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Kick the great outdoors in the backside when you put on the Asolo Moran GTX Hiking Boot. A water-resistant suede upper and Gore-Tex lining keep the rain and dew out for good, while the Power Lite Asoflex technology is so comfortable that you’ll never want to return to the car.

  • Power Lite Asoflex with Power Lite midsole and outsole combine light weight with high shock absorption and stability for unparalleled performance on any trail
  • Pebax heel reinforcement consists of four rubber Pebax elements that increase stability by structurally uniting the midsole with the outsole at the heel
  • Lite 2 anatomic footbed cradles your foot like a baby
  • Rubber toe box protects your toes when the mountain kicks back
  • Dual-density rubber outsole has extraordinary grip with a self-cleaning design
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sole issue

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:Runs small

I love these boots; however, they have the following problems after 5 months in Afghanistan:

1. they are not water tight. they will leak (slightly) if you go in past the laces.

2. The sole (in the heal area) has separated from the boot on one foot. the other is holding strong...maybe it has something to do with the hot weather and asphalt...who knows.

3. the tread is slippery and wears out stupid fast. If you intend on walking down the street in these, you may consider another boot. They are great on the sand/ rock/ soil/ and mud, but you will slip your ass all over the place if you step on ceramic, steel or any other smooth, wet, surface. I read other reviews regarding the traction of the boot, i ignored them...let me say, that these are not "wooden shoes on ice" slippery, but you do have to watch your step.

They are insanely comfortable, offer great support when wearing 50+ lbs of gear, and breath fairly well. Heel interlock is good and i have never felt my foot slide around or blister.

As with any boot, make sure they fit. i had to return the first pair and bump up a half size. Break in took about 3 or 4 miles, after that, they felt better than any of my street shoes. just wish the tread held up better.

Just an update, a year and half later, they are still holding up. the sole issue is still there and the leather/rubber upper has separated, but i attribute that to huffing around construction sites in Afghanistan.

the break in gets sweeter and sweeter as time goes on. I would rather wear these boots than my street shoes any day of the week, which has resulted in the sole completely wearing out. also, the sole is kind of thin, so if you walking on moraine or similar, you may feel some discomfort. cold weather performance is poor. you will freeze your little toezies off.


    Before I purchased these boots, I had been using another pair I found for a great deal that kept my feet dry and warm. The problem with them was that my feet would rub around very slightly while I hiked. This resulted in large blisters. The Asolo Moran GTX Boot is everything you could want in a boot! I can hike for hours on end without sore feet and they stay dry despite hiking in slushly snow for hours.

    Just the boots I need

    • Familiarity:I've used it several times

    My first Asolo boots, and they are great. Quick break-in by a short 5-mile-hike (and numerous subsequent short hikes) and survived a 3 day backpacking trip in Pennsylvania. Just the boot I need to supplement my Altama Hoplites when in winter.

    Just the boots I need


      These are my first Asolo boots, and I have to say that I love em! They're light and feel like they could bring me to the ends of the earth and back!

      I would say one thing that if your a guy who has a wide foot, be a little aware. The boot is a little narrow, but I've just worn it in, so it feels fine now! Definitely go get yourself a pair!

      Broke in Well

      • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

      I broke these in on a 20 mile hike and they were great. Took them to Isle Royale for a week (50 miles), by the end I was having major pains on my achilles, there was no excessive swelling going on from what I could tell. Overall, a very sturdy boot. Run pretty true to size in my experience. I wear a 10 in most brands of shoes (including Merrell & Timberland) and a 10 fit well with medium crew socks.

      UPDATE: Have used on a few more trips since (including Yosemite) and have had no issues with my achilles. Also, not one blister yet from these boots over the first 100+ miles.

      Broke in Well

      Best Boots I've ever owned....

        I can't seem to really WANT to put these down. I would classify these as winter/temperate weather boots but even when it is warm outside my feet still crave these. They are one of the most comfortable boots U will probably ever find. I won't say they fit like a sneaker because they don't, but they are not meant to! I am always cautious about overtly comfortable footwear that perhaps may fail in the tough/ruggedness department. These however are the exception....I received them as a present in October and being now in June they have shwon minimal wear and tear. Except for maybe the laces, which are re-inforced with 550 type cord "guts" just in case they ever fail....this should tell U the REAL attention to detail and commitment to excellence these guys offer. So I say that because I am a retired Combat Infantryman who ties his boots on entirely too tight and ends up tearing right through the laces....(if anyone can tell me how or where to purchase these laces, please let me know) They are Goretex lined and hence the price point....for those that do not know what Goretex is or why U may need it, I venture to say U haven't had cold/wet frozen foot syndrome. If this is not the case consider yourself lucky....for those of us who have, this may be your solution to prevent that from ever happening again. I love these boots and as with the majority of things I purchase I research it and make sure I am making an informed investment. I don't think I will ever buy any other brand boot for this purpose ever again! The quality and craftsmanship on these is second to none. Stop by a retail dealer and see for yourself....Hope this helps!

        Loved em', but gave em' back

          Well, what can I say? I was heartbroken with these... during the break in (only need a few short hikes, nothing too steep up or down), they felt snug, no slippage, solid but not clunky - I was happy, a side from the fact that it seems like the toe box was a bit small. Then I took them out on my first real trek - about 20 miles there and back. On every down hill my toes were crushed. I haven't seen one review where anyone said they ran a little small, in fact quite the opposite. However, in my case, I always wear an 11.5 mens, and that size boot in this model Asolo tore my toes up. I tried everything, but if the boot doesn't fit it doesn't fit, and as we all know not every boot is meant for every foot. I went up a half size, and they were a little big. Oh well, I thought I had found "the one", but in my case, i just couldn't get the sizing right.

          Great Three Season Boot

            I've had these for about a year. Wore them on 8-10 climbs of +3000 vertical feet over harsh rocky terrain. 3 of which were in fairly harsh winter conditions (around 10 degrees F plus windy). Also backpacked about 12 miles with 70 lbs. on them. I would highly recommend them. They required very little break in time. Excellent waterproofing, warm, and durable soles. My only complaint is that the stock laces are horrible. I bought a replacement pair for $2 at the grocery store that have lasted 3 times as long as the originals. This "feature" requires me to always carry a spare set (probably a good habit anyway). A great 3 season hiking boot with backpacking and winter capabilities as a bonus.

            Pricey, but worth it!

              I picked these up on sale and they were about half a size too big (Tip: Size down a half size). I decided to give the larger size a try because the sale ended and I would have to pay another $100 to exchange them (new color). Even a half size too big, they were still the best hiking boots I've worn. I put 14 miles on them right out of the box and didn't get a blister, hot spots or the infamous "black toe." Very comfortable, no break in period and incredibly durable. The ankle support is amazing and the traction is great. In the end, I decided to bite the bullet and exchange for half a size smaller and pay full price. In my opinion, they're worth every penny.


                My unit authorized us to where these along with our normally issued "mountain/hiking" boots. I went back to Alaska for my pre deployment leave and went to an outdoors store that had them on sale. I tried on my normal boot size and noticed they ran a half size big (i normally wear a size 9) unlucky that they had my size I ordered them online. Once I got back to Germany I asked if we were authorized to wear them in garrison. As soon as I put these boots on they felt GREAT, no need to break them in at all. Now I am currently forward deployed to Afghanistan in support of OEF 11-12 and i wear these boots everyday! My feet do not sweat as muck as the BATES I was issued and are way lighter too. I seriously love these boots and would recommend them to anyone

                Trip to Grand Canyon/Arizona

                  I'm very happy with the boots. After walking 40+ miles on tough rocky terrain, I can clean them off and they show no abuse. I may have paid a lot, but I'll get my moneys worth with durability. And I must say they are extremely comfortable and light weight.

                  If I would let them my feet would marry these

                    After a light 4 mile hike I stare at a rushing glacial river fed by Herbert Glacier. No stepping stones bridged this river so I pick a narrow gap between the two sides and take a running leap. The gap is 6 ft wide and drops into fast flowing icy water but I am wearing my brand new Morans. The surprisingly light shoes make the jump easy.
                    Next up is a chossy scramble traversing a 45 degree slope to the glacier. The ankle support and tight lacing system keeps me up right while the solid sole provides all the traction I could ever need.
                    After making it to the glacier, I find the source of the river leads under the glacier to a blue ice cave. As I step through the water the treated suede and nylon don't even absorb a drop. After about 8+ long hiking sessions in SE Alaska where it rains constantly and treading through standing water was frequent the suede finally began to take in water slowly but the Gore-tex still kept my feet unbelievably dry even in 5 inches of standing water.
                    On my way back from the glacier hoping over rugged terrain on the communal trail I feel assured I finally found a pair of hiking boots that not only can keep up with me but help me excel in many conditions.
                    I normally wear a 41.5 size shoe and love these in a 8.
                    A word of caution: once you go Asolo you may never want to hike in anything else.

                    If I would let them my feet would marry these

                    I get real paranoid when I read a review like this. It's just too 'polished'. Many manufacturers pay professional writers to do a 'review'. Such writers are guys named 'Betty' who moonlight as credit card support providers (like in the TV commercials!!). Maybe this guy, Skog, is OK. I don't know. I just find his review too slick to take seriously.

                    Could just be his writing style. I can't vouch for the guy, but I can vouch for these boots. Over Memorial Weekend, we ran into a freak backcountry snowstorm in the Sierra Nevada's and had to hike through about a foot of snow, lost the trail and kept punching through into flowing water. My feet were the only ones dry when we finally decided to bunker down and set up a camp.

                    I just got these boots and they feel a...

                    I just got these boots and they feel a little narrow to me. I think my feet might be a bit on the wider side, but I don't normally wear a Wide shoe. As others have pointed out, these boots can run a little narrow. I'm wondering if after some break in if they will conform to my foot or will it just prove a source of discomfort the longer I hike in them.

                    Also, this is the first pair of mid hiking boots I have tried on, so I am not sure if what I am feeling is just what to expect from an unbroken in boot. I do wear Merrell hiking shoes, the Moab variety, and they fit like a glove. So I'm not sure what I should be expecting out of these.

                    ASOLO boots run narrower than your typical American focused footwear.I have both the Moab and the Moran, and my Moran's are a half size larger to prevent my toes from smashing into the small toe box. But you are comparing hiking shoe (basically a running shoe) to a full on boot.The Moran's will break in and form around your foot. Also consider that your feet become swollen as you hike so if you are feeling discomfort now, especially with thin socks, you may want to look for a different boot.

                    My advice, try the next half size up, with a thick mid to heavy weight hiking sock. be sure to fit the boot late in the day when your feet are at their 'fullest'.

                    Can I use my shoe size for a hiking boot...

                    Can I use my shoe size for a hiking boot size?

                    I'm wondering about the traction and...

                    I'm wondering about the traction and durability of the sole on these. How do they compare to Vibram soles, like the ones on the 520 or the Powermatic 200? I'm looking for an all around boot that won't let me down in all sorts of weather and terrain, including rocks (wet or dry), snow/ice, sand, gravel, mud, tile, etc, and I also want the boot to be durable. Thanks!

                    I've owned a few pairs of Asolo's and I can tell you that the soles have proven to be more durable than the Zamberlin's I've owned. The sole of the Moran seems to be a little more "sticky" to me than the 520's which were made to hold up under considerable weight. The Moran in general is a more versatile boot, performing well in all kinds of terrain. Unless you're strapping 50 pounds and hitting the trail I think the Moran is a really good option.

                    Does the tongue come up high on this boot...

                    Does the tongue come up high on this boot and tried a pair of Asolo Flames and the tongue was the same hight as the top lace.

                    I own a pair of Asolo boots which are...

                    I own a pair of Asolo boots which are extremely good, but how would they compare to the Salomon Cosmos 4D?

                    How do they fit on the heel? My heel is a...

                    How do they fit on the heel? My heel is a bit narrow, but ave. mid foot. Have tied Scarpa and Lowa, did not like Lowa and scarpa was to lose on heel and tight mid foot.

                    hi i have very wide feet at the toes. most...

                    hi i have very wide feet at the toes. most boots are 2 narrow (46 eur).
                    sporatvios are wide enough, but scarpas arn't nor are asolo leather.
                    would these boots suite wide feet? Also are they good for slippery mossie rocks & mud with a 20kg pack for a few days? ta wayne, tassie australia.

                    Best Answer

                    These are a bit narrow in the foot. Not incredibly so, but very snug with what I would call "average width feet." These would definitely work well for slippery mossie rocks and mud with a heavy pack, but they are by no means a "wide" boot. Definitely worth ordering and trying on. You can always send em back.

                    How stiff is this boot? stiff enough to...

                    How stiff is this boot? stiff enough to hold strap on Black Diamond Contact crampons? I will need to use to climb 45 degree snow. Thanks!!!!

                    You can use a strap on crampon for light duty use - they hold quite well to my pair. These boots do not have welts front or rear welts so they must attach with straps front and back.

                    They are fine for crossing a little ice / snow but anything that requires much front pointing, you are going to want to go with a stiffer boot meant for mountaineering as others have noted. If you are just after a boot to hike Adirondack / Whites / etc. conditions and use a crampon for the ice encountered on the trail, this will do you fine.

                    Are these good for a heavy pack weight...

                    Are these good for a heavy pack weight (60lbs+) and long days?

                    These boots would work perfectly for that. I used these on a 4 miler with over 2k feet of elevation change and over 90 lbs of gear and they worked great. I had to carry two packs because a friend underestimated the hike and her ability. The only thing sore was my back.

                    How do these fit? Are they true to size?...

                    How do these fit? Are they true to size? If I usually wear a size 11 will I be safe ordering a size 11?

                    I haven't tried these specifically, but I have worn other Asolo boots and from my experience they do fit true to size.

                    You will be 100% safe ordering an 11 - has an unconditional return policy. You could get the 11, go backpacking in them, and if they didn't fit, send them back for another size. The returns are even quite convenient.

                    hope that was a help

                    I think they actually run a bit large, maybe half a size. You'd be better off ordering two pairs (true and half size down) and returning the one you don't want. If sells out of your size while running a sale (which happened to me), you could get stuck paying a higher price for another color option/boot and have to wait for another pair.

                    How does the Moran compare with the Scarpa...

                    How does the Moran compare with the Scarpa Kailash in general? Specifically, which would be better for a narrow foot?

                    I can't speak towards the Kailash, as I do not own a pair. However, I have a wide foot (my New Balance running shoes are in 2E, fairly wide) and my feet fit very nicely in the Moran's. They are nice and snug, as a hiking boot should be but they do not cut in on the side of my pinky toes, making them feel too small. In the end it all depends how your foot is shaped and how wide your foot is.