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Whether your Avid, Code, or Elixir brakes need routine maintenance, replacement parts installed, or a major overhaul, the Avid Disc Brake Bleed Kit contains what your need to end your hydraulic woes. With the propped tools, the system isn’t nearly as daunting as it first may feel.

The kit contains: two (2) bleed syringes, two (2) fitting/clamp tubes, two (2) compression ferrules, two (2) barbed tubing inserts, one (1) Torx-T25 L-wrench, one (1) 3/8"- drive 8mm crows-foot tool, four (4) different bleed blocks for Juicy/Code/Elixir, and instructions for bleeding Avid Juicy, Code, and Elixir hydraulic disc brakes.

  • Juicy, Code, Elixir compatible
  • Includes parts and tools
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A necessity if you're going hydraulic

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

After years of running mechanical disks, I went hydraulic last month - what a difference in performance! Needed this kit out of the gate to adjust and dial-in the brakes. As others have noted, it sounds more intimidating than it is. There are a number of good instructional videos out there on the web if you're unsure of your abilities. One plus is the kit does come with a small bottle of DOT 5.1 fluid (which isn't shown in the photo). Overall, really happy with the kit.

Splurge for the Pro bleed kit

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Totally adequate kit for bleeding the occasional brake. Works with Avid as well as Formula. However, if you will be using this more than just once in a blue moon, opt for the Pro bleed kit. It has more volume in the syringes for less time spent bleeding, but more importantly is significantly more durable, and has rotating in-line brass fittings The plungers are captive and can't pull out of the syringe as well. Again, only things you'll notice if you are bleeding brakes often.

Even a non-mechanic beginner can use it!

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I saw some videos in Youtube showing how to used this kit because I was intimidated. It was easier than I thought, but having the right equipment was 99% of the battle. If you want to bleed or flash your hydrolic brakes, all you need is this kit, and a bottle of DOT brake fluid. You don't even have to be a mechanic. My brakes were not responding to my hard squeezes of the levers, after I bleeded them using this kit, the feel is SOLID and the stopping power is SOLID as well.

Get this!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Bleeding your brakes seems like a daunting task, but it is really pretty easy and very worth doing! Bleeding your brakes regularly will make them work a LOT better, and if you have to pay to have a shop do it then odds are you'll put it off longer than you should. This bleed kit is nice too, the syringes are super nice and make the job that much easier. Just take it slow and follow the instruction carefully. The process seems super complicated the first time you do it, but after a few times it's an easy job that only takes a few minutes.

It's also a nice bonus that this kit includes a couple of barbs and olives in case you need to shorten or replace a cable. If you are buying new Avid brakes right now you WILL need to shorten the lines, and you will need the olives (the hollow silver things in the picture) to do this! Instead of paying a shop to do this for you just buy this kit, do it yourself, and then you'll have a bleed kit to maintain your brakes too. There's some great youtube videos to walk you through the process as well since the written directions can be a bit rough sometimes.

Does this kit have two different sized...

Does this kit have two different sized connectors -- specifically an M5 for the master cylinder and an M6 for the caliper?

Hey, I own this kit so I'm happy to help! Not entirely sure what you mean though, with my brakes (Sram XO and Avid Juicy Threes) the fitting on the lever and caliper are the same size, so the brass fitting picture on the end of the syringes fit both ends perfectly. When I get home I can check, but I'm 99% sure the kit includes exactly what is pictured, so only the two fittings shown attached to the two syringes. Again, for my brakes they are all I need to attach the syringes to the lever and caliper, but if yours are different please let me know what model brakes you have and I can take a closer look at my bleed kit to see if I can help!