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The Armada Alpha 1 has begun the reverse-camber park ski revolution.

The Armada Alpha 1 Alpine Ski represents a first in park ski design: a five dimensional shape with an early rise tip and tail profile. The tip and tail rocker enhances the Alpha 1’s ability to butter jumps, press boxes and pop ollies and nollies onto rails and park features. It also gives the Alpha 1 beyond-the-park versatility meaning you can rule it on pow days without swapping your ride. The ski’s five-dimensional design creates tapered tips and tails that dramatically reduce swingweight for easier spins and greater airborne agility.

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Unanswered Question

I have the 182's, where should I mount...

I have the 182's, where should I mount them? I normally ride AR6's 1.5 cm forward from recomended

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Dope, people need to realize

Uhh this ski is mostly issued for park/pipe riding, you can take it in the pow and crush it anywhere, that mainly depends on the skier not the ski ... but these float super easy in the pow none the less. im 193 lbs, 6'1 and i felt these were to stiff for me, ima wait for the Alpha 2's to come out, no race base and less stiff!!!! just what i need!

Unanswered Question

i'm 6'1, 180
these skis good for me?

i'm 6'1, 180
these skis good for me?
and how good are they out of park and on jumps

How do the Alpha 1's compare to the AR6?...

How do the Alpha 1's compare to the AR6? I'm looking For a park ski that I can also use on the rest of the mountain. these will be primarily a park ski but I like to keep my options open on the mountain.

Responded on

They have a different ride to them than the AR6's, and I felt them to be a little awkward, but I like the more traditional sidecut. The AR6 is a very traditional ski, that is proven to crush the park and the rest of the mountain. The rocker on that Alpha 1 is nice, you can ride it all mountain, in the small fall pow days, or on the crisp new groomers, and it does help the butters and swing weight like they say, but nothing really noticeable except to really good park skiers. The Alpha 1 would just take longer to get used to.

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sick skis

this ski is so much fun. it has tons of pop and the early rise makes it easy to get up on to your tips. they are pretty light and great for spins. on groomers they hold an edge really well. these are perfect skis for ripping the whole mountain and dominating in the park. the only down side is that they are to thin deep pow.

Are these very good in the pow?

Are these very good in the pow?

Responded on

Never skied them, but just from the dimensions i would have to say no. Anything 80 underfoot probably won't cut it.

Responded on

These might good in pow if you are TINY. under 80lbs. They borrow the Rocker shape that are popular with pow skis, but are designed as a PARK ski.

Responded on

These actually are sick in the pow, im 193, 6'1 and was crushin it on my bruddies 180's i think and they float pretty solid. the pow was about 9 inchs but they stayed up really easily and they kill it in the park/pipe too. Super sick steeze added with tall teez!

Responded on

These actually are sick in the pow, im 193, 6'1 and was crushin it on my bruddies 180's i think and they float pretty solid. the pow was about 9 inchs but they stayed up really easily and they kill it in the park/pipe too. Super sick steeze added with tall teez!

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Better 2nd Day

The 176cm was a lot more fun today, the groomers were fresh corduroy so edge grip was much better. A very good slalom like feel to them with excellent pop out of the turns. Arcing into a bigger radius turn got easier as I found the sweet spot on the skis, and with a Griffon binding on them was able to lay them over fairly far, still not a big secure feeling at higher speeds but did very well. The goofy shape to the ski wasn't as noticeable today as yesterday, skis very short indeed but stable and stiff enough for whipping off short, quick turns. Bumps today were big and icy with deep troughs, skis did well but not my favorite type of bumps anyways. I can see that the more time spent on these skis will yield bigger smiles, but just want some softer conditions to see how fun they can really get. Would have liked to try a pipe cleaner side by side since I'm not sure the Alpha's shape is that beneficial unless it's being skied in the park or in some busted up crud. Always fun trying new stuff out though!

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Very Different

At 37 years old and been skiing since I was 3 I'm all for new technology, but these weren't quite what I expected. I demoed a 176 and a 182cm in them today on firm to icy groomers and a little bit of chunky crud and moguls. It took me awhile to get used to the short feel and odd turn shape. Had trouble getting edges set enough to bite into the snow and the tail felt stiffer than I expected. Butters on ice is a very good way of explaining them, that is what they felt like they wanted to do unless you really concentrated on your stance. Once I got them figured out they cranked off good slalom like turns but didn't want to carve other turn shapes very well. In bumps they definitely felt very swively with slippery tips and tails, bumps were very big and firm though. Easy to ski on the chunky firm crud but nothing to exciting. After half a day goofing around on the two sizes I was very glad to get back on my Mantra's and rip everywhere. I guess I still prefer a more normal and powerful ski for my groomers and as an all around ski. Will play with them again tomorrow but not too thrilled as of today. No park skiing here, just playing with new shapes.

How good are these in jumps compared to...

How good are these in jumps compared to an Invader, an AR6 and a Simon Dumont

Responded on

they are just as good if i were you I would go with these

Best Answer Responded on

Better. Stay away from Salomon, because they have had some issues with edge damage. Give it a few more years for them to sort it out.
Invaders will be too soft for anything too big.
and between the AR6 and these.
got for the Alphas. They are a much more specialized ski. so much POP.

Willie,I actually bought both a Bacon and...

Willie,I actually bought both a Bacon and Obsethed. It's been a very dry year up in Spokane, WA so the bacons have not had a chance to show their best colors. On groomed and in a few inches I have preferred the K2 or my Mantra to the Bacon. I love how light and flexible the bacon is but not a fan of that much sidecut on that wide of a ski. I mounted them on midsole and still feel like the ski is all tail. It always feels like I'm trying to bend the ski out of the turn vs letting me decide when I want to turn. Plus they feel a little short still over the tips. I also ski a 14m radius Tornado and they don't have that same feel, gotta be the width of the bacon's plus 18m radius. I'm sure in 12" of fluff the Bacons are a kick but not seeing that up here this year. Love the Obsethed's but K2 needs to figure out how to lighten up their skis, it is 2009 you know and technology is out there!

Responded on

I agree with you, i can't understand why the obseth is so heavy, i know it is bullet prof, but i would be so much funnier if it was lighter, but that weight helps in the crud. The only complaint i hear about the bacon is just what your saying that it has to much sidecut for being so fat of a powder ski it does have a certain feel that you have to get used to and is very different then a traditional ski. I have mine at +3 from midsole and weigh 175, if i stay centered right over my boot and drive them they carve insane, almost as good as any gs ski i have skied, they just arch and pop out of turns, in powder i do have to lean back slightly but they float unreal, they are one of those skis that you love em or struggle just trying to figure them out. I'm suprised it's so bad up there we have gotten over 7 feet in the sierras just this last week. have fun .

Big Willie,I have to argue the point about...

Big Willie,I have to argue the point about a rockered ski after being on my Obsethed's. They are incredible on the groomers, I can have just as much fun on them and carve sweet arcs in the snow even at higher speeds just as much as my Mantra's. So I was just curious if the Alpha had a somewhat similar feel but a shorter radius with the early taper than my Obsethed's plus a whole lot quicker. I think that's what this local shop was saying, so I'm looking for someone that actually has had it on their feet, no offense. 4frnt is still a wider ski though from what I remember. Thanks

Responded on

I have skied them and i was not impresed with them on groomers, they skied no better then the ar6 or arv, they buttered easy and had a lot of pop but they skied no better on groomers, I would not really consider the obseth a rockered ski it's so slight that it does not make all that much difference, have you skied the line bacon? it skies the groomers and powder better then the obseth with no rocker, just slight camber, if you want to see a how a tru rockered ski is suppose to ski try the hellbents, thats what they sould do with the obseth then it would truly rip. No offense but after riding the obseth i thought it was way over rated, just another over hyped ski because of the person who designed and rides it, sorry.

A local ski shop has these and say they...

A local ski shop has these and say they absolutely rip on groomers and moguls even when it's firm. Especially with a griffon or a riser binding on them. I'm not using them in the park at all but is there anybody out there that says the same thing about the Alpha One's? I would love a narrower ski for all these days that no new snow is in sight.

Responded on

NO rockered ski is going to rip groomers as well as a traditional cambered ski its just hype, if you want a twin that rips hardsnow the 4frnt MSP is hands down the best.

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Whats up with these

what the hells up with the early rise and taper?

are these stable at high speeds? I'm...

are these stable at high speeds? I'm currently on pipe cleaners and i like how fast i can go on them. will these be as good when I am going really fast?

Responded on

It will not be as good as your pipe cleaners. This ski is not a traditional camber or sidecut like your current ski. It is much more park oriented and will not carve as well as the pipe cleaners.

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Just about everyone on here knows nothing. These skis are the (for lack of better words) the shit. The early rise tip and tail make it the skate banana of the ski industry. Every body else that disagrees, go ride some atomics.

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butters like what?

and what the hell does "Butters like your on ice" mean?

If you are by no means an expert, but by...

If you are by no means an expert, but by many definitions considered advanced, but rarely ski park, are the alpha 1's still a good choice for you if you looking to ski free, and looking for something stable in a twin tip for somewhat of an aggressive style?

Responded on

With its early rise design it might be a little weird on edge hold if you are just carving groomers and things like that. There are much better skis for what it looks like you want to use them for. If you want to stick with armada and want a good performing ski that will rip all mountain and park check the ar6 or arv (a little wider and heavier)

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The tip and tail design is great. It feels like you're skiing a 150cm ski when youve really got 170s on your feet. When youre taking off on a kicker or going big in the pipe thats when the little bit of extra tip/tail kick in.

how weird is the early rise in the park?...

how weird is the early rise in the park? like is it akward or whats up... and has anybody actually been buying these skis? they seem pretty crazy

Responded on

You're right these skis are crazy. I haven't skied the Alpha 1, but have spent quality time on the new JJ. Both models feature a similar design called Elf Shoe Tech. The skis track and carve very well, even on hard snow and they don't weigh a thing. Most park skis don't have a very big running length in the first place, so you won't notice any shortcomings with an early rising tip and tail. What you will notice is that in variable snow that you can still jib and butter around as if you were rocking a groomer thus making the entire mountain your jib park. Hope this helps out some!

how soft are these?

how soft are these?

Responded on

stiff underfoot and softened up a bit in the tip and tail -- not floppy soft though