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The traditional-camber park ski that all others are measured against.

The red, yellow, and green Armada THall Ski has slogans like "Jah Bless" and "Mad Vibes" plastered all over it, in homage to pro skier and Armada co-owner Tanner Hall's love of Rasta culture. The THall also pays homage to Halls love of shredding in the park and making urban rails, park jumps, and jib all over the place. This is Armada's top-shelf traditional park ski, because there's tons of stability, flex, and pop.

Positive (traditional) camber profile doesn't mess around with reverse-anything or rocker-this-or-that, instead it gives you that precise and stable feel of a traditional park ski. The T-Zone wood core provides a flex profile with a softer tip and stiffer tail that gives the THall a looser feel, but there's lots of added durability and long-lasting pop thanks to the CK Stringers. AR50 Construction uses cap construction in the tip and tail and sidewall underfoot for the ultimate balance of reduced swing weight, increased durability, and powerful edging, and the Laminate matrix layup increases torsional rigidity and further reinforces the core and construction so you can ride the THall hard. you'll be moving fast between rails and jumps with the S7 Base, and when you hit it hard, the 2.5mm Impact Edges are extra thick and can take it. The 84-87mm waist feels stable on rails, forgiving when you take a landing a little too deep, and nimble enough to make quick edge-to-edge movements in the pipe.

  • Positive (traditional) camber
  • Hybrid T-Zone Core
  • AR50 Sidewall
  • Laminate Matrix
  • CK Stringers
  • S7 Base
  • 2.5mm Impact Edges
  • 84-87mm waist