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You’ll never see or ski powder the same.

The Armada ARG Limited Series Alpine Ski will change the way you see lines and ski powder. Reverse sidecut and tip and tail rocker means the ARG floats like a cork when skiing switch or regular, while the ultra-fat waist makes stomping landings easier. The ARG’s reverse-sidecut shape provides effortless and immediate pow planing, and allows surfy, power-slide turns so you can run them wide open up top, then throw ‘em sideways to check speed when you hit the trees. Armada’s Elf Shoe Tech adds slight sidecut and regular camber underfoot to help you navigate traverses and make it back to the tram on deep days at the resort. The lightweight wood core gets even lighter for 08/09, further reducing the ARG’s swing weight and enhancing its already nimble nature.

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Here's what others have to say...

3 5

Rocked these for half a season

I found these skis to be really fun but not as versatile as others. They were very powder specific. They felt kinda like spatulas to me. A very one sided tool. They were fun but not as much fun as the EP Pros, or as versatile as JJ's or S7s

What is the powder performance of these...

What is the powder performance of these skis compared to a skinnier waisted ski like the JJ? I am wondering if it would be better to get a less powder specific ski for in-bounds pow days, because I like to ski all day, not just untracked fresh.

Responded on

Well the pow performance in the ARG is no comparison to the JJ, they blow the JJ out of the snow. But if you want something for all day, the go JJ, because these on the groomers or after everything is tracked out just isn't as fun.

Responded on

I skied both of these this past year and I think the answer above is a little overrated. I would only go with this ski if you are going to be somewhere it is dumping constantly. I really liked the JJ's and found them to be much more dimensional.

can anyone who has SKIED both compare these...

can anyone who has SKIED both compare these to Atmoic Bent Chetlers? pros and cons of both, thanks alot.

Best Answer Responded on

The Bent Chetler is not as versatile JJ. The JJ was originally designed as a backcountry pow ski that could transition to groomers, chop, hard pack, and other variable conditions without skipping a beat. the Bent Chetler, it is a great ski in deep snow due to the 5 dimensional design, but due to the additional 8mm underboot and more shallow sidecut this ski doesn’t transition as well as the JJ in other variable conditions. It is also slightly heavier the JJ making it less nimble in tight situations; because of the JJ’s deep sidecut underboot and subsequent 14.2m turn radius it makes tight tree skiing much easier. Atomic followed Armada's lead and hasn't been able to duplicate.

I'm 6'6", 210 lbs, former racer (very...

I'm 6'6", 210 lbs, former racer (very aggressive) but not liking having to work as hard to turn these days. I do like to launch big airs though (10-40 ft.). I'm looking to buy a huge ski. I have the 09 Obsethed with a Duke for backcountry and love it, but want something to play with inbounds on powder days. Considering the ARGs, Hellbents, EP Pros and am open to suggestion. I do like the idea of the tapered tip and tail, and definitely want a rockered ski. Help! Also, what about the Line Prophet 130?

Responded on

Whats up Aaron..

I would definitely demo before you buy. I am about the same size, 6'3" and 245. And I really liked the ARGs when I skied them, but they just weren't long or stiff enough for me to justify a purchase. I ski fairly fast and aggressive as well. I ended up getting some lotus 138s from DPS. They are the stiffer, meaner brother of the ARG. Other skis to consider are the 195 Praxis Pow, or Dynastar has a new ski coming out next year, the Big Dump. There are alot of choices out there, but most big pow skis are big limp noodles (hellbent, EP Pro, Pontoon) They are still fun for sure, but can get worked in chopped up snow. If you have never tried a reverse sidecut, reverse camber ski, I say go for it. Its insanely fun. Just try before you buy..

do you have any bindings in stock that fit...

do you have any bindings in stock that fit this ski?

Responded on

If you're referring to brakes that'll fit the 135 waist, probably not. You can ask on Live Chat, but I'd get bindings here and bigger brakes from the manufacturer.----------------------------------------------------------Not only that, but most skis this wide will need even the biggest brakes to be literally bent to fit around the waist anyway. In my experience, brakes on skis this wide don't do much to stop your skis from flying down the hill in soft snow. They may help a very little bit on the groomer, but who falls there? You pretty much need brakes just so you can ride the chair at a lot of spots (liability thing) so don't worry if you need to mangle 'em a bit to get them to fit.

I'm being trained as a Heliskiing guide...

I'm being trained as a Heliskiing guide in AK next season and I thought I'd pick up some more specific powder skis and was looking into: the K2 hellbents, pontoons, the 4frnt EHPs, and these. Does anyone know which are better and why? I know skis very well but I've never riden a reverse cambered or rockered ski before and am struggling with the similarities.

Responded on

I don't know if you have your heart set on the skis listed above, but you might also want to look at the BD Megawatts.I second thatI third that, but with an asterisk. Megawatts are way easy and fast in soft snow, but can flop a bit (a lot) in beat up heavy snow and don't have the greatest edge hold on ice. As a guide, you're going to see a whole lot of tough snow. Of your choices I wouldn't hesitate to get the EHPs. Of all the rockered skis I've tried, it was hands down the stiffest and most stable in crappy snow. Hellbents and Pontoons can be difficult to handle on hard snow and suck for skinning. ARGs, Pontoons, and Megawatts all have a mostly cap construction which isn't as durable and more difficult to repair if you beat up your edges. EHPs are stiff, zero camber skis, with a stocky sidewall. Sounds like a good guide ski to me...

Responded on

Besides the skis listed above, consider checking out the Moment Bibbys, Moment Comis (and Comi cazi if you like charging), also the praxis pow would be a great reverse camber ski. Talk to the guys on TGR forums, they'll be able to give you alot more help than anyone here.

Responded on

Ive skiied for 30 plus years and the best skis Ive ever skiied on are Kingswoods.They are hand made in New Zealand for NZ conditions (most of NZ skiing is on rocky ground cover )so Kingswood skis are built with thick bases an thick edges. The Kinswood fat skis heaps better then the volkl gothha. but for you I would go the mega fat. Anyway check out or if that is wrong just google them. You can also choose custom top sheet side wall and base colors.And you guy at back country should see if you can sock these baby

what floats better the arg or the k2...

what floats better the arg or the k2 hellbent?

Responded on

I'm more of a fan of the hellbent. Personal opinion though.

4 5

more versatile than you think

Its hard to convince someone of the benefits of a reverse camber reverse side cut ski without just trying them yourself. However, do not try these skis without being prepared to buy. Because once you switch back to your regular skis, every powder run is spent dreaming about how sweet it would be on something rev/rev. Yes. The difference is that noticeable. These skis give you access to a whole new style of skiing. You start looking at the mountain in a different way. Basically, you start skiing like a snowboarder, and its damn fun. You can throw huge powder slashes with the best of them, easily dump speed after rocketing through a straightline, make turns in the tightest of trees with ease, stomp airs, and ski through chopped up pow like its untracked. On groomers they are very manageable, with the right tune these skis can carve(sort of) they do have sidecut underfoot, and traverse and ski groomers fine. These only get 4 of 5 stars because for a big guy like me(6'2" and 225) they are just not stiff enough to truly just charge down the hill and unleash terror. But after skiing these skis I had to get something similar, and when the dust settled from my spending fury, I had a pair of DPS Lotus 138s, now THOSE skis get 6 stars out of 5, but thats for a different review. Happy Shredding!

does it float to good to where it makes...

does it float to good to where it makes powder not fun.

Responded on

Dude it's way fun to float in powder. And yes, it floats good.

4 5

WOW. In more ways than one.

HOLY CRAP. Um, okay. This ski has no sidecut. I'm sure of it.

Oh well, sidecut is not needed because this ski isn't exactly made for groom-running. Welcome to Armada's ultimate powder tool, the ARG. To go over why there are 5 width measurements, that comes from the Elf shoe technology that Armada used in this ski basically makes the ski look like, well, an elf shoe. The tip and tail of the ski are turned upward, giving them a "rockered" shape that gives the ski a lot of float capability. The Armada JJ has the same technology, but the ARG has a bit more rocker to it and very minimal sidecut.

"How does a ski that has no sidecut ski?" you ask. Well, when you're carving on groomers, it's terrible. It's awful to the point of not bothering after the first time you try and the ski somehow tracks in the wrong direction. When you are on groomers, skid/slide your turns. Please. Not just a polite suggestion.

But, in the powder, it is probably one of the best skis EVER MADE. Period. The ARG skis pow like a dream. It'll surf above the highest amounts of fresh snow, stay nimble in the tight tree lines and even if the tip sinks down into the snow, it wont get caught and slow you down. It will also slice through crud very easily with some speed and even handles harder crud and moguls pretty well. Hiking and traversing was also fairly easy to do with a ski of this shape

So, the consensus is, this should only used as a powder ski. Endless amounts of powder. That's it. Nothing else but that.

Who is it for: Powder skiers. Simple.

Who is it not for: Anyone else.

Stats: (Rating: 0 to 5; 0 being the worst, 5 being the best)

Speed: 4
Long Turns: 5 (in Pow) 1 (anywhere else)
Short Turns: 4 (in pow) 1 (anywhere else)
Float: 5 (I'd give it a 15 if I could)
Crud: 4
Groomed: 1

in pow: 3.83
everywhere else: 2.67

JJ's or ARGs... I ski Jay Peak on the east,...

JJ's or ARGs... I ski Jay Peak on the east, but jay gets the most snow in the east, around 400 inchs (for those that don't know) thanks

Responded on

Only if you use ARG's as your powder ski's only, because they do not ski anything else very well, seems like overkill for backeast. I would go JJ's or something around 105 to 110 in the waist.

How do the ARGs compare to the K2...

How do the ARGs compare to the K2 Pontoons?

Best Answer Responded on

The K2 Pontoon is going to be a forward directional ski only, and the ARG is a bi-directional ski. So you can ski switch in the pow with the ARG. If you have no need to ski backwards, I'd probably grab some pontoons, because they just do a really great job in the soft snow, and everyone loves them!

4 5

Stupidly fun in pow.

The gordas absolutely kill it in the pow. Hands down. No debate. Thats it. best ski I have ever skied in the pow. They are ridiculously light and launch anything you want to, and just go massive. They will stomp any landing you throw at them as well.

Only down side is they refuse to carve a turn on the hard pack. If all you are skiing is bottomless then you cant beat these. If you want a bit more versatility check out the:

5 5

Love these skis!

These skis allow me to ski the way I have always wanted to. They float in the fluff and charge through everything else (as long as it's soft). The super fat waist makes stomping airs automatic and the reverse sidecut allows you to scrub speed on a dime. I absolutely suggest these skis to anyone who gets tons of powder days, or the money for a full quiver. Only downside is how sketchy they are on hardpack. They are manageable but it's certainly not pretty.

4 5

DEstroys powder - good luck getting back to the lift

Killer skis in tight trees and mega deep snow. the reverse sidecut design is revolutionary in its turning ability, especially high-speed powder washing, and turns on a dime. the float is nuts, it really feels like you are surfing more than skiing.

Get it on a groomer or cat track, and it's a different story. the combo of a center mount ski with a very small traditional sidecut area means that you need to stay focused and make sure you aren't going to go flying.

I also wouldn't recommend it as a big mountain ski. high speed super G turns down open faces are a lot easier on a more traditional fat ski.

bottom line: perfect ski for deep dark tree lines and pillows

5 5

best skis ever

The ARG's are the best skis I've ever been on, I can't believe how much fun they are. They're way more versatile than I thought they would be, and I've spent more time on them this year than any other ski. It's given that they're going to be sweet when it's deep and fresh.... but where they really excel is when it's chopped, cut-up pow, or even the gnarliest wind buff. They're super stable at speed, really light under foot on the snow and in the air, and really maneuverable in the trees or tight spots. You can make McConkey/Spatula like schmears, or open them up for big GS turns. I can't say enough good things about this ski. they definitely change the way you ski and look at the mountain.

Sean Smith - Alta

Sean Smith - Alta

This is my friend Sean Smith using last years ARG at Alta. Sick ski!

What are the best bindings for the armada...

What are the best bindings for the armada arg? They will be used for heli sking.

Responded on

Markers. Anything in the Royalty series. Dukes are epic, as are Barons, but only get those if you plan on using the climbing function. If not, Griffins and Jesters. They can feel a little parky, and if that bothers you, the 4FRNT Deadbolt.I would recommend the solly STH 16 or rossi free XXL. way safer than markers.

5 5

Bought these last year

I bought these originally for my annual heli trip to BC. To get a feel for them before my heli trip I skied them at Breckenridge and had only planned on riding them in a limited capacity just to get comfortable on them before Alaska. I ended up skiing on them considerably more at the resort then I planned. Anything over a few inches and these skis really shined and once you got into 12 inches plus it was a whole new powder experience. In the past I have spent most of my time riding powder days on my snowboard but now that I have the ARG's I find myself skiing pow days more then snowboarding. These boards provide me with a smiliar feel that I get on my snowboard, but they are significantly more mobile when I'm moving around the backcountry. I usually don't waste my time writing these things, but it is rare that I come across a product that really has changed the way I enjoy a sport - well worth the purchase!