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    In the 40 oz size this thing is really big. I mean capable of quenching the thirst of grizzly adams if he had 2 beards big, which would be about the equivalent of a smidgen of lumberjacks with beards... not sure how it would be converted if using the metric system. Bottom line is I have used Nalgenes and Siggs and this is just much better in my opinion. If you don't have a beard you may want to get the 27 oz size though... just a thought

    Mean Kanteen

      Probly the best water bottle. Extremely durable. It does get dings if you drop it on rocks, but I do too. I read someone else's review bashing klean kanteen for using low quality stainless steel because magnets will stick to these bottles and that quality stainless steel intended for contact with food and water is not magnetic. This is untrue, these are made with 18/8 stainless steel which is of the highest quality and made for contact with food and drinking water. These bottles are magnetic because the 18/8 stainless stell is cold rolled into the bottle shape which changes the physical properties and makes it magnetic. So these bottles are completely safe to drink out of. The 40oz is a little heavy when it is full, but it holds a lot of water.

      What good is a bottle with a busted cap?

        If you buy this bottle, just know the cap will break into 2 pieces. 1 will be the metal, screw-in plug that will become your functioning cap. It will have a razor-sharp edge on the top...enjoy that!

        Backcountry acknowledges the issue but does not carry the plastic 1-piece top that KK makes. Once you replace the cap, with that one strait from KK, the bottle will last forever and taste great!

        Wish I would have read the 'bad cap' reviews

          The bottle is great.

          The cap, not so much. Wish I would have paid more attention to the other folks with cap problems. After only about a dozen uses, the plastic part of the cap detached from the steel screw part. So frustrating. Just like everyone else, it popped back in, but now it pops off every time I try to screw it in.

          Great big bottle

            Love the bottle. Mouth opening is about the same size as a 32oz. Gatorade bottle opening. About the same width in your hands as the Gatorade. As the rest of the reviewers said, this bottle adds no taste to the water. In fact, after tasting my water out of this bottle, i realized i needed to filter my water--i couldn't taste the impurities in my nalgene :)

            Nifty Drink Container

              Love the clean stainless container and the stainless inside the lid! No plastic touching my drink! Can't stand the dufus who slapped on two stickers, the "Made in China" on the inside of the lid and a great big one on the bottom of the container. I got the sticky off on the lid with peanut butter, but the one on the bottom took too long and I gave up. Two months later it still picks up papers and lots of cat fur--great for snagging things you can't quite reach or de-furring the cat!

              The other problem is that this container keeps disappearing--my wife likes it as much as I do! Buy two!

              What an improvement!!!!

                I had forgotten what water tasted like. With this bottle, thats all you taste - clean, fresh water. Very durable designe. It will get some dings and dents, but that adds to its character. I never carried my nalgene bottles, unless I was camping or hiking, but with this one I carry it with me every day. I am soon to buy more of these great bottles. Way to go KK!!!!

                Love these bottles

                  My husband saw these online (for less than $16) and we bought 3 right away -- wow, the water tastes even better at that price. Seriously, they are durable, esp for our 14 y/o son who is rough with just about all of his things. I like the huge amt of liquids it holds. Overall, have nothing bad to say about these bottles!


                    I would purchase this again. I bought 4 of them for 15.50 each and the wife and I love them. I use one everyday and haven’t had a lick of trouble. I've been somewhat cautious with handling the kanteen by the top as someone noted previous, it may come off, as of yet all is well here. I’ve also had numerous comments on them, "where did you get that? Backcountry, where else". Life is better with a klean kanteen!

                    Great bottle -- clean taste, durable

                      I have about 5 of these bottles now and have completely replaced my Nalgene (and similar plastics) for all of my hiking and backpacking needs.

                      The Klean Kanteen bottles are all stainless steel which provides a lightweight but durable bottle that yields great tasting water all the time.

                      Note: these are NOT thermos bottles so cold water won't stay cold (although I have no trouble loading ice into the opening of these bottles) and I would HIGHLY recommend that you NOT put hot liquids inside as you'll easily burn yourself with the bottle.

                      The caps are all interchangeable as ever KK bottle has the same opening dimensions.


                        i got this for $15 so it was a really good deal! i didn't pat attention to the fact that it is 40oz! oops, it is good though, still taste like metal, but kept my water cool while latched to the back of my pack in the hot summer heat. it is really heavy, i thought. it doesn't leak!

                        not so happy with this one

                          I am a hiking guide at the Grand Canyon and put gear through the wringer. Consistently I've been pleased with all my purchases (which are many), but this time I'm gonna have to be a bit negative. The bottle itself is great, just a problem with the lid. The black top popped of ving the actual "male"aspect of the screw in stopper still in the bottle. It does pop back into place but now that it's happened once it is a reoccuring problem.

                          Great bottle

                            My favorite feature is the narrow mouth good for pouring and reducing splashing, yet big enough to drop in standard sized ice cubes.

                            Not good for hot liquids though, as the material transfers heat making it to hot to hold.

                            Best bottle ever!

                              I have been using mine for years now. They withstand some gnarly beatings! I have dropped mine off cliffs and they dent but I haven't had one break on me yet. I highly recommend drinking out of a Klean Kantene over other bottles you find like Nalgene (they are generally made with a polycarbonate which is a type of plastic that slowly leaches and could potentially be cancer causing). I have put soo many different liquids in mine and they do not taste after a quick rinse which is a huge upgrade from the aforementioned polycarbonate bottles. What other bottle can you toss on a camp stove and cook your soup in? By purchasing this bottle you are supporting a really good company. They are all eco friendly and there products are 100% recyclable!

                              Great bottle, I hope they fix the cap problem

                                This bottle is mostly great. I often fill my 'water' bottles with other beverages (carbonated, or coffee--don't ask). With my Nalgenes, even a good washing couldn't remove the taste/smell, and carbonated beverages would leak out the top. That, and I do have health concerns about putting any beverage (especially hot ones) into a plastic container. The Klean Canteen doesn't retain smells/tastes and doesn't leak with carbonated beverages. It is 40 oz (larger than a Nalgene) yet its narrower-seeming diameter makes it easier to get in and out of bottle pockets. It's mouth is big enough that putting ice cubes in is no problem. The only problem is that (like it has for others), eventually the plastic part of the cap separated from the metal part. True story: I was wading in a river fishing, then walked downstream a ways. Looking out at the river, I saw the plastic part of my cap float by (it must have fallen off of my bottle when I was wading). Hopefully, future models will fix this problem.

                                does the cap still have the stainless cap...

                                does the cap still have the stainless cap /screw part as pictured or is it the newer, plastic only cap

                                I assume that neither this nor the 40oz...

                                I assume that neither this nor the 40oz will fit my favorite splashguard (2 in. diameter)?

                                Are the openings the same size on the 27oz...

                                Are the openings the same size on the 27oz and 40oz? Are they compatable with the PUR Hiker water filters as the nalgenes were?

                                Is it or is it not lined? I have read...

                                Is it or is it not lined? I have read conflicting comments this.

                                klean kanteen stainless steel is not lined, and does not need to be lined. aluminum bottles, such as sigg and others must be lined.

                                The stainless, unlined allows a clean taste, no chemicals, and in a pinch you can even heat water in the Klean kanteen, but keep the lid off!

                                What is the diameter and height of this...

                                What is the diameter and height of this bottle? I'm curious how well it will fit in side pockets on a pack.

                                Is there an internal lining in this...

                                Is there an internal lining in this container?

                                Does this bottle rust?

                                Does this bottle rust?

                                Best Answer

                                304 will rust a lot more quickly than most stainless steels, but if you use it once a month and wipe it / wash it you'll never see accumulation. Sometimes low chromium steel dust or imperfections rust but they can easily be polished out or just wiped with a brillo pad.

                                Probably shouldn't sticker this up if I...

                                Probably shouldn't sticker this up if I plan to boil things in it, right?

                                Hippie, don't listen to Shane. This bottle does NOT have a plastic coating inside. You can absolutely boil water in it. If the stickers are on top and you're boiling on a small stove and not in a fire the stickers should be fine.

                                Shane, don't answer questions when you don't actually know the answer, all it does is confuse people. The description even says its good for boiling water!

                                Probably shouldn't sticker it up if I plan...

                                Probably shouldn't sticker it up if I plan to boil water in it, right?

                                Hippie, don't listen to Shane. This bottle does NOT have a plastic coating inside. You can absolutely boil water in it. If the stickers are on top and you're boiling on a small stove and not in a fire the stickers should be fine.

                                Shane, don't answer questions when you don't actually know the answer, all it does is confuse people. The description even says its good for boiling water!

                                The Klean Kanteen is 18/8 stainlesss...

                                The Klean Kanteen is 18/8 stainlesss (austenitic) right? I checked mine with a neodymium magnet and it strongly stuck. I thought that the nickel content of the stainless is supposed to make the the metal non-magnetic. Any thoughts?

                                Even when dealing with "stainless" steels, the nickel content you're going to encounter is generally no higher than 15-20%, with other elements like chrome, cobalt, magnesium, et cetera making up the rest of the trace content. In any case, you'll still be looking at no less than 70% ferrous material in a "stainless" steel. (I put stainless in quotations simply because most stainless steels are simply corrosion resistant, not corrosion proof. In practical terms for most people corrosion won't be an issue, but one should probably think twice before relying on these lasting years in salt water situations). Being at least 70% ferrous, magnets will be attracted. The only possible exception I can think of is H1 steel.

                                Will this 40 oz. size have the same diameter...

                                Will this 40 oz. size have the same diameter as the 27 oz. size and fit into a car cup holder?

                                Does this bottle have any insulating value?...

                                Does this bottle have any insulating value? I'd imagine the answer is “not much” since it's stainless.

                                You're right, this bottle is only a single walled stainless steel don't expect there to be all that much insulation for keeping hot drinks hot, or cold drinks cold.It does a good job for being single-walled.