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On Dawn Patrol at the Great Sand Dunes

These tumblers are absolutely the best. So sad to see that Backcountry isn't making/selling them anymore. I would probably buy 50 of them and use them as gifts for the rest of my life. You can literally put coffee in them at 5 in the morning and enjoy piping hot coffee at lunch and even hot "enough" coffee at 4 in the afternoon.

On Dawn Patrol at the Great Sand Dunes

Dawn Patrol!

    These vacuum tumblers work wonders! I tested them for heat retention one blistering cold winter day. After two hours, with 140 degree liquid in them, they had lost only 20 degrees, all while being in the snow. I use them to take tea with me on long day adventures, or as a cup on our longer multi day journeys. I haven't had any of mine leak, and would definitely buy them again!

    Good value

      I like to use it as a go cup. it is mostly leak proof. There is a little rubber stopper in the lid, and it hasn't performed so well. I will probably fill the little hole with epoxy, and then fill the cap with expanding foam, for extra insulation.
      It keeps my drink hot for a decent amount of time, but not like my small thermos.

      Does it's job but quality is suspect

        keeps stuff warm. works pretty good as a cup to drink from if you don't want to pour into something else. My complaint is the bottoms keep coming off. I see they were only help on with some glue. I like it but it is frustrating when the bottoms come off.

        Works Great

          I just used this for the first time this weekend working ski patrol. Poured coffee in at 4 am and it was still hot for first chair at 7. I filled it to full the first use so some of the coffee spilled out. The bottom of the silver Tumbler came off for some reason, should be a simple glue fix. Completely awesome product and cant wait to use it more and for different things.


            Works just like you'd hope it would! Keeps drinks hot for several hours, seals up great each time (no spills), and while it's not a travel mug, you can certainly drink from it when you need to. Hot chocolate or hot soup are always welcome on cold days! Also good for bringing hot lunches, coffee, etc. to the less exciting places in your life.

            Nice, but little

              I really like the style and durability of these tumblers, but 12 oz. is tiny! I assumed they were at least 16 oz. when I bought them (forgot to check size). 12 oz is really not functional. I'm not going to take a measly 12 oz of tea or coffee to the crag to camping... I would LOVE some 16 oz ones

              Review Title

                They are great. I bought 3 for $15 total and they are totally worth it. I kept one and gave two away as gifts. I use it almost everyday and bring a cup of coffee to school in the morning instead of buying a cup at school.
                Keeps liquid HOT for at least 6 hours!

                Mixed bag - yes, it leaks

                  So after reading the reviews, I decided to purchase 2 3 packs for gifts and personal use. The price was right. The size is great and it keeps beverages warm for extended time but I have had problems with leaks if I try to use the mug as a travel cup. There is a little plastic valve that plugs the sippy hole. I just use the tumbler with the valve in place and it works fine.

                  Review Title

                    Keep drinks hot, but that's it. Insulation is great but they are too small to be really useful on the BC or camping and there is no real mug to drink from. Then they are quite useless as a commuting cup with no hold and no system in the lid to drink from.

                    These are awesome!!

                      Well, let me just start off my saying that this tumbler DOES NOT LEAK!!!! WHOO! And to top it off, it stays so hot, you better be careful if you put boiling water in it for tea because you will burn yourself even after 4 hours! They are the perfect size for sking, snowshoeing etc. Not communter friendly as the lid does have to be unscrewed in order drink. If you are looking for something that doesn't leak, keeps your drink piping hot, and compact----> this is for YOU! The price doesn't hurt either. Look on Backcountry for the 3 pack:)

                      These are awesome!!

                      love starts with morning coffee...

                        mornings are simply more awesome now that i have these travel mugs...three colors makes for three times the fun (mix and match the lids!)...these mugs carry the perfect amount of tasty warm beverage--and the cap can hold a tea bag for the afternoon! these are great on the trail or in the city...they don't leak as i'm cycling in to work, which is a definite yay! a great all-around mug!

                        does keep it hot

                          def. keeps your drinks hot or cold, but 2/3 i've tried have leaked so far. it's a slow leak and only when they get tossed around in a backpack or are on their side for an extended time.
                          Good for the office or in the cup holder of the truck. not the trail

                          Don't get this mug!!!

                            I got an REI mug that was just like this one years ago and I love it and still have it to this day. So I thought that I was getting something about the same. I was wrong...

                            1st I got the box in the mail and the way that they shipped it with no packing or anything was bad, then I get the mug and try to use it and it is not at all what I thought it was. You have to unscrew the whole lid to drink out of it, that top part is just a little cup. My REI one was not like that. Good idea and I like the price but really bad coffee cup. Don't buy.

                            So what's the deal with these? Between...

                            So what's the deal with these? Between the reviews for the single or the three pack it sounds like people love it or hate it. With that said I have two questions. Does it leak if not overfilled and tightened properly? Does it really keep the liquid hot for atleast 3 hours? I want to be able to throw this in my pack and not worry about a spill, so I'm looking for an answer from someone who has been using this on the mountain or in the backcountry.

                            Thanks Angus, that's just the answer I was looking for.

                            Best Answer

                            I've been using it a fair bit on the mountain, and I've loved it. A fairly typical experience is to pour teat at around 7 am, leave it sealed (never had a problem with leaking) in my inside jacket pocket and take it out on the lift (maybe 5 times in a day, it doesn't hold much), and it stays hot enough to have to sip until easily 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It would probably cool off faster in a backpack than in a jacket, but if it's packed in it'll still be relatively well insulated. Honestly, I would count on it staying warm for 3 hours even if you filled it with boiling water and left sealed outside in the snow.

                            Does this thermos have the mesh screen...

                            Does this thermos have the mesh screen that's part of the sipping lid thing? I'm not looking for a french press...but there are thermoses out there that look just like these with a mesh filter for loose leaf tea/matte...

                            I can't tell if this is like a travel mug...

                            I can't tell if this is like a travel mug where you can drink out of it without removing the whole lid. Do you need to remove the lid to get a drink or is there some method of taking a sip like your run of the mill travel mug?