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    I got the Backcountry Shift softshell, size XL in the Carrot color (which is a very nice color in person).

    The jacket fits well on me. I'd say true to size actually, even with the athletic cut. The outside has 2 large hand pockets (lined), with hem drawstrings on the inside. There is also the outside chest pocket which is fairly large. There is also one more inside chest pocket which is a bit smaller. All the pockets are zippered.

    A big plus for me was the fact that the inside of the arms/sleeves are actually lined with polartec too. I've dealt with too many jackets where the body will have a fleece lining, but the sleeves will be the smooth polyester/nylon feel which I hate.

    In terms of insulation, this is a lightweight insulated jacket. I'm located in Southern California, so this level of insulation will probably be fine for the majority of my needs. I was still able to comfortably wear a fleece sweater underneath this though.

    Great jacket for the price

      Don't let the 4 stars fool you, I love this jacket and wear it all the time. I bought it a year ago but I wanted to wait before I review it on here. I bought it for $90 on SAC but I've been seeing it recently for $60, I'm jealous because that's a great deal. I'm 5'9'' 140 lbs and a Medium fits great, a little tight around the waist and neck but that's the athletic fit for you. It still has plenty of room in between. A couple things I like about this jacket. I like the color design a lot, the green blue/gray is nice and isn't dull like most of my clothes, it also isn't fluorescent like it seems most jackets are these days. I can wear this over a tshirt down to 45F, I usually wear it with just a tshirt and cotton sweater and it's warm down to 15-20F. I don't really know how it is below that, it rarely gets colder than that in the Triangle of NC. It is a softshell so it isn't warm right off the bat, I usually wear it 5 minutes before I go outside or walk quickly, once you get some heat you'll never feel cold. The pockets are all that you want, plus they don't describe how large the hand pockets are. They are open all the way up to your neck, which I've found great because I can fit an entire water bottle inside. Or what I usually use it for are gloves, hats, and extra layers. This all works well when you need extra layering. It is not waterproof, but it is very resistant and I've never had any problem in a moderate shower. Although I would not trust it in a downpour, but I've never tried. It is highly windproof, it is a great shield. I know it's not 100% wind or water proof, but some people say the stretch panels are a problem which I don't agree with.

      Things I wish were better. The cuffs are fine, but I wish they were adjustable, they don't stretch very much. Pit zips, sometimes there's too much heat especially when I leave the gym and it's not the best at venting. I also wish the waist was a little longer, it feels a little bit short. Mainly because most of the time my shirts will poke out of the jacket.

      Most comfortable jacket I have ever worn

        I got this mainly for a shell for winter bike riding/commuting, but after putting it on, I'll be wearing it all the time. It was 30 and windy today, and I didn't feel one breath of cold air inside this jacket. The shell is soft, the pockets generous and soft as well. I got the mustard color, which is not to bright at all. What a great find.

        Awesome Jacket

          I've worn this jacket every day since I got it. It's nearly windproof. I've warn it in the rain and stayed dry. Heck, I even had a friend dump a bucket of water on me while I was in it and I stayed dry. It's even surprisingly warm for such a thin jacket.
          Best of all, it looks great! I'm not a good looking guy, but several women have complemented me while wearing it.
          I highly recommend it!

          so far so good

            Excellent...the first two days I wore it in 50 degree 30mph winds and steady rain at Oktoberfest in La Crosse, WI. Couldn't feel the wind and liquids like rain and beer bead up immediately. My main use will be my midlayer skiing so when sub-zero hits I'll let you know what I think. Fits great, looks great and well constructed.

            Very strange shape - unless you are a short box

              I just bought this jacket online and was super excited to get it in however, I was very sad when I tried it on. The jacket is super short (hits about 3/4" above my hips), fits like a box and has big baggy arms. I will certianly be returning it tomorrow. I am 5'1" 120lbs with a petite frame. Unless you have an abnormally short torso, a box shape and really big arms, I don't think you will enjoy the fit of this jacket :(.

              Can't Say Enough Good Things...

                I don't see how this jacket could be any better for me. I'm tall and thin 6'3", 185# with a 35 in inseam. What can I say, someone finally made a jacket for those of us with really really long arms. I wore this through a rainy concert earlier in the summer, climbing 14'ers, fishing, motorcycling, and on the town. It looks great, fits better, and does everything as advertised. It's not as thick as some soft shells, so not really for sedentary activities in sub-freezing temps, but it really blocks the wind which is the main reason I end up putting on a jacket most times anyhow. It's light weight and made in Canada!! My only advice is to buy 2, which you can afford to at this price, because if your girl is anything like mine she'll be stealing this one off your back every time you pull it out of your pack.

                Not enough warmth

                  I was a bit dissapointed, I thought the Shift Composite Jacket - Men's was a warmer, more fit for the cold weather of Colorado. I have used other jackets like Outdoor research and North Face, and they are warmer, keep the warmth in the body better and seem to be a better fit against very cold climate like we get here in Fort Collins in the winter time.


                  Better than some twice the price

                    This thing is great for bluebird days, also layers well. Use it on my motorcycle too in the spring and fall to keep the wind off, caught in the rain a couple times and stayed dry for the most part, even behind the zipper.

                    Every Day Comfort

                      This is the every day jacket. I protects from the wind just enough that you can wear it getting in and out of the car running around town, but it breaths enough that you can wear it under a shell on cold days and be comfortable. I wear this thing almost every day ever since I got it. It repels water like it has scales, and fits great.

                      climber review

                        Got this jacket and the regular shift, which doesn't have the thinner polartech stretch panels. I'm keeping this one because of the color (black/gray instead of my red shift), and am overall happy with it for climbing / walking around town. It's stretchy enough for climbing easy long routes. I took it to Red Rocks in December, and found it to be adequate with two thin base layers and a wool mid-layer underneath, in 35-42 degree weather on a multipitch climb.


                        - really excellent athletic fit. looks great. if you're in shape, you won't find this jacket too baggy like a lot of other softshells.

                        - nice and stretchy and waterproof

                        - extra pocket inside the main right-hand pocket, good for keys or ipod

                        - goat logo


                        - forearm pocket isn't in a great place, and is unfunctionally small

                        - the power stretch panels ARE colder than the rest of the jacket

                        Great Jacket, Great Price

                          This is definitely my go-to jacket. It's lightweight and incredibly durable. I recently took this jacket on a trip to Northern Washington. The temp was around 8 degrees and even with incredibly high winds I was able to stay warm with only one cotton base layer (long sleeve tee). It got a bit chilly when we walked about a mile to the store with little activity, but doing anything strenuous would keep you warm in sub 10 degree weather. I am amazed at the versatility of this jacket. I rock it everywhere! Great job

                          True to size

                            Unlike most products I found this in a XL to be true to size and the length is right too. It even sticks out a tad from under my Stoic shell. Still have the long arm issue but I think this is going to work great. I'l check back in after I take it out a few times.

                            Perfect for under Tech Shell

                              Recieved my jacket, seems to be very well built and much warmer than I antisapated even though it's so thin. I wear mine with 2 thermal layers underneath and large fits me perfect, I'm 5'10 200lbs.

                              Works perfect for me under my ground technical shell.

                              Just rec'd the jacket in the mail. I am 6...

                              Just rec'd the jacket in the mail. I am 6 ft 185#. and got a large based on the sizing recommmendations. It feels great uptop but is snug at the hips. Is this the normal fit or should I return and size up? Thanks Bob

                              Unanswered Question

                              Drawstring on the bottom? Also, got a...

                              Drawstring on the bottom? Also, got a size recommendation for 5'8", 150, 38" chest?

                              Is the jacket suitable for running during...

                              Is the jacket suitable for running during winter and spring? Or is it too thick and cumbersome?

                              Best Answer

                              I wouldn't call this a bulky jacket, but I doubt that you would be comfortable running in this jacket in the Spring - it might be OK for the winter depending on warm you get while running and how cold the winters are. I would say that this jacket is probably better for activities more along the lines of cool/cold weather hiking than running. Personally, I'd look at something more like the Mountain Hardwear Transition Jacket which a real light-weight windstopper shell for your purposes.

                              what is the sizing for a xxl?

                              what is the sizing for a xxl?

                              I'm 6'4" and 225lb with a chest of 42"...

                              I'm 6'4" and 225lb with a chest of 42" with an average-ish build. Should I get a L or XL?

                              Can someone in the know please explain to...

                              Can someone in the know please explain to me the differences between, the SHIFT, the COMPOSITE, and the ELEMENT? Which is the newest version?

                              Best Answer

                              The SHIFT, COMPOSITE and ELEMENT are three of four different Men's softshell jackets made bye are comprise of Polartech materials, primarily Powershield (which is 98% windproof and very water resistant). To my limited knowledge, the regular SHIFT has the heaviest fleece backing of the three, making it appropriate for winter sports, colder and lower exertion activities than the other two. It includes the wrist pocket and a number of other pockets exclusive to it.The COMPOSITE is essentially a a SHIFT designed for higher exertion activities, such as nordic skiing or running. Its made of panels of Powershield and Powerstrech, which give it an ultimate range of motion. The Powerstrech material lacks the weather resistance of the Powershield, but offers more mobility. The ELEMENT is the "casual" cut jacket, being offered in a single color, something that many city dwellers prefer. Like the SHIFT, it is made entirely of Powershield, but has a lighter fleece backing, making it more suitable for warmer climates. Its truly a perfect Spring-Fall jacket, if you live north of Utah. The same could be said of the COMPOSITE, while the SHIFT is the ultimate Fall-Spring jacket, even sufficing as a 4 season jacket in norther areas like BC and Alaska.I have worn all three of them (I happened to spring for the Shift Welder due to it having a hood) and would say that all are definitely made with excellent construction.The BCC0164 is the 09 SHIFT, and the current ELEMENT is brand new. Also, I am not aware of the newer Composite, although I could be wrong. I hope this helps

                              Are any of the pockets big enough to fit...

                              Are any of the pockets big enough to fit a water bottle? My husband likes to take water with him while skiing...

                              Could somebody please discribe the Polartec...

                              Could somebody please discribe the Polartec Power Stretch material ? And what part of the jacket are the panels? Thanks in advance

                              Best Answer

                              this jacket is POWER SHIELD material, a very different material than the fleece powerstretch.

                              Power shield is a laminatiion, with a two layers of fleece, bonded to a inner laminate. this is a complicated process to build this 3 layer laminate, but the benefits are then far more water resistant, wind resistant, warmer, and yet breathable.

                              both the tahoe, and the lighterweight panels are powershield. the gray may be a little cooler, as it has a thinner and softer face fabric.

                              Will the pockets fit skins? Or rather,...

                              Will the pockets fit skins? Or rather, can you get skins in and out of the pockets (assuming they are large enough to fit them) without trying to "put a square peg in a round hole"?It's a deal breaker question.

                              the pocket openings are zippered, but will easily accept skins. I also require this functionality, and usually put one skin in each pocket. the pockets are large, like 6inch x 17 inch, so a skin folded in half, and then in half again is usually a good fit.

                              I'm primarily a snowboarder out here in...

                              I'm primarily a snowboarder out here in the midwest, we commonly get 10f degree(or colder) days here. I'm looking at wearing this under a ground adverse hard shell. I also travel out west 2-3 times a year to ride\backpack\mountain bike. ThanksYou guys think this setup will work out for me?

                              I'm a Mid-west farm boy and go form here(Utah) to MI a bit and it works well in both places. Being used to the cold I'll usually just use the Shift out here unless it get real deep or cold. Winter in MI, down to about 0, I'll use the composite, over a merino crew with a shell over that and keep comfy even out on the sleds

                              Does the Tahoe color look pretty true to...

                              Does the Tahoe color look pretty true to the first pic...can I get some other photos up close since the other question said the detailed pics were not the color on sale? Thanks.

                              which color displayed is correct? the...

                              which color displayed is correct? the blue in the "detailed views" is much more appealling.