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  • Avex - Highland Autoseal Stainless Thermal Mug - 16oz - Matte Olive Green
  • Avex - Highland Autoseal Stainless Thermal Mug - 16oz - Matte White
  • Avex - Highland Autoseal Stainless Thermal Mug - 16oz - Matte Black

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  • Avex - Highland Autoseal Stainless Thermal Mug - 16oz - Matte Olive Green
  • Avex - Highland Autoseal Stainless Thermal Mug - 16oz - Matte White
  • Avex - Highland Autoseal Stainless Thermal Mug - 16oz - Matte Black

Avex Highland Autoseal Stainless Thermal Mug - 16oz

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    • Matte Olive Green, One Size
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    Your long-lasting car companion.

    The Avex Highland Autoseal Stainless Thermal Mug is the type of travel mug you always want in your car whether you're sipping coffee in winter or chugging water in summer. Its double-wall stainless steel body provides vacuum insulation to keep your coffee hot for five hours and your water cold for fourteen hours. This bottle also features a leak-proof AutoSeal lid that you can open with the simple press of a button.

    • Double-wall stainless steel body
    • PDA-approved AutoSeal lid
    • Vacuum insulation
    • Dishwasher-safe design
    • Item #AVX0007

    Tech Specs

    stainless steel
    16 oz
    yes, double-wall vacuum sealed
    3.3 x 8.8 in
    Recommended Use
    Manufacturer Warranty

    Tech Specs

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    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I got the Matte green and black, one for me and one for my girlfriend. They both look sweet, and work great. Push button is easy to operate... not much more you could want as long as this is the size and shape you are looking for.


      Really cool mug! Keeps hot substances hot and cold substances cold. During the winter on my way to work I had my mug full of hot tea. Since I was in a hurry when I got to work I forgot my mug in the car and couldn't return to get it. Once I got off work (6 hours later) my tea was still hot! Was so surprised because it was the middle of winter.. love this mug!

      Good but not what I'm looking for...

      • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

      This seems to be a well made cup but there is just something I don't like about the spout that you press a button to open. It just seems sort of flimsy and I worry it will all of a sudden stop working. Probably going to try a few others to see if I like them better. I am intrigued by what it says about it keeping things hot OR cold for very extended periods of time though...which is a testament to the fact that I know this is a well made cup.

      Fill er up

      The goal is always to carry as much coffee as possible. When filling the mug in the morning, I've definitely had my issues. Some days it is way to early to be handling hot liquids, but other days, I'm just a bit to zealous and fill the cup too full causing an improper seal and some small leaks. I've found the approximate max fill line (check the pic), and it helps to squeeze the button opening the spout when screwing the lid on to give the trapped air an easier escape rather than leaking out over the sides of the cup. Cheers! and fill 'er up!

      Fill er up

      Not too hot, not too cold. Juusstt Right

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Being a teacher, morning coffee is an essential part of my daily preparations. I usually joke with my students about how strict or grumpy I can be until after my first cup of joe, but what they don't realize is that I'm only kinda kidding. Avex's Highland Thermal Mug helps the process of getting coffee from my home brew pot to my go-to mug at school (a super sweet mug that changes from black to a panorama of Yosemite as it heats up) all to go smoothly.

      I've had some thermoses and insulated mugs that keep the brew so hot that it melts rocks to plasma hours after the super-heated liquid enters the vessel. I've also had mugs that seal so poorly that I've lost most of my a.m. caffeine supply has leaked and helped to squelch the squeaking of my chain ring during my commute. This mug is neither of those! The Highland Thermal Mug seals nicely, and the spout locks closed with an obvious click. While some might call this a con, the fact that the mug allows some heat to escape (you can feel heat escaping from the lid) provides the opportunity for my coffee to cool from its plasma-esque temps to a drinkable. Basically, the mug keeps bevvies hot, but not scorch the roof of your mouth and make your tongue bubbly kinda hot.

      Now for the spout. As I mentioned, the spout locks closed and does a great job at sealing. A simple slide of the lock with your forefinger gets the juices flowing. It's kind of like drinking from a sippy cup, but after a few uses, it becomes a bit less toddler-ish. The lid and spout tend to put off a bit of a plasticy flavor for the first few sips each use (despite several washings), but the rest of the sips are plasticy-taste-free, and I don't notice the taste when I pour it into a mug. Something to be duly noted: tilting and preparing to pour before you depress the button may lead to some spray from the vent (so much for my Formal Evaluation form being "formal." Now it, along with a few other semi important documents, is covered in the ever-so-recognizable light brown wrinkly tinge of coffee spray).

      The only thing I could ask for, is more space- and if you're asking that same thing yourself, you're in luck!! Check out Avex's 20 oz big bro for an extra 4 oz of coffee carrying capability (

      Well done Avex! The Highland Thermal mug comes highly recommended.

      Not too hot, not too cold. Juusstt Right

      finally, a dope thermos

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I'm about as insufferable as a coffee snob can be. Keurig coffee makes me barf, and I have an aeropress, grinder, and electric kettle at the office. I've always wanted a great thermal mug that would be a suitable vessel for my snobby third wave coffees, and this one fits the bill.

      The locking autoseal mechanism is on point and makes drinking coffee an easy affair. That being said, If you're the type who likes to add dairy to their coffee, then I would promptly clean the mechanism thoroughly after each use.

      Its thermal properties hold up and keep the coffee hot for hours. It's sleek. The locking mechanism is a welcome addition to the autoseal design.

      Overall, I'm a super happy camper and am excited to take it along for early morning moto rides with my significant other.

      My one little gripe is that I wish the diameter of the bottle was big enough to fit an aeropress, as that woul be my brewing method of choice when traveling with this thing. It will easily handle pour overs, though, so that's great.

      If you're in the market for a sleek thermal mug, then look no further!

      finally, a dope thermos

      Heed this warning... or not.

      Bottom of thermal mug reads, "Hot contents can create internal pressure resulting in discharge of hot vapor. Always press button with mug in upright position (duh) away from face (again, duh) to properly release pressure before drinking." Common sense, basically.

      Heed this warning... or not.

      Thermal Mug is Thermal

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I want to give a shout out to and Avex for hand-selecting me to review this piece of gear for the benefit of the community. Thanks for having faith in me!

      This thing kicks ass! First of all, it keeps your hots hot, hot, hot. I have a habit of pouring hot water in travel mugs to "heat it up" before putting coffee in so I did that the first time I used this. OH, WOW, NOPE. COFFEE BECAME HELLFIRE HOT. There is no need to pre-heat with hot water... I couldn't drink my coffee for a good 30 minutes. Lesson learned.

      Now I don't even bother with preheating with hot water. Again, this thing kicks ass. Without preheating with water, my coffee stayed hot for a good 4-5 hours. Yeah, I know, my coffee actually lasted that long... It was one of those days. Sigh.

      You do need to be careful when you first drink it though; pressure builds up inside it so press on the button to open the pour spout while it is away from your face to release the pressure. I've found I don't need to do this every time; just that first time.

      I've used this during my morning dog walks when it was 30-40F outside and yes, my coffee stays hot! I definitely will be using this thermal mug when I go snowshoeing up the mountains in the winter.

      This mug is extremely easy to clean. Just soak the lid in soap water for 10 mins then thoroughly rinse with hot water and air that shiz out.

      I love the color, I received the green. The product photo on accurately reflects the color... it's a nice, forest green.

      I would definitely recommend this mug. I especially love the lock feature so coffee won't spill out by accident if it's in your pack. Slide down to lock, slide up to unlock. Easy-peasy!!

      Thermal Mug is Thermal

      Keep the wet on the inside!

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I'd like to open with a thanks to Backcountry and Avex for the continued opportunity to review products I can share with the community.

      While using this bottle I came to appreciate a well-designed balance of features, size, and ability to insulate

      No leaks and No condensation! Even when holding ice cold fluids

      Lock added to AutoSeal mechanism provides even more protection against accidental spills

      *Since the bottle seals well pressure can build up so its very important to release steam/pressure by opening the AutoSeal system before placing pour spout near your face to avoid burns

      Enough volume to get you going in the morning but not like some vacuum bottles which are so large they are awkward to carry around

      Single wall, pour through top does mean a weaker point for insulation but makes up for this with ease of use and prevents temperature loss when a cap has to be fully removed to access bottle contents.

      Shape and size of the bottle is nice for the hand, reminiscent of old style milk bottles. The flared top with rubber grip is easy to hold. I found the shape helps guide my index finger to the AutoSeal lock\trigger for easy access

      Surprisingly narrow outer diameter and might be a bit loose in some car cup holders or a bike bottle cage but it does make it easy to hold and carry

      Molded rubber ring on bottom adds to bottle stability

      Rubber coating on bottle top can make threading it on the bottle body a bit fiddly, I found I had to be careful to get it started correctly and still found it would sit very slightly canted to one side fully closed. I think it would help to change to a more pronounced thread and eliminate/align non-sealing contact points between top and body

      Top cleans easily with thorough rinse of hot water

      Volume and max fill marks inside bottle would be helpful since it can be hard to judge max fill point. This has led to small spills sealing the top

      Overall perhaps not as insulating as some other vacuum bottles but I found it more than sufficient; the bottle kept coffee literally too hot to drink for over an hour and warm from around 8am – 3 pm, maybe even a bit longer but that’s as long as I could contain myself from finishing what remained. :)

      Keep the wet on the inside!