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Would you guys consider a Stoic version?

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

A new version of this would be GREAT!!! Mine is about thrashed out, and it is hands-down the best piece of mid-cold weather outerwear I have ever owned.

Couldn't you get the original manufacturer to just replicate the thing and market it as Stoic piece?

Thanks for you consideration guys. I love Backcountry!


    Not great at breaking wind, but fantastic otherwise. good fit, nice hood, and I love the inside pockets. Those are what make this a true keeper for me: I can stick gloves, hat, wallet, keys, in there, and all of a sudden I don't Really need a backpack for my commute.


      Love this jacket. I've got long arms and the sleeves are perfect. I love the athletic fit of this jacket. I've worn it out hiking, as a casual jacket and even pulled it off going out to a nice dinner. The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is that it doesn't keep the wind out.


      The siphon, keeping me warm and happy on Cooper's Spur, Mt. Hood.


      Seriously, PLEASE BRING THESE BACK!!!!! Mine was swiped at a club about two years ago and I STILL check online often for a used one or the slim chance that backcountry may have started making them again. PLEASE!!! Best Jacket I've ever owned hands down.

      Perfect for Casual Wear

        This hoody is perfect for casual wear. It's comfortable, super warm, and sheds light snow like a champ (the wool coating does its job nicely).
        Another great thing about the wool: it does not retain odors at all. I have warn this by two bonfires and there is no woodsmoke smell to it.

        Good stuff

          I am six foot and a buck ninety, I wanted an XL but the XXL was the only size left. I decided to go with it. When I first put the jacket on surprisingly it fit very well for being larger than I wanted. Plenty of room and you can cinch the bottom of the jacket so it does not look as wide at the waist. Great length and gives me room to wear another layer underneath when the temp drops. I really like the high zipper so I can tuck my chin in the jacket when it is zipped all the way up.

          Another GREAT BC product

            I love this jacket, same great cut as the Siphon Street hoodie...which I wear daily. This jacket is SHARP. Can look classy or can handle the bars, love the versatility. I haven't done anything active in this jacket yet, but its been awesome around town and I'll have it for some time! Wish I had gotten a Graphite one before they ran out of my size :(

            Form over function.

              If you're looking for something to go from the car to the mall, this is perfect. It looks really sharp, and the material is very warm. However, if you're looking to spend any time outside, get something else. Even the lightest breeze cuts right through it and erases any heat. I wore this the other day in 45deg weather with 5mph gusts and had to put a merino wool zip-neck under it to keep from freezing. I have a couple heavy cotton hoodys that would've been just fine. This is a very sharp looking jacket, but it's not made for serious outdoor use.

              Excellent Jacket

                I absolutely love this jacket. Very warm, athletic fit, incredibly durable, and very comfortable. I love that I never have to worry about running in to anybody else wearing the same jacket. This jacket gets noticed by the North Face Denali guys . Another bonus: it's made in Canada, rather than a sweat-shop in Asia. I got mine for Christmas last year and my wife made over $150.00 for it. Just noticed it's down to roughly $55.00 now - what a deal! Buy two!


                  great jacket. get tons of compliments on it and it is super toasty. has become my go to.
                  not really like anything out there,

                  i would get this jacket. especially at the prices they are at today. I paid way more for mine and would do it again, but at the prices today i'm half tempted to buy another.


                    I'm 6'4" 250 lbs and the XXL is great. I'm really diggin this hoody for sure. I'm not one for getting cotton hoodies because I'm anti-cotton I guess, I like versatile materials and wool/fleece is that. This hoody definitely delivers on the expectation that it will hold up to the elements and that it will also just look good. I'm happy to say that this hoody comes through on both those things.

                    I got the graphite but I'm about to put in a purchase for the coffee as well, especially with these sales and the hoody being 60% off. Man! Gotta love and their products! No doubt!

                    Loves it!

                      I bought this for my husband because his other favourite hoody was just plain worn out. He enjoys wearing this hoody more than the last one. It is warm even on very chilly days without being bulky or sloppy, and allows a layer or two to fit underneath. It does have an athletic cut, but it seemed (at least in this case) true to size. My husband is 5' 9", about 155-160 lbs.- I bought the medium, and it fits very well.

                      Review Title

                        Chill hoody... Great material inside and out. The length in the arms fit perfect, although the length in the torso was a little short for me...hence the 4 star rating. I am somewhat taller though, so that probably plays a significant role. Overall, the hoody is super warm, and I love the look. Awesome product!

                        Definitely a keeper: recommend

                          Have tested in San Francisco with all microclimes. I am waiting for winter to strike for a real test run. The jacket fuses wool and polartec amazing well. The jacket is light to wear. The jacket color will probably result in cleanings more than if it were a darker color.

                          The jacket does not pack as well as other fabrics which is to be expected. I see it more as a sweater and hoody then a light packable tech jacket, which is fine for when I am sedentary or walking in the Pacific fog and wind off the surf.

                          I suspect that if I were more active in this jacket, hiking in the snow, I would be sweating: it would be nice if the jacket came with pit zips for more versatility. Otherwise a great hoody and jacket: cant wait for the colder weather.

                          Amazing Wool Jacket --> Sizing is crucial, it will shrink!

                            I loved this jacket. It is stylish and cozy! I am 6.3 and 180lbs and originally got the Large size. The jacket had a nice athletic fit; however, wool shrinks and I don't want to pass the jacket down to my girlfriend! I returned the L jacket and requested an XL one instead. Based on the sizing chart the difference is very small, so that should do just fine, even after a few washing cycles! -CT

                            Great Hoody

                              This an excellent hoody for both everyday wear and winter adventures. The wool outer is actually surprisingly soft for wool and the interior liner is superbly comfortable on the skin. The fit is very trim - I'm 5'8", 155lbs with an athletic build and the medium is spot on for sizing with enough room underneath for a t-shirt or other light to medium light layers. All in all - an excellent jacket!

                              Any chance Backcountry will bring these...

                              Any chance Backcountry will bring these back. Please!!! Have one and want at least one more.

                              Anybody know if BC is gonna' bring this...

                              Anybody know if BC is gonna' bring this back? My wife threw mine in the dryer and it doesn't fit anymore!

                              when will you be getting more of these? a...

                              when will you be getting more of these? a graphite in a medium?

                              I know Stoic is taking over the

                              I know Stoic is taking over the stuff, but this jacket is sweet! Is making any more of these in the usual sizes (i.e. S, M, L)?

                              It says there are 76 in stock, but I can't...

                              It says there are 76 in stock, but I can't add any to my cart....any reason?

                              Unanswered Question

                              Does anyone know the length of the small...

                              Does anyone know the length of the small (from the neck to the bottom hem)? I'm 5'3" and want to know whether it will fit.

                              Unanswered Question

                              Just bought an Arcteryx regent cardigan...

                              Just bought an Arcteryx regent cardigan XL...too big. Looking for a more fitted replacement...only XL left here. 6'2" 215. Any similar size feedback?

                              How does the fit/cut of the jacket compare...

                              How does the fit/cut of the jacket compare to the primaloft siphon? do all siphons have the same fit?

                              How does this compare to the Siphon Street?...

                              How does this compare to the Siphon Street? What are the differences? (aside from one being made in Canada, and the other in China..)

                              This jacket used to be available in a dark...

                              This jacket used to be available in a dark gray. Is it still possible to get this color?

                              i usually wear a medium, but am afraid...

                              i usually wear a medium, but am afraid after reading the reviews for this jacket.5' 5" 140 lbs, slim but broad shoulders. any advice?

                              How much does this jacket weigh? Does it...

                              How much does this jacket weigh? Does it pack very small?

                              I just received mine. pretty happy with...

                              I just received mine. pretty happy with it. Not that thick, but i think it'll be pretty warm since it's wool. nice pockets and liners (fleece lined). But, it's wool - can i wash it in a machine; just no machine dry right? The labels are just pictures and unclear to me. please help! thanks!

                              What is the temperature range for this...

                              What is the temperature range for this jacket?Is it a pretty thick jacket or fairly thin?How about the wool- is it pretty soft, or rough and rugged?

                              Is it safe to use the Nikwax waterproofers...

                              Is it safe to use the Nikwax waterproofers on this Jacket? I have the softshell spray on and wash in versions.

                              It may make it more water resistant, but it is never going to work that great no matter what you use. The problem is the fabric--the fuzziness of the outside will trap water and prevent it from rolling right off. No spay-on or wash-in product is going to prevent you from getting wet if caught in severe for extended times in this jacket. However, it was never meant to be that type of jacket, so you will have to take a look at what your needs are.

                              How do you wash this item since it has...

                              How do you wash this item since it has wool in the blend?