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Favorite Light Winter Glove/Liner

    For the money these gloves cannot be beat. While not water proof, they are great for light winter hikes, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. Tactile gip is very good and they can be used as liners under shells when needed in colder and/or wetter conditions. All of our family members have these and love them. Please bring these back!

    Great for the price

      I really like the grippers on these gloves and they are nice and snug. As far as wearing them alone, they need another layer to give you some real warmth. I also agree with some of the other reviews that the seems are a little big on the inside, which makes them a little awkward on your thumbs. All in all they are a great addition to my glove collection.

      Great for layering

        These gloves are GREAT for driving. They grip the steering wheel so well and are useful for those cold morning trips. I wore them alone outside when it was 10 degrees after wind chill and it was like I didn't have any gloves on. Tech specs were right when they said they are NOT windproof. However, the same night I layered them with gortex mittens and my hands did not get cold while snowboarding. Normally my hands are the reason I need to go to the lodge and warm up. This was not the case when I used these gloves for layering.
        I recommend them!


          OK, at first glance I thought these gloves would be great. I ordered a pair of my wife for Christmas. Let me start with the good:

          1.You cant find a pair of windproof fleece gloves for this price.
          2.The grey color is sweet.
          3.They sticky goats on the palm are very cool.

          Now for the bad:

          1.The fingers run really tight. I am sure they will stretch out but the gloves were very uncomfortable for my wife's small hands.
          2.There was a hole in the stitching when I received the gloves. I think this is symptomatic of bad stitching and not just a defective pair.
          3.the gloves look sooo stupid and cheap with BACKCOUNTY>COM written on the finger. Really, this alone ruined the glove. I am all about BC's little goat emblem but there is no need to slap a website on the product.

          Sticky goat!

            Bought these as a gift for my mother and sister. They both seem to love the gloves. Very thin but very warm at the same time. Insulate well, breathe as well as wick moisture. The added stickiness of the goats on the palm make it good for grip when wearing solo. Plus you get to rep! Do it to it!

            Keeps hands warm

              Took this glove to the mountains to wear while taking photos of my son in the terrain park. The fit was great and it allowed me to handle the SLR camera easily. I even took it down a few runs. My hands stayed warm and very comfortable in temperatures in the low 20's. Highly recommended!

              Good gloves but small small small!

                Good gloves but man they were small. I measured my hands according to their chart, then thought "There's no way I could have XL hands -- I always have small hands!" Whoops, big mistake... Order at least once size larger than you usually wear in other mitts or gloves!

                Apart from that I really like the gloves, they're grippy and good for driving in the cold winters before your car heats up, and I will also probably wear them for cross country skiing or winter running. They could be a little longer though, my wrists were getting a bit cold.


                  These gloves are the best deal and work great! Yesterday, they came in the mail right before I went out on a road bike ride in 40 degree weather. I decided to give these gloves a whirl and wore them without any other gloves. Overall, I was really impressed. The wind blocking fleece technology of the gloves really does work. They kept my hands warm throughout the majority of the ride until they started getting too wet from wiping my face off. At that time the sun started setting and it got to freezing temps, then my hands started getting a little cold.


                    I'm not especially impressed for $20 gloves, but they seem to be okay so far. Maybe I just haven't had enough experience with them yet. I like to give the negatives first so as not to give the wrong impression, so here goes. One thing is that on my screen they look white - or off-white maybe, and since I have no idea what "pewter" is, I was expecting white(ish). However, these are a definite gray. Second, the seams on the inside of the gloves kinda rub against my fingertips. Third, they are very stretchy, but even when I put my fingers all the way into them (rubbing seams), there's still slack in the thumb. Could just be the shape of my hands though (longish fingers, short palms). What I do love about the stretch though is that they actually fit the width of my palms and fingers. I don't have all that gap around them which greatly improves dexterity compared to other gloves, but they still don't work to type with. (Don't think anything ever will.) It hasn't gotten very cold yet this year in Alabama, so I haven't worn them as liners and I'm a bit concerned about how the seams will feel when worn that way. But I did wear them into work one day - about a 1/4 mile trek - and even though I could feel a breeze, my fingers weren't actually COLD when I got into the building. Cool, but not cold - and I get cold VERY easily. I think it was upper 30s - low 40s that morning. The grip on them is exactly as shown on one of the alternate pics. It's not on the fourth and fifth fingers and it seems to be glued on, so I'm not sure how long it's going to last ... especially with the friction of being shoved into other gloves. I think they might work better as loners, but we'll see. I think that about covers everything. Oh! The clippy thing. Pretty cool for keeping them together, but kind of annoying when wearing them. FYI - Looks like the gadget is a "pull" to open it up, but it's actually a "push". Hope this helps.

                    Great for running

                      I really like these gloves. I think they do run a little large though. I'm usually a medium, and wish I had gotten a small instead as the fingers are a little long. They gloves are perfect though for outdoor running in the winter. They're grippy so its easy to hold my ipod on the go. Nice fleecy cuff makes them super comfy and snug.

                      great glove

                        I originaly had them in black, but they got lost when I moved. I missed them so much that I bought another pair! Surprisingly warm and super grippy. Great for driving, or all the time wear on those slightly chilly days.

               Liner Glove - Women's

                          I purchased these gloves on a whim, thinking they could be a back up glove in my car and now they are my go-to for everything. I wear them skiing, walking, driving, shopping, you name it. They fit snug so I still feel dexterous. The only reason they are receiving 4 starts is because the sticky goats on the inside are already peeling off after owning them for a month.


                            I bought these for my sister, and now I will need to buy them for myself. I have long fingers and these liners fit great. They're stretchy, surprisingly warm, and like Kari said, they're nice and sticky for dog walking and driving. Oh yea, they're great as liners when I'm skiing too.

                            How is the fit? I checked out the size...

                            How is the fit? I checked out the size chart and I would be a large. I am usually a medium, so I would like to know if they run small or large so I order the correct size.