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Neoprene knee braces just squeeze your knees into submission, while the Asterisk Cell Knee Protection System offers rigid, adjustable protection and a full-coverage patella cap that takes the bite out of burly falls. At a feathery 1lb 10oz per brace, these carbon fiber beauties are a small price to pay for additional support when you head out to scare yourself silly on something fast and steep. An asymmetrical design specific to each knee uses hinges that glide instead of simply pivoting in rough mechanical style. Set the lockout from 0 to 40 degrees, slide on the Cell, and shred with rigid protection backed by thermo-formed padding.

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Peace of mind

    I had ACL reconstruction after a pretty gnarly moto slam. After 8 months of PT, I bought the asterisk knee braces so I could get back to snowboarding and mt biking. Construction is bombproof, and once fitted, you forget you are wearing them. No slams yet, but the peace of mind is priceless. If these prevent one injury, they will be worth their weight in unobtainium. 4 stars for quality construction, fit, comfort, and adjustability. I'll change it to 5 stars when I give them the ultimate test. Also, top notch CS from Hucknroll.

    Saved My Skiing

      I blew my knee a few years back in a nasty fat-to-flat cliff attempt. My goal was to ski the next year w/o any braces (a lot of my friends were in Don Joy). I did, for a few months, before fracturing the same knee's kneecap. The following year I skied like a wuss until I finally gave in and picked up the Asterisk braces from a race shop in Jackson. After a few days my confidence and strength started coming back more and more. Now I won't ski resort without them. The stability and protection offered your knees in the Asterisk brace is unmatched in my experience. They are diesel. I've had dozens of wrecks over the last few years that should've sent me to the hospital with newly injured knees, but I've always gotten away with it. I had an unfortunate and scary ride thru a chute when I got tangled in my sluff. The brace broke top to bottom on the thigh and calf piece but my knees were perfectly fine. While not designed to pop like a bike helmet, it was eye opening to see how protected my expensive new ACL was during that ugly crash.

      The top and bottom carbon fiber pieces are hinged independently of each other so that the brace can slide laterally a few millimeters. This is because your knee doesn't act as a straight hinge - there is a bit of a rotation there. The lateral 'give' allows your knee to move through the entire range of motion without restriction. The brace doesn't even really snug on your knee. It provides a halo around it by snugging tightly around your calf and lower thigh.

      Locking out the range of motion is awesome when you are recovering from an injury since you won't be able to stress your joint by extending past your comfort zone. Now that I'm healed up and stronger I allow the brace the full range of motion.

      I get asked "are they comfortable?" a lot. While I wouldn't chill on the couch with them on, I'd say they aren't as tough to wear as a ski boot can be. Generally I don't tour with them, but on any resort day I can guarantee that they are on under my pants. Cliffs, tricks, switch skiing, chop, pow...there is nothing changed about the skiing experience except for the confidence these allow.

      They can chew up the top of your ski boot liners. I cut the bottom cm of hard plastic off of mine and then duct tape the now hanging foam around the cut and onto the 'shin' of the brace.

      Expensive? Yes. Cheaper than surgery? Double yes. Get some.

      Asterisk Cell Knee Protection

        Asterisk Cell knee braces are like a helmet for the knees. I started using them in 2007. They are very comfortable and light weight (1.6 pounds per pair). I telemark ski with them and my son skis with them too. They strenghten my skiing ability by reducing the risk of knee injuries.

        My knee has paper thin cartilage after...

        My knee has paper thin cartilage after years of wear and tear. Would the asteriks brace help with preventing joint compression while skiing? I currently wear a don joy extreme which does a decent job but I have to crank on the straps making it hard to wear all day.

        DonJoy or Asterisk? I'm looking at getting...

        DonJoy or Asterisk?

        I'm looking at getting the pair, but I am wondering how these compare to the DonJoy Armor Knee Brace? I know the Asterisk are a little bit cheaper, but I have instability in both knees and am looking for support and injury prevention. I'm wanting the best for my money.

        Best Answer

        After 4 knee surgeries, I have both the DonJoy and Asterisk Cells (original version). The Asterisk is far superior. Even with the custom fit of the titanium DonJoy, I had a lot of problems with slippage. Not so with the Asterisks (Asteri?). I have been skiing and touring on the Asterisks for over 5 years and they provide sold protection from twisting. They are comfortable (they are hot, but not too bad) and solid. The buckle system on the original Asterisk are a pain in the butt to snap on and off, but they do not slip once tightened. The new Ultra Cells have a Boa tightening system, which is probably a lot better.

        Would these be appropriate to use for...

        Would these be appropriate to use for snowboarding or are they more geared towards skiers?

        Has anyone used these to hike in the BC?...

        Has anyone used these to hike in the BC? Do they become uncomfortable after climbing up a slope?

        I've booted and skinned with my Asterisk braces. Not going to lie to you - it is not the most comfortable way to travel. Now that my post-op knee is nice and strong, I leave them at home on touring days. They only time I'd think of using them in the bc is if I'm looking at a high consequence line or shredding mini golf terrain.

        I'm sold on their use on the mountain/mo...

        I'm sold on their use on the mountain/motorcross mediums, but has anyone used them while wakeboarding and whether if they would hold up in the water.

        Thanks in advance!

        Could i still wear underarmour over or...

        Could i still wear underarmour over or under these while i ski? What do people do for layers with these

        Are these really worth nearly 600 dollars?...

        Are these really worth nearly 600 dollars? Seems ridiculous next to the $39.99 BD knee pads

        Tore ACL and MCL both knees 9 years ago. Had Donjoy Defiant braces before these ($800 EACH). Bought a pair of these 3 years ago.These are 100% better. Fit better, support better, more adjustable. Keep your knee from hyperextension as well as lateral shearing forces. Best $600 (pair) I ever spent

        Anybody use these that freeskis? Howdo...

        Anybody use these that freeskis? Howdo they compress when going 20 footers and up??????

        shreded my ligament 6 hours of surgery 33 years ago gave up skiing to save my knees been using asterisk for 8 years ride hard and fast lots of big air the product is adjustable and extremely well built im now 50 and with out this brace would have easily smashed my knee cap and or tore more ligaments by now also used bt pro dirt bike big air dudes so it can take some abuse!!!