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The original Elf Shoe, the Armada JJ remains a step ahead of the competition in one-shape-fits-all versatility. A board that must be skied to be believed, the JJ has plenty of girth to float in the deep and enough sidecut to rail hardpack. With its EST Freeride Rocker profile that holds when you want it to and releases on command for slashy smears and butters, the JJ has remained the most in-demand ski in the game since its debut two seasons ago. Armada gave the JJ an AR50 sidewall and Hybrid Ultralight Core to concentrate weight below the bootsole and minimize swing weight for easy spins and agile turning.

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Unanswered Question

Hello! If any is out there still, I'm...

Hello! If any is out there still, I'm thinking about buying a pair of 2010 jj at 175. I am 5'9 140 lbs I am also a retired ski racer, I'm just wondering if the 175 would ski too short for me?

What's with two different graphics?

What's with two different graphics?

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On the left pair is a picture of the topsheet. The right pair is a shot of the base of the same skis.

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The JJ’s are a game changer for sure. They float, they pop, they scream and they smear, they f-ing rally! They get around really well, coming into turns easily, and they float like champ thru powder. They mellow out transitions and small bumps, etc with their size and float.

I like that they can knock down wind lips and spin drifts, sliding sideway over the top, buttering down the tops of bumps the same way as well (hey it’s still powder, even if it’s been thrown up there untracked on a 2-foot tall bump in the middle of Tower 3 at J-hole). They can charge fast and get you outta a tight spot, and the width and early rise tip and tail allow you to really move out of a jam quick, ie the bottom of a chute with sluff running down behind you.
That being said, I will let it be known that I am a bit of a Eruo-Trash skier, I like tight turns, and a lot of them. So the “playfulness” of this ski for me might be a little “hookie” for another man. If you like a powder turn that is built to run big turns, or none at all, I might get something with a higher turn radius, like I dunno, the XXL Rider.

I’m 5’11”, 165 lbs, and I ride the 185, which might be a little bit on the large size for me, but I make it work.

I'm 6'4" about 200lbs and i'm curious on...

I'm 6'4" about 200lbs and i'm curious on which size for next year.. either the 185 or the 195 ak jj. the only thing is i don't do much hard charging.. yet. but can anyone give me any recommendations? this will primarily be my bigger mountain/pow ski

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If you want big mountain and pow for your height the 195 is the way to go

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Highest possible recommendation

This ski is the biggest increase in fun and performance of any ski I have skied in 45 years of skiing. I'm using them for Telemark skiing, mounted with Axls, on position 2, and using the Scarpa T-2 Eco...not a hard driving boot...and they are waaay easy to ski on these boots. I'm 5'9" tall, 160 Lbs. Most reviewers have a weight of about 135-140 for the cut off from 175 to 185. They ski short.

Highest possible recommendation
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Tested the JJs

I was told to buy a pair of JJs last Oct because they would be sold out before Dec. Of course I didn't listen, wanting to demo a pair. China Peak, CA had a Herb Bauer's demo day on 12 March and I got my chance. I skiied the 185's - I'm 6-2 and 200 pounds. The day was rather cold in the morning and the snow pretty hardpack with frozen cookies all over the place and lots of glare. I was amazed at how well the JJs could hold an edge and actually carve on the glare. They held much better than my Pocket Rockets under similar conditions. The frozen cookies could not even be felt under the JJs. I also tried the next year's model called the STS which is similar to the JJs. The STS has a conventional tail and would hold longer on a carved turn on the hard stuff. I preferred the JJs. I went to Bauers and put a down payment on next year's model because they just are not available on the West Coast at this time. some JJs, need to get my... some JJs, need to get my Axls on them. Any recs for this tele mount?

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I have 185 cm JJs mounted with Axls. Mine are mounted with Scarpa T-2s which have a midsole mark on them mounted over the mounting line on the JJs. I loove the combo. My friend had his mounted about 3 CMs back from that point. I don't like that quite as well, but they still ski great.

Sizing for 5.9 female Teleskier!..

I need...

Sizing for 5.9 female Teleskier!..

I need a ski for the crud, pretty much...and am stuck between the JJ and the CRJ's....I have a pair of Icelantic Keepers at 167 for the deep day's and a pair of S3's at 169 for hardpack. I love the Keepers in the pow, but they sure are a handful in the heavy crud/chop, so its not an every day ski. I live in Whistler , we get a lot of chop/bumps..

So I'm looking at an Armada JJ or a CRJ to become my go to ski for all but super deep and hardpack...actually if they do well in deep , I will ski them in deep too :)...but crud and chop is what I need a ski for...the S3's are just getting bounced around too much.

I'm an intermediate/advanced tele skier...will the 175 be to long of a platform in tele stance going through choppy bumps and trees ? should I wait and et next years 165...also...JJ versus CRJ's? ...thought on use in crud/chop

Responded on

If you are under 140 Lbs, the 175 would be great. Especially if you are on alpine gear, the 165 will be way too short at 5'9" tall unless you weigh about 90 Lbs! The 175 probably only has 150 CMs or so on the snow on a groomer. They are so easy to ski and ski short that going too short would be very easy. I'm sending my 185s to my son in Alaska, and will get a new pair. He weighs about 145 Lbs, at 5'8" tall. We have them mounted with telemark bindings (Axls, see review above). BTW, buy them for the crud, but you wont ski anything else. I have 60 days in this year, 3 on other skis...and all three days I wished I'd had my JJs, and those were dedicated bump days, here in Utah.

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All that!

I am a gaper from Kansas. I bought the 185 to be my everyday driver. Everyday skiing for me includes pow stashes, tree bashing, park jumps, ripping off piste in any conditions. Wow, this ski makes crud fun, carves, slashes, rides switch ,turns in trees better than any ski I've ever owned. Like to straight line in any surface condition? This is ur boy. I would trust this ski in any big mountain situation. Simply incredible!

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Best Powder Ski Ever!

I am an expert female skier - 137 lbs - 5'9". The 175 is an amazing ski. I have been on it in 2 ft. of powder and today - only 4". I love it in the trees - it turns like no other powder ski I have ever had. It has enabled me to be more agressive which I like. In the powder bumps, it is amazing. I can ski a longer line without getting tired. I like the fact that you can pivot the ski easily and if you want edge you can get it too.


I'm a 5'6", 135lb female ski...


I'm a 5'6", 135lb female ski bum. I'm a pretty advanced skier. I'm not getting sponsored any time soon and I'm not entering any of the extreme skiing comps, but I ski with the guys (picture me and 4 dudes) and I have no trouble keeping up- small cliffs, chutes, trees, powder, crud, wind crust. I ski mostly in Colorado, so generally it's light fluffy snow, and I tend to stay on the resort, so that means I end up skiing lots of crud and moguls. I tried the JJs in the 175 and they were mostly awesome (although not amazing in the bumps), but on the groomers they skied terrifyingly short, so I'm leaning towards the 185 (which I haven't gotten to ski) and wondered if anyone concurred. The last two pairs of skis I bought (K2s) I went conservative on length and I regretted it both times, but a 185 is a big jump from what I'm on now. Any thoughts?

Responded on

I am an expert level, 195# very fit male and the 185 is plenty of ski for me, so I thinkit would be too much ski for someone your size. Talk to ski mechanic about possibly mounting the binding a couple of centimeters farther forward than normal, which will make the ski easier to turn in the bumps and trees. That said, the elf-shoe-rocker technology really works - they are very easy to turn/smear/surf.

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175 will be right choice for you. I'm 5'7" expert skier and I have 175. I would prefer 180, but they don't make JJs in this length. I've mounted bindings on Armada's recommended line. I mostly ski powder and it's great.

Unanswered Question

I am looking for a good beginner touring...

I am looking for a good beginner touring ski. is this a good one, also what are other ideas?

Unanswered Question

i'm 6" 3 and 190 and i'm looking for...

i'm 6" 3 and 190 and i'm looking for some playful skis especially for trees and backcountry. i'm skiing 190 legend pros and i like them for the alpine but not for the trees.
would you suggest to wait for the 195 jj or go for the 185?

ak jj and jj

new super s7 clone from armada and the regular jj has a new length.

How does this ski compare to the Rossi...

How does this ski compare to the Rossi S7's? I'm 5'9", 165lbs and intermediate skier. I currently ski the Prophet 100 (172cm) but am looking for a rockered ski. Seems the JJ and S7 are the top skis out this year. Could I get away w/ 175cm or need to go 185cm? I'm not sure how these will compare to my Prophets. Gracias.

Responded on

I'd say the two are pretty close to comparable. I've skied them both, and would be happier with either. The JJ's seemed lighter to me. But if you skied the S7 you skied the JJ as a rule of thumb.

The 175 is going to ride like a much shorter ski. What sorta conditions/where do you ride at? I'm 5'11", 175 and an expert (cough, cough) skier. I ride the 185's myself, but I think you could get away with the 175. I'd say the 175 is good for where you are now, but the 185 might be good for where you want to go. If your happy, or don't plan on becoming a full time ski-bum-rat, get the 175 and ride the crap outta them, if your looking to step up with 50+ days a season, go 185, and hang on till you get them down.

Ive decided its time to buy a pair of jj's...

Ive decided its time to buy a pair of jj's but cant decide which size to get, im 5"8 and 150lbs and like skiing mainly in trees. i will be coming off a pair of 176 bluehouse districts which didnt really have enough flex or pop for my liking. any thoughts? also wondering if these can be used as a touring ski? cheers

Responded on

They ski short due to the rocker, and are extremely playful and quick. Go longer. I Have the JJ's mounted with Marker Baron's for touring. If the ride down is more important than the hike up, then these will do everything you need in a touring ski. Not as light as Black Diamonds, but once you ride them, you will thank yourself for skinning with the extra weight.

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Lov'n Life with the JJ's

I am 53 years old and after 45 years of skiing, this is THE ski for me. I am skiing like an 18 year old again. Last year I could not keep up with my 20 year old- this year my groove is ON and we are skiing well together anywhere onthe mountain. Freeskiiers unite- mount yourself on a pair of these babies and go wherever your imagination dares. Happy trails!
PS: I am 5'9", 165lb and love the 175s. Soft bumps?- my specialty! Yeehaw...

Responded on

Just wanted to second Charlie's comments. I picked up a pair of JJs after demoing them and Rossy S7s earlier in the season.

I'm right about Charlie's age, but a bit bigger -- 6', 180 -- so I ski 185s.

I just say enough things about this ski!!!

If you haven't tried a rockered ski in powder, especially with the five-width dimensional, sidecut-within-a reverse-sidecut and rocker features, you ought to check these out!

What is the real deal is the COMBINATION of those. Yeah, rocker is sweet. But if you just rocker a convention three-width dimensional design, you will NOT get the same advantage! (I've also got a pair of skis like that, and have also demo'd some really fine rockered skis like the Line Prophet 115. They're great, but NOT the same.)

I think it's a fair statement to say this kind of design -- in the JJs, or the Rossy S7s, or Bent Chetlers, etc. -- has already have redefined the design of a "best of the best" backcountry ski!

Atomic in Austria fabs the ski for Armada. The side wall construction is outrageous -- definitely designed and built to be able to handle Sierra terrain! So it'd be able to handle chutes real well ... ;-)

Other thing about these is the 155 waist. To me, that is really about the sweet-spot in terms of waist. Any wider -- into the 120-something territory, or beyond -- and you really don't have edges in a conventional sense any more; just too wide to get the ski rotated that much.