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Take the AR6 out and find out why the biggest names in freestyle ride Armada.

The Armada AR6 Alpine Ski returns to slay the park with a new (for ’09) sustainable wood core and re-configured laminate layers that deliver a solid, stable ride so you can slice through the air and stomp landings. Once you've pillaged the park, float the back bowls and session the cords because this extremely versatile ski does it all. The AR6 packs plenty of pop for launching out of the pipe and naturally butters everything, just like your fat uncle. Stomp your heart out on the AR6's stable underfoot platform while the burly heat-treated, 2.5 reinforced edges beat the hell out of rails. Armada's bombproof ABS construction stands up to tough use without shirking, and the easy-to-maintain S7 sintered base hauls ass with minimal manicuring.

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Unanswered Question

I'm 5'8" and looking for a new all...

I'm 5'8" and looking for a new all mountain/park ski. I have a 179 obsethed and am upgrading from my 163 twenty twelves. Would a 181 be too much ski for me?

torn between these and the dumonts for all...

torn between these and the dumonts for all mountain and park any suggestions..

Responded on

I don't like Salomon skis for park, but that is just me. So my suggestion is to jump on some AR6's, which are super good all mountain park skis. My absolute favourite ski for all mountain and park though is the K2 Extreme.

Think I've narrowed it down to the volkl...

Think I've narrowed it down to the volkl wall 169cm or ar6 171cm. Everybody seems to like the ar6 but not much talk about the wall. I saw that the wall got the top score in the freeskier buyer's guide for park skis though. Since it's symmetrical it seems like it would ski forward and switch better than the ar6 if I'm gonna have it as a park ski and mounted center. I'm 5'6" 135lb. Any thoughts?

Responded on

The AR6 is definitely my favourite of the two, but I know a guy that really loves his Walls. The symmetrical is super nice for park, and even arcs turns nice too. The AR6 also skis switch very nice though, no tip catching or anything like that. The non-symmetrical cut of the AR6 makes it a lot nicer for all-mountain when you get a little bored of the park and head around the mountain.

Alright I just got these skis about two...

Alright I just got these skis about two days ago in a 166 I'm about 5'4 120 and I ski some park but mostly groomers and steeps where should I have these mounted?

Responded on

I would mount right on the midsole mark or maybe +1. Unless you want to ride the park more, mount the skis for what you do. Make them suit you.

Alright... 6-1 220lbs. I'm looking for a...

Alright... 6-1 220lbs. I'm looking for a playful lively ski to jib on natural terrain features. I have a Line prophet 100 as my all mountain soft snow ski, so I'm looking for another ski, a little better on the groom than the 100 and easy to ski switch. I was thinking about the ar6 or the k2 extreme. What say you? Where should I mount them?

Responded on

A6r, in my opinion. i would mount them at -2.5 that will be a SICK ski for you.

Responded on

Aaron.. I'm assuming that is -2.5 from the true center, correct? TIA

Responded on

I am pretty sure those are marked for midsole. So, go -2.5 from that midsole mark. Your mounter should know what you are talking about when you bring them in.

5 5

Hecks ya

I love this ski if your looking for a great ski this is the ski you do not want to the get the salmon suspects I have a pair and they are nothing like my armada ar6s you will never find a better ski so get it now plus the salmon suspects fall a part and the armada. Ar6s won't. They are a really tough ski and have great edges and won't let you down it the pipe.

5 5

Super Solid

I picked up the AR6 this season because I was just starting out in park, though I was already a pretty good skier and wanted something that would be able to carve groomers without sketching out and still slay the park. The AR6 is an amazing ski, it has a very nice flex that is soft for butters and rail slaying but is very stable at high speed on groomers. The bases are fast and very tough, I beat them up on rails and boxes but they hardly have any scratches. The edges are also super strong and have held up very well to the punishment I dish out on them. These skis kill it just about everywhere though the mid-80 mm waist doesn't offer too much flotation they still are ok for the east coast pow that I get in Quebec. My only complaint was that the topsheets chip really easy but when I'm bailing in the park and on urban rails pretty much any ski will chip up like that and its purely an aesthetic issue anyways. An awesome ski for jibbing the park and buttering all over the mountain! Love 'em Armada

I ski the Line Anthems in 171 and they...

I ski the Line Anthems in 171 and they seem to be a little bit long for me especially while trying trying spins and tricks on the groomers. I'm 5'7 and I could get the AR6 from a friend in 166 cm. How are the Armadas AR6 to the Line Anthems? I think they should be maybe softer, lighter and easier to turn on spins. Anybody has an idea how they work off-piste? The Anthem's aren't great because of the center mounted bindings and their tip is easy to remain stuck in the snow if you don't lean back enough. How are the Armada Ar6 in the powder?

Best Answer Responded on

The AR6 is a much different ski than the Line Anthem. Because the Anthem is a symmetrical ski, designed to be center mounted, it isn’t a very functional all-mountain ski. This isn’t to say it’s a bad ski, it is just a limited in it’s versatility compared to the AR6 and a few other all-mountain/park skis. The AR6 is an asymmetrical ski in that it’s recommended mount point is set back -5cm of center. Mounting at this mid-sole line allows the skier to maximize the full turn radius/effective edge of the ski. Because it is set back of center, the AR6 becomes a more versatile ski for charging park laps, groomers, bumps, etc. Furthermore, the AR6 is a slightly softer ski than the Anthem in terms of it’s vertical flex; however, the AR6 is much more torsionally stable ski allowing it to hold an edge at high speeds and not “wash out” or create a “chatter effect” in the tip. Although the AR6 isn’t designed for powder/backcountry skiing it does well in shallow powder days, but I wouldn’t be taking this ski in anything deeper than 6” of new snow. To sum it up, Armada appropriately dubs the AR6 as “the all-mountain ski for the everyday park skier.” It is an excellent stick for the skier who spends a considerable amount of time in the park, but wants to explore the rest of the mountain from time to time as well.

Responded on

"dakkaguru" hit it spot on. I would not look to the AR6 for off piste, but anything short of that should KILL IT.
but those anthems are not too long for you. the AR6 are only 5cm(give or take) shorter. That is 2.5 CMs per tip. not very much at all. They are also a pretty soft ski. The flex pattern makes butters a dream and the swing weight is next to nothing.

I've been tryin to decide between the ar6's...

I've been tryin to decide between the ar6's or the 4frnt stl's. both are pretty similar and look sweet. I spend like 95% of my time in the park. wut would be a good size too? im around 5'4 and i weigh about 120 pounds.

Responded on

duuude, go with the AR6 FOR SURE, one reason... stl, 74 underfoot, ar6, like 84 so you have a bigger more forgiving landing platform and they are light as hell, i ride trouble makers 81 underfoot , and they ride nice..........................................Yeah dude im in the same boat as you...i am also 5'4 and 122 pounds...personlally i wud get the 161 because altho they mite be big the first year you ride them im sure like me your still growing and if you got for ex) 151's-yes they wud fit perfect...but only for that season- plus if u r getting ar6's the smallest they come in is 161. I am gettting salomon suspects in a 161 so yeah--its a more economical choice- remember if ur 16 like me ur guna get bigaaa so yeahh

If I want to spin and do tricks and rails,...

If I want to spin and do tricks and rails, but still want to carve up the rest of the mountain, where should I mount the bindings? I was thinking like 1 or 2 cm back... does that sound right?

Responded on

ya dude. Me and my buds ski the park all day, but when there's good snow we rip the whole mountain. You can really ski everywhere even if you went true center. I go everywhere I want to on my true center mount... but I have a friend who swears on mounting 1cm back from true center. I'd say that's your best bet, because you'll still get a good feel on rails and jumps.

So pretty much ive eliminated the invaders...

So pretty much ive eliminated the invaders from my choice Right now im just stuck between the Salomen supsects and the AR6...i am leaning toward the suspect but people r tellin me to go with the ar6...ive seen both these skis in person and they both look dope...the only difference i noticed was that the Ar6s were lighter than the salomon suspects..but thats no biggie.....i ride all moutian and do alot of jumps and rails pretty much....half if not my full day is spent in the park so i need a ski that can deliver and pop me up onto rails nicley....from what i heard both the salomon suspects and AR6s do that so idk plus the suspect seems better for jumps and more stable in the air but def lookin more toward the suspects rite now..but everyone is tellin me to get ar6s so idk plus..due to a magazine called Freeskier suspect scored 3.5 in al mnt ...5 for jumps and 5 for playfullness........while the AR6 scored 4.75 for all mnt 4.25 for jumps and 4.25 yeah suspect

Responded on

I know people that actually own both of these skis, really high-rollers, but yeah, they all say the the AR6 preforms better in the all-mountain category and in the park category. The base and edges hold up better for rails and it pops better than the Suspects.

I'm torn between these and the ARVs. I...

I'm torn between these and the ARVs. I like being all over the mountain including the steep chutes, but I still like spending plenty of time in the park. I know that the AR6s are great in the park and groomers but can these skis handle the upper mountain? Also, how do the ARVs hold up in the park?Both are great all mountain skis from what I have heard.

Responded on

The ar6's are excellent all-mountain skis, The only reason to get the ARV over the AR6 is if you ski a little more powder or like a little bit fatter/softer ski in the park, but both are great skis.

Torn between these and the k2 extremes. i...

Torn between these and the k2 extremes. i do alot of hard packed and groomers and a little park.

Responded on

Both these skis are awesome all mountain skis, but the K2, in my opinion, is a better all mountain option. Both flex super for park and groomers, but I think the K2 handles pow just a little better than the Armada, which edges it ahead.

i am 5ft4" and i am wondering if the ar6...

i am 5ft4" and i am wondering if the ar6 in 171 would be goud for me

Responded on

if you wanna ride alot more mountain than park, maybe, but im 5ft10 and i ride 166 and they're a little long, I wouldn't look at above 161s

Unanswered Question

where do these skis chip alot and do the...

where do these skis chip alot and do the eges chip

I am considering several skis and would...

I am considering several skis and would like some advice.I want a twin tip, I ski mostly groomers on bad snow days, 1 or 2 black on bad snow days, all mountain on powder days (but I still love groomers), I'm just getting into the park, hitting waste-high jumps, but planning to progress quite a bit still in all areas. I'm 5'7", 138 pounds.Here is what I've been considering:1.) K2 Extreme2.) Armada AR63.) Line Blend4.) Line Prophet 905.) Volkl Bridge (if price is comparable)

Responded on

Personally the AR but it's up to you manThe first 2 and last 3 are in different catagories.. The extremes and the ar6 are great park skis that you can get around nicely all over the mountain.. The blendss and bridges are all mountain skis you can take in the park but are much stiffer . The prophets have metal in them and might be a bit stiff in the park. A larger ar6 might be what you want super flexi and lots of park fun.

Hey im debating a bit between these skis...

Hey im debating a bit between these skis the volkl walls or either the slalomon dumonts or the suspects. Any ideas?

Responded on

The dumonts without a doubt. Salomon makes the best skis in the business.

what r better park skis these or the...

what r better park skis these or the dumonts>???????

Responded on

these. not even sure if dumont is skiing on the dumonts these days.

ive been in the park for bout 2 years now...

ive been in the park for bout 2 years now and im torn between the ar6 dumonts and the 4 frnts

Responded on

Go for the AR6. Salomon is also a decent ski, nothing against it or the 4frnts, but the Armada is such an awesome park ski, not many can compare.

5 5

Great ski

Im love this ski for the park, super tough edges, fast base, good price. The the top sheet chips like all armadas but it doesn't matter when your riding one of the best true park skis out there.