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Great Bottle

    I have a few of these and they are my favorite bottles for treking and daily use. They're so quick and easy to open and will not cross thread like my Sigg. You just have to be careful not to over tighten them and pop the lid. Even if you do break the lid they are still pretty easy to open with out the plastic cap.

    This is a Definite buy.

    Moderately useful water bottle

      This bottle tends to not make your water taste worse, which is cool I guess. I throw it in my car when hitting up the surf, or sometimes take it in my pack skiing in the resort. But honestly, I've still got a bunch of nalgenes, both lexan and regular, and I prefer those for more serious routes involving large packs and filtering out of streams. Something about being able to throw them around, measure visually, and having the wide mouth I find more utilitarian. Plus, I'm not all that concerned about the BPA thing. It's a good marketing strategy mostly, but from all the chemistry classes I've taken (and a couple professors have actually brought this up when studying aromatics back in organic) the actual amount you're exposed to isn't going to do jack. Whatever. I appreciate the environmental friendliness of klean kanteen, and they're definitely more durable than all the siggs I've seen destroyed. Go for it!

      Klean Kateen FTW.

        Klean Kanteen makes, in my opinion, the best metal water bottle on the market. Admittedly, I have only tried Sigg and a few random stainless brands, but still, these water bottles are bombproof, BPA free, and ecofriendly. The best thing about this model KK is that it comes with a stainless steel cap (see the second detail view provided by above). The skinny here is that the threading on the cap, and the part that water will actually come into contact with during routine sloshing, is made of stainless just like the bottle. The gasket and top of the lid are still plastic/rubber, but the important part is that the ENTIRE interior of the bottle is stainless.
        This does result in a noisy removal of the lid, but that's the price you pay for keeping your H20 plastic free.

        Handle with Care

          Ok ok, yes the cap has some issues. When you over-tighten the cap on this bottle the black plastic does have the tendency to separate from the metal part of the cap. It's easy enough to pop back into place, and the seal is quality so you don't actually have to tighten the cap down as hard as you might think would be necessary. Like any gear this bottle has a few quirks but, like any gear, if you handle it with some respect and don't just force it around, it'll probably do what it was intended to do. I use my bottle every day and after I got to know it, it's solid and keeps my hydrated.

          Cap separates - can't open the bottle!

            Used for a short time and then found out I couldn't open the bottle anymore because the plastic cap had separated from the metal cap piece and it just turned in place. Upon further investigation, 3(+) people have mentioned this in the reviews. Here is video I took of it.

            The product gets a single star (a water bottle that's impossible to open???) but another star is rewarded for excellent customer service. Rich F was very easy to work with and immediately sent out another bottle for me... hopefully this next one is better.


              The cap on this thing broke with the black plastic part separating from the stainless steel on the third day I took it to the OFFICE! Wouldn't last 10 minutes on a camping trip. I thought about trying to glue it back together, but am afraid I'll be eating epoxy with every sip. Might as well got a BPA bottle.

              Review Title

                Has a metallic taste... Easy to clean and refil. The top not being attached may get lost but guess you could tie it with a peice of string. Mouth is a little big to drink comfortably on the move but much better than the Quart Nalgene. I found a thing called the "top top" for my nalgene that is a screw cap that has another screw cap that is smaller for drinking and now prefer the nalgene.

                Great bottle and great value

                  I was standing in Whole Foods the other day looking at their collection of overpriced Swiss bottles and almost broke my arm patting myself on the back for buying the Klean Kanteen. I love good products like this Klean Kanteen, which is the perfect size for day hikes, or bring 2 or 3 for an overnighter. At the price, you can't go wrong.

                  Amazing Bottle

                    I got this about 3 weeks ago and its the best bottle I have had. Holds up great backpacking and also with school just starting I carry it around campus. And as always it comes with's amazing customer service and product quality!

                    Good bottle

                      Klean Kanteens are wonderful. No funny tastes and usually water tastes a bit cooler than it would from a plastic bottle. I live in Texas so I was concerned that the stainless steel would absorb alot of heat from the sun. So far its not a problem (at least not any worse than it would be with plastic). My only issue with this bottle is that it comes with a metal cap that makes a lot of painful metal on metal noise when you open and close. I prefer the plastic caps which you can buy from Klean Kanteen.

                      Even our toddler has one!

                        These are great quality and come with a nice variety of tops. I don't think they leave a taste - don't think that's possible with high quality stainless. I slip one in my bag for me and one for my daughter now that they also come with an Avent sippy adapter option! If I accidently leave our water in the car in the heat, at least it is still drinkable compared to water that has leached plastic from the bottle.

                        Does backcountry sell any that have the...

                        Does backcountry sell any that have the plastic cap instead of the partially metal cap? My friends' Klean Kanteens all have a broken cap (except the plastic ones) and even for $14 I'd rather not have to replace the cap eventually.

                        I use this bottle for tea or coffee, so if some people said it has the metal taste, I can't taste it because tea/coffee covered. I only have the bottle for a month, so far the caps are good, I don't know about the future. I had 2 other water bottle with plastic caps and I don't like it because i can't put hot water in it.

                        I would like a different top that is easier...

                        I would like a different top that is easier to drink from. What others are available?

                        Best Answer

                        this small necked bottle is pretty dang easy to drink from. what are you interested in, for easier? klean kanteen has a couple other options, check online. they have a sport cap and a sippy.

                        can it contain hot or warm water?

                        can it contain hot or warm water?

                        Best Answer

                        Yep. It does great with hot liquids (except that the metal itself gets hot). I like to fill my Klean Canteen with hot coffee (I always worried about doing this with my Nalgenes, for fear that the plastic would leach into the fluid). Of course, it has no insulation to keep beverages warm, but it also doesn't retain the smell or taste of previous beverages.

                        does the cap (top) have a loop or something...

                        does the cap (top) have a loop or something to keep the top attached to rim of container,also what are the different tops ?

                        Best Answer

                        It doesn't, and there aren't different tops.Incorrect, Kleen Kanteen makes LOTS of different tops--- sport(bike), SS flat, #5 plastic flat, SS loop, #5 plastic loop, even a sippy-cup top w/ replaceable nipples!!!! If they are not listed here, you can always find them @ Amazon

                        I am looking for a build-in water filter...

                        I am looking for a build-in water filter inside the stainless steel water bottles so when i can use in hotels. Any suggestions on where I can find one?Thanks!

                        I've never heard of or seen anything like what you're looking for. May I suggest any one of the three Katadyn filter bottles. One is a filter & the other two are purifiers. Here's more information:

                        can i buy a klean kantean if i went there...

                        can i buy a klean kantean if i went there to the store?

                        Where is it made?

                        Where is it made?