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The Astral GreenJacket has you covered for the gnarliest of the gnar.

You put on he Astral GreenJacket Personal Flotation Device for comfort while you're on the river and security for when the *@%$ hits the fan. This easily adjustable PFD fits well and has reinforced shoulders, protective spine padding, torso padding, and sculpted chest paneling to prevent ride-up when the last thing you want is your life jacket up by your nose.
  • Freestyle Tectonics foam panel design allows the outer front panel of the vest to move freely while the inner stays anchored to your torso (both layers offer separate adjustment) whether you're a male or female
  • Side Flotection padding keeps your ribs and internal organs from getting dinged up if you take a nasty swim or fall while scouting the next big rapid
  • Large pocket located between the front layers accommodates large items like a rescue rope
  • Quick-access tab on front secures a knife or VHF radio
  • Spectra safety loop and towing system for easy rescue on the water