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Bigger, radder, and more envy-inducing than ever before, Armada gives us the ... drumroll please ... stiffened-up, 195-centimeter AK JJ Ski! Owning pow on Armada's EST Freeride Rocker, the AK JJ won't dive or shirk in variable conditions, nor will it cower when you get back to the groomers. Designed for epic deeps and sonic-boom-inducing speeds, the AK JJ is the ski that has been dancing over your head every Christmas Eve.

  • Rocker with traditional camber profile (Armada's EST Freeride Rocker) pivots, smears, and slarves through the light and white without hooking or diving
  • Torsion box construction, Armada's AR50 sidewall, increases underfoot stability and cuts swing weight in the tips and tails
  • Wood core, Armada's Hybrid Ultralight Core, offers smooth, consistent flex, and crud-busting power without weighing you down
  • Laminate Matrix and CK Stringer reinforcements increase durability and dampening

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Here's what others have to say...

3 5

Bases are not durable

So I'm 5'10, 165 and thought these would be the perfect fit for me as a playful, competitive big-mountain freeski...I love the 185s and thought that 10 extra cm would make for a more stable, stompable ride with less tip dive in powder. It does do all of these things, however for a skier my size I think that I did lose a bit of the playfulness I loved in the 185. Would definitely recommend this ski for anyone who might be a bit bigger though--flotation is nice and they are highly stable at speed.

That said, the durability of the bases is driving me crazy. I am used to putting core shots in my skis and repairing them, however the repairs I've had to do on this ski required expensive shop repairs multiple times last season. what would be a small core shot on another ski, is a massive one on this ski due to (IMO) really thin base material used. I've had whole sections of the ski peel away, maybe 5-6in long, multiple times last season. Big mountain skiers hit a lot of rocks--would expect a bit more coverage for a ski built with this purpose. The ANTs I had before had practically indestructible bases by comparison. Super disappointed with the corner-cutting that happened here with this ski.

5 5

Sweet skis

Powder skis that hold up on the piste, for 120mm under foot they sure as hell don't feel it and as for a 19m turn radius I didn't believe it until i got on some fresh groomers and they ripped.

I stepped up from armada arv's to these and I am using them for touring and in bounds (matched with baron bindings).6ft 8 225lb and they give loads of float in the powder, the tips never want to dive and in tight trees they do well.

For quick turns it takes a little bit more effort to make quick turns than my last arv skis but for the size increase its amazing that they are almost as good.

On hard pack and ice no ski does well and its the same for the ak jj here, both ends being rockered doesn't help. But for everything else these RULE!!!

Unanswered Question

195 AJ JJ or 193 Bent Chetler for deep...

195 AJ JJ or 193 Bent Chetler for deep days? How much different does the AK JJ feel than my 185 JJ's as far as flex, poppiness, carving ability, just overall fun? Trying to decide on keepng my 185 JJ's for everyday fun and buying a long Bent Chetler for the deep days or is it more worthwhile selling my 185 JJ's and buying the longer AK's JJ's. I ski many soft moguls on my JJ's and I think they do very well, of course but think the 195 AK's would be brutal. Any thoughts out there from guys that have skied JJ's, AK JJ's, and Bents?

5 5


Finally got to ski them today after our big storm in the Wasatch. My brother was on his 188cm S7s. First thing I noticed is that with both of us mounted at the recommended location (-5 on the JJ), we had the same amount of ski in front of the boot. I had almost 10 cm more tail than him. Compared to my 190cm Katanas, there is a lot less ski in front of the boot, and I was worried I would have to ski with my weight back in order to not feel like I was going over the front. Turns out it was a non-issue. The float was good, and I was blown away by how quick I can turn them even in wind-packed powder. Much easier to tree ski than with my previous Katanas (pre-rocker design). On the groomers they carved well, and on the moguled up crud, they were surprisingly nimble. They never felt long. At 6ft, 185lbs, these skis feel short (in a good way). Any advanced/expert skier close to my size should definitely get the 195cm model, and mount them at -5 if they are going to be used for powder skiing. The only time I did not like the very long tails, was when I was trying to "skate" up a shallow slope, because it is difficult to keep the tails off each other. I can't wait until the Avalanch risk around here mellows out, and I can take them into the backcountry (with traditional camber under foot, they should skin pretty well)! I did not like my brothers S7 when I tried them in the past, and I was worried about buying a ski with a similar design, but I feel like these ski much better. I'm very glad I bought them! Can't wait for the next storm....

5 5

AK JJ's are sick

I just bought a pair of AK's and had the chance to ski them in about a foot of fresh snow in the north bowl at Revelstoke. I'm an aggressive skier, at 6'3 245lbs and these babies kept me afloat like no other ski I've ever been on. Really allowed me to get my weight forward and charge. While they require a bit of effort, they're great in the trees. When ripping bigger lines through chewed up variable snow the AK's were rock solid.....they wanted to go faster than my legs were able to safely accommodate on many occasions. DO NOT worry about these things getting flappy at high speed like some reviewers have mentioned about the smaller JJ's.

I was particularly surprised about the JJ's ability to butter out of sketchy situations for such a big when you hit a blind lip over a cat track and land in a bunch of moguls under the chair lol. As others have said this ski handles groomers no problemo. I was blasting ahead of my buddies while they complained about all the crud that these skies fired up into their faces. Excellent.

If you're a bigger aggressive west coast skier you should grow a pair and buy these sticks now. That is all.

Got my skis last night! Build quality...

Got my skis last night! Build quality seems good. At -5, there will be a lot more tail and a lot less ski in front of the boot than I had on my 2007 Katanas. Will definitely not mount further forward than -5. Anyone know what the side bevels are from the factory? The edges can barely shave my nail underfoot, and are very detuned at the front and back end of the camber sections (long before the rocker starts). I realize they are powder skis, but sometimes you have to ski icy stuff in the resort to get to the backcountry access, and I'm wondering about sharpening them up? Thanks.

Best Answer Responded on

The JJ's are pretty symmetrical, so naturally you are going to have more tail. I would suggest skiing them first, and if you feel the edges aren't holding on firm snow, get them tuned up. I like to keep mine nice and sharp.

I am 6ft. 185lbs. Love to charge the...

I am 6ft. 185lbs. Love to charge the backcountry here in the Wasatch. I have been skiing on the Volkl Katana 190 from a few years ago, and loved them, but they are trashed now. Will this ski in a 195cm feel similar in terms of size?

Responded on

I don't have any experience on the Katana, but these jj 195's will be perfect for charging the wasatch bc. you seem like a good candidate for these skis.

Responded on

Thanks. Ordered the AK JJ with Dukes! I will report back if we ever get snow....

What is the recommended mounting point and...

What is the recommended mounting point and has any ridden this ski when its center mounted?

Responded on

don't center mount them. Find a happy place in between center mount and recommended.

Responded on

Ian, if I never ski switch, should I mount them at the recommended location? I want them to perform well (carve) on the groomers once the powder is gone.... Thanks.

I'm 6'2'' 180 lbs what length ski should...

I'm 6'2'' 180 lbs what length ski should I go with 185 or 195?

Responded on

depends on your skiing style.. if ur a big mountain charger and an aggressive skier go with a 195
185 will have less swing weight and more forgiving, but if ur looking at these skis ur probably know what u want so go with the 195

5 5

AK JJ works the white room

I've had a couple of days now on the AK JJ and am totally digging this ski. They're surprisingly very maneuverable for their length as we enjoyed the 12+ inches of fresh powder (43 inches already at the top) at Lookout Pass on opening weekend (2011-2012). The 18m turn radius translates into almost effortless turn initiation which means they are a tree skiing dream. They're much better on the groomers than anticipated (even mank and crud) and are definitely my new all-round tool for North Idaho in-bounds and side-country skiing. I've heard comments of a flappy tip and fielded questions by my friends about it, however, I didn't notice this at speed on the groomers with the AK JJ. They definitely attracted questions at the lifts. If you want a charging version of last year's JJ then you will be very happy AK JJ. So looking forward to La Nina bringing another epic ski season to the NW!

Me: 5'11", 210lbs, intermediate skier

looking to get these skiies but, unsure...

looking to get these skiies but, unsure about what bindings i need to look at. i'm 6'6", 260lbs. expert all mountian, huckin booters skiier and i need something burley but, will release at the right moment.

Responded on

The Jester or Jester Pro from Marker would be great choices given your size and skiing style. Also the Look Pivot XXL or Rossi FKS 180 XXL would work very well here.

Responded on

Salomon Sth16 driver or Sth16 Steel would be the way to go imo.

Best Answer Responded on

I just put my marker dukes on these. they look great (black) and they've been supporting my 6'3" 200+ lb self for 2 years now. They were on 183 gotama's before.

Responded on

I would either go with the sth 16, the sth16 steel or the fks 180. I personally like the heel cups on the sth better than the fks pivot heels but either of those bindings are your best choices it just sort of comes down to preference..

Responded on

If I'm not mistaken, the Salomon STH 16 Steel binding won't actually work with the AK JJ's simply because the mid-section of these ski's are ~120mm. Salomon only makes the STH 16 Steel in a 100mm version. The STH 16 Driver from Salomon should be perfect, though, because they make that with a 130mm wide brake.

so i'm wanting to get these but i can't...

so i'm wanting to get these but i can't decide on bindings. would rossi fks 14 xxl fit these with brake bending? (they say they fit 115mm waist) I don't want to spend over $300 for bindings :/

Best Answer Responded on

Those brakes and bindings will work on these skis.

Responded on

sth 16 you can get wider brakes than 115 and they cost 300 bucks.

Rode the jj in its inaugural year in a...

Rode the jj in its inaugural year in a 185, loved it but remember it being a little flappy. I'm a relatively small dude at 155 lbs. and get 50 + days a year. Considering the AK for added stability. Looking for a secondary, wiser opinion if it will be too much for me?

Responded on

They are more stable. Wider also, and the turning radius is less. Since its a bigger ski, more ski to turn. I'm also 155 and can handle them just fine. If you had problems with stability on the 185cm, than you can definitely do the 195. incredibly light for big skis.

I'm 6'2, 185 at an intermediate/advanced...

I'm 6'2, 185 at an intermediate/advanced level and am coming from a pair of short (176) skinny skis. Looking at the 185 JJ or AK JJ. I'm concerned that the 195 might be too big a jump for me. I'm a strong, athletic type, ski Whistler, Baker, etc. and some short tours. I plan on getting out 30-40 days this year so expect my skills to continue to improve. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Responded on

Go for the longer ski! You wont look back! Especially for bigger taller guys like you and I that like to charge hard. Lots of stability and support that wont give out on you when you push it to its limits.

Best Answer Responded on

the 195cm JJ was designed for people like you, I believe. You can turn those things no problem! you won't regret it.

5 5

big bad mountain machines!

Finally, a JJ for the larger humans and those who want to charge harder and faster! These skis are just bad ass mountain machines and not to mention LIGHT.

Responded on

Hey, Ian,
I'm 6' and 145lbs + gear. I've been skiing skis about 186cm-189cm. I'm sticking mostly to the Wasatch and Bear River ranges, but a bit of PacNW and Teton skiing, too. Think I can go with the AKJJ's, or should I stick with the 185's?

Responded on

Thats a really tough call. Im in the exact same boat, same size roughly. I've grown so accustomed to the 185cm, that I think I might stick with those. But I feel like I could charge the 195cm all day everyday no problem. if you go with the 195cm, you will be charging faster in open terrain, but may be a bit more limited in the tight trees compared to the 185cm. Either one I think is a good call. Sorry thats a shitty answer.

Armada 11/12 AK JJ

JP Auclair and Riley Leboe introduce the 2011 AK JJ to the Armada line up.