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Reliable and easy to use.

Through years of development and field testing, Backcountry Access has made the Tracker DTS Beacon incredibly intuitive so it's fast and easy to use when you're under the stress of a real search. It's no wonder that the Tracker DTS is one of the most popular beacons in the backcountry. The digital display shows you both the distance and direction to your buried buddy, and in addition to standard single-search mode, the Tracker DTS includes a special mode which will give you the distance and direction to all signals in a narrowed search range. This may be the difference between saving one of your friends or both of them, so practice, practice, practice.

  • Dual-antenna system allows quick and accurate searching
  • Special multi-burial search mode gives your friends better odds if more than one of them ends up under the snow
  • Direction and distance indicators make searching quick and efficient—just turn until the center arrow lights up, follow the transmission curve until the number reaches zero, then fine-search, probe, and shovel
  • Beacon automatically switches back to transmit mode after 10 minutes of inactivity in case you get caught by hang fire
  • Comfortable, easily accessed chest harness for touring
  • 200-hour batter life on transmit mode keeps you up and running most of the season
  • Wide body and large buttons make this beacon easy to manipulate with gloves on