...

                                Looking at the sizes: I'm barely 5'7" 29-30" waist, 142 lbs, thin build but dense. Normal size torso and arms.

                                Will a small work?

                                Are you all going to be getting more of...

                                Are you all going to be getting more of these Jackets soon?

                                I know you dont show a size small in the...

                                I know you dont show a size small in the carbon color but is there anywhere i could get one?

                                You're going to have a tough time finding one. The "" brand is now being marketed as "Stoic" brand. All the new stuff is being made as Stoic gear, so there won't be any more of these made. Your only chance might be to snag one on, if there's any left.

                                How will this perform while snowboarding?...

                                How will this perform while snowboarding? Since its such a nice fit, can you properly layer enough to stay warm while carving down the mountain?

                                if you want to layer, size up. you wont have any trouble if you go larger. it does run very fitted and athletic. i am 5'9'' and 145 lbs, med is great for a light summer 14 peak bagging shell, or early/late season skinning, but if i want layers, i need the large

                                Unanswered Question

                                Have any ladies bought this jacket for...

                                Have any ladies bought this jacket for themselves, or are there any 125 lb 5'7" guys who wear this? The sky blue is just so much nicer than the brown in the ladies. I'm looking at the size small and layering it over a down sweater.

                                Any chance there are any more larges out...

                                Any chance there are any more larges out there? Returns?

                                I'm 5'6 140lb, small or medium? Is this...

                                I'm 5'6 140lb, small or medium? Is this as breathable as the Shift or moreso. Also is it somewhat warm. I plan on using this for running in the fall/winter in the Wash DC area.

                                If your looking for something that you can layer underneath I would go with the medium I'm 5'10 and 150lbs and I have the medium but I can only fit a long sleeve shirt underneath comfortably. If your looking for just a rainproof shell with out the ability to layer I would go with the small. Hope that helps

                                Personally, I think that this is way too much jacket for running. It isn't insulated, but it doesn't breathe well, either. I'd look for something that weighs less, is more flexible (this jacket is a soft hard shell, not a soft shell), breathes better, and has more reflective bits on it. Unfortunately, (although I love this jacket) I haven't managed to find a jacket in that category to recommend, and can only say that the North Face Flight Series isn't what you want either (on the other end of the spectrum--it isn't good for anything other than being soft and a bright color with long sleeves). Good luck on your search.

                                JSung, I have a couple of suggestions for you on a jacket to wear when running in the winter. I've been using the MHW Transition Zip Pull-over. I've also used the BC Rime Zip Pullover. Both use Polartec Power Shield material which I find to be very windproof. I layer a light or medium baselayer depending on how cold it is. I'm running in Denver.

                                I bought one of the Stoic shells, and there...

                                I bought one of the Stoic shells, and there was no care information provided in it. Anyone know how to wash the jacket properly?

                                Unanswered Question

                                Is backcountry planning on getting more...

                                Is backcountry planning on getting more of these in stock at some point soon? I'm assuming the colors and pricing would change if so, or is the 2.0 being replaced by a new jacket? I've currently got a Koven in a medium, but I really to get something in a large for layering. How does the fit between these two jackets compare?

                                I've got the shift welder hoody and wanted...

                                I've got the shift welder hoody and wanted to know how the Stoic compares? It looks like the Stoic may be more waterproof (20k rating vs. "highly water resistant"), but what about breatability? Can anybody offer a solid comparison of the two?

                                the welder material is the Polartec Powershield. this has great breathability. we actually measure the breathability with Air permeability - you can feel a little wind able to blow through the softshell to help in venting. The powershield will not hold up to constant rain, or warmer winter conditions of snow that melts on you.

                                the Stoic Bombshell material is water proof. because it has a waterproof lamination, you lose some of the breathability. still great breathability that rivals goretex, and membrain, but can not compare to the awesome breathability of powershield

                                I have both and the shift has a lot more stretch in it because of the powershield, so by comparison the stoic will seem pretty stiff. The stoic is much more waterproof but that is to be expected because it is a hardshell. If you have any more specific questions about the 2 just let me know.

                                I'm 5' 8", 32 waist, and athletic build....

                                I'm 5' 8", 32 waist, and athletic build. Should i go with a medium or large?

                                I'm 6'2" or 6'3", 185 lbs, like a trim fit...

                                I'm 6'2" or 6'3", 185 lbs, like a trim fit but would like to be able to layer a medium fleece underneath, should I go with the large?

                                Write your question here...Would this work...

                                Write your question here...Would this work in combination with the backcountry softshell down to single digit temps or would something else be more appropriate? activites..skiing hiking etc

                                You should be fine while moving, temperature comfort varies greatly person to person. My opinion is that you would be fine with a soft shell underneath provided that you had a solid base layer on under that. You may get chilly while resting but while moving you should be toasty. remember though it is a shell, not an insulating peice

                                Has anyone purchased a large or extra-large...

                                Has anyone purchased a large or extra-large jacket? I'm curious as to its length since its one of my highest criteria. If someone that bought either of those could measure out the front and back, it would be greatly appreciated!


                                I'm 6'-4", 230lbs. (think ex-college QB body type complete with 30-something paunch) and I just got the XL. It fits perfect. It actually makes me look taller and slimmer. There is room underneath for a light or medium fleece.

                                It comes down to a couple inches below the beltline on me, but most of my height in is my legs, so there's that.

                                Does anyone have pictures of the summit...

                                Does anyone have pictures of the summit sky version? I would like to see if it's true to color, and more importantly, the right color for me. I like the carbon, but a friend has it and I am trying to venture outside of my comfort zone, but not too far, hence the request for pictures.
                                any help would be great.