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Trek out into the untouched white world with the ARVA Axis Avalanche Beacon so you're equipped with its simplicity during multiple burial scenarios and to keep yourself covered with its new safety features. Three antennas provide digital or analog searching, while the advanced easy-to-read LCD display guides you through the primary, secondary, and pinpoint search. While in search mode, a motion sensor picks up your movements and switches you back into transmit in case you get buried in a secondary slide.

  • An average digital search band width of 50m lets you sweep the debris field without missing a signal; there's also an all analog mode to utilize a wider search range
  • In its detailed LCD display, the Axis detects multiple victims simultaneously and displays them in a list, you then mark victims as you locate them
  • Arrows and distance values guide you to the signal using three different levels of search, including a four-arrow pinpoint search graphic to get you within probe range
  • A motion detector switches the Axis back into transmit if you get caught in a slide during a search and stop moving for four minutes (****Never remove your beacon during a search!!!)
  • A standby mode keeps you out of both transmit mode and search mode if you're probing or digging, while still keeping you safe with the motion sensor
  • The group check function lets you simultaneously locate everyone's beacon at the trailhead so you know everyone is beeping and compatible
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ARVA... ughhhh!

    Only lasted about 2 seasons before is started getting error messages. The "warantee" included a firmware update that didn't fix the problem. Customer service very difficult to messages allegedly go to Europe and the toll free number is frequently non-operational. Fortunately, took care of my issues. I would not recommend this piece of equipment at all.

    Which way?

      It's good. But it could be better. It went a bit crazy at the initial lock onto the beacon it is looking for, but once it locks on properly it won't lose the signal. However, the Mammut Element would be faster.

      Andrew, to make sure you have the best performance, you will want to make sure you have the latest software enhancements. I upgraded my unit this Summer (V3.6)and noticed a more confident initial signal. I found a upgrade location by emailing