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The compact size and versatile features of the Arc'teryx Silo 18 Backpack goes great with a quick morning backcountry tour or yo-yo runs on your ski or snowboard. Wrap System straps hold skis or a snowboard in a variety of positions to let you choose the most appropriate for the terrain. The Silo 18 Backpack holds just enough extra clothes and snacks for a short tour, and its hydration pocket lets you bring along your favorite bladder.

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I'm sure it's a great daypack for what it was intended for

    I was looking for an 1098cu pack for long day hikes. I really wanted this to be the winner, but unfortunately it has to go back.

    The straps are way too rigid and hard with absolutely no padding or cushioning. I'm sure this is fine if your wearing a down jacket, vest or fleece, but not for spring/summer sleeveless hiking. I only hiked for an hour or two before I had uncomfortable red marks on both shoulders from the straps cutting into my skin. Also, if you're not planning on strapping on a board or skis, all those straps are good for nothing, it's hard to affix anything else to the front of the bag with these straps and all of the hardware just adds weight.

    I'm giving the bag 4 stars because it is a great bag - for what it was intended for- winter hiking.

    Awesome bag

      First off, let me say that I just got this bag this may need to be updated in the future. But, this pack is awesome. I am not reviewing it as a snow pack, but rather a small day pack...similar in size and toughness as the Black Diamond Bullet. I currently have the Bullet and love it. I've had it for a few years and it's super tough and functional...but there are only two compartments...not a lot of organization. I love that the bullet does not have back padding, as it conforms to your body and does not have any shape of it's's also light and packable.
      But I wanted something a little bit larger with more organization but just as tough as the Bullet. In comes the Silo 18. For me, this thing is just about perfect. It is tough, perfectly sized, and has a total of 4 pockets. The framesheet is not removable, but that's okay...there are obvious pluses to having one. Using it as a daypack, I do not need the ski holding strap I cut them fact I cut all the extra stuff off and even trimmed the extra length off the shoulder straps. Now this thing is a streamlined, perfectly-sized, water resistant daypack. I can not understand why this pack hasn't gotten more recognition as a daypack or is absolutely awesome. I did a ton of research before buying this pack and I really feel that it's one of the best options out there. And of course quality-wise it's all top notch...standard Arc'teryx. Feel free to ask any questions about the pack.

      Comfortable enough to forget its there

        One of my favorite features of this pack is that the pockets are designed so that if you stuff one it does not take away from the holding capacity of the other. The molded frame is incredibly comfortable and the V like shape of the bag makes it ergonomic to flow with your movements.
        This bag has a small pocket at the top of the bag, a vertically oriented outer pocket, and inside the main pocket a small zippered pouch which is useful for things you don't need too often. I love that the main pocket's zippers run the length of both sides of the bag so if you are looking for something in the bottom you don't have to unpack the entire top. Although the waist belt is flimsy it still helps hold the bag to you and take some weight of your shoulders.
        Can't help but feel this pack is a little heavy for such a small pack but what you pay for in weight you get back in comfort and function. Over all a solid choice for a bag.

        Well made, but heavy!

          This pack is well made, as is everything Arcteryx I've used, but I was shocked at how heavy this pack is for such a small pack. Also, as a 5'4" tall woman with a short torso, the sternum strap did not work for me--could not be adjusted high enough.

          Excellent day pack

            This is my most frequently used backpack. I use it for
            1. school: (fits lap top, books, notebooks, has a separate pouch for pens, wallet, keys, cell phone, yet another pocket that fits 2 apples, and yet a third on the front that fits small items too.
            2. Day hikes: fits water, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, extra layers, camera, etc. The straps on the outside make it easy to attach trekking poles. I take it on hikes of less than 6 hours and it is perfect. I typically attach my OR multimat so we can lounge around when we take breaks.
            3. climbing gym pack: fits shoes, harness, chalk bag, snacks, water bottle, tape, grigri, and draws
            4. cycling backpack - stays in place
            5. resort skiing pack - hat, gloves, goggles, food, water, extra layer. I would not want to carry skis on it though.

            I have not ever, and probably would not ever use this pack as a touring pack. It isn't big enough, and although the fabric of the pack is very durable, the hip belt is too flimsy to carry much weight. I would not want to carry skis on this pack. It would be very tight if you tried to cram spare winter layers, goggles, gloves, helmet, etc into this pack for skiing.

            General comments:
            1. 2 external pockets are easy to use and big enough to hold essential gear.
            2. Internal pocket helps with organization.
            3. pack fabric is very durable
            4. back panel is heavy duty. this is not a fast and light pack, but it can carry high density loads rather well
            5. mine was made in the phillipines and the zipper sometimes snags on stray edges of sloppy stitchwork. (I typically expect more out of a $100 day pack)

            I love it, I use it almost daily and would recommend it to a friend. I would not recommend it for it's intended use as a ski touring pack though.

            Great backpack

              I bought this as an all around pack. Something I could use for school as well as day hikes. It was not as big as I thought it would be based on previous reviews but it still is a great pack. I can fit my 15" MacBook Pro, a Nalgene, and about 3 books (not large hardcover books) in the main compartment. With those in the main compatrment there isn't any room in the front smaller pocket for anything substantial.

              If I lost this pack or could buy any other pack I wanted again, I would buy this pack without thinking twice.

              Hauls Quite A Load for 1098 cu. in.

                Loads of space for day trippin'. Well thought out for high-speed decents after hiking with your boards strapped on.....tried it out and is so easy a caveman.....I don't miss a thing about my old Kelty 1900, especially the useless mess pockets, also my friends can now carry their own stuff, or maybe I'll sell it to them.
                Only pack you can wear on the lift, even when stuffed, I like this pack alot.

                Like a Circus Car

                  This thing just holds a lot of stuff. I found a extra compartment 3 months after I had owned it. I use this for day hikes in the summer and for day outings in the winter while I am snowshoeing. It can hold my shovel and avalanche probe with ease. The bladder compartment works great as well. I have no complaints.

                  Like a Circus Car

                  Great pack, but a bit small

                    I bought this pack after borrowing a friend's for a day-long backcountry ski tour. The pockets are really well designed and the pack is very comfortable. I love the light green fabric on the inside, which makes it very easy to find things without digging around. I also like that it's not a silo - the zipper runs all the way around so it's easy to find what you need. While the hip belt is pretty basic, it is comfortable and does what it needs to. The shoulder straps are also very comfortable. I frequently wear this when I am telemarking at a resort but want to carry equipment for a quick skin up a nearby mountain. It holds the basics (shovel, probe, skins, water, snacks and a few small things like sunscreen and an extra layer) but that's it. If it's a hot day and you want to store the extra layers you wore, you'll have to strap them to the outside. I find this pack very comfortable to ski with, and I ski expert terrain almost exclusively. I have also used it for longer ski tours and it has likewise served me well. I also found it slightly awkward to strap skis to the outside for boot packing it up a mountain. The skis were a bit unsteady and swayed. Possibly I just haven't found the right system yet. My only complaint is that I wish it was slightly bigger. It's always nice to have the option to cinch down extra, unused space than not to have the option at all. I'm sure i"ll use the pack for day hiking trips in the summer too. (And my MacBook pro fits perfectly inside the shovel pocket, as does a hydration system.) Overall, I'm happy with this pack but not raving about it.

                    I Dig It

                      Love this pack. Use it for college (with laptop and books inside) as well as snowshoeing, climbing and other outdoor stuff. It works perfectly for all of them. You can attach pretty much anything to the outside in a comfortable way. I think some of the other reviewers have gotten too used to overly cushy, padded packs. I love the simplicity of this one better.

                      Pretty sweet

                        Got this with some Christmas money and I have been super pleased with it. Even though it doesn't have a "belt," it does have does have a waist strap. If you cinch it down it stabilizes enough, at least for me. The pockets are well thought out and the straps and back panel are incredibly comfortable. I forget I'm wearing it when descending

                        NOt a good ski pack

                          One of the main purposes of a winter pack is carrying skis, even if you are doing a short bootpack, you would move faster if the your pack is comfortable. If you are carrying skis, you need a hipbelt. Arcteryx forgot that even if the pack is 18L small, the skis are still heavy. Bootpacking with skis on a backpack is sooo much more comfoprtable if the pack has a real hipbelt... Without it the straps dig in your shoulders and the whole thing sways from side to side. Not comfortable at all.

                          Excellent Pack that fits more than it looks

                            Niiiice pack. You really appreciate the pack's shape when you are a moving hard and fast -- your arm-swing is not hindered and the balance and center of gravity from the shape (and your smart packing of course) complements forward (especially downhill) momentum. The pack's well engineered shoulder harness and overall light weight means you forget it's behind you. Materials as all Arcteryx are top-notch so no durability concerns. All in all a great pack.

                            Looking for a pack that i can use at...

                            Looking for a pack that i can use at university and in the backcountry, does anyone know if this will hold a 15" Macbook?

                            How big is the hydration pocket and more...

                            How big is the hydration pocket and more to the point will it hold a 100 ounce bladder

                            Hi all! I'm looking into buying this...

                            Hi all!

                            I'm looking into buying this backpack for some day hikes as well as to use as a school bag. I was looking at the Silo in particular because I longboard pretty frequently, and when I need to hoof it I'd like to be able to strap the board on to the bag. Has anyone used it for this purpose, or to strap on a snowboard? How does it work out?

                            Thanks in advance!

                            Hi, Will the Arcteryx Silo 18 and/or Silo...


                            Will the Arcteryx Silo 18 and/or Silo 30 fit a Blackdiamond Deploy 7 shovel in the shovel pocket without detaching the handle.


                            The pack is meant to carry a shovel and or skis on the the outside of the pack.
                            Simply run the shovel with the handle side down through the top gear loop then lower it down and tighten the shaft with buckle straps to keep it in place.

                            What are the physical size dimensions of...

                            What are the physical size dimensions of the Silo 18? Length, width & height(expanded)? Need something that'll hold a hoodie, jeans & trail running shoes while biking

                            How is this pack for taller people - I am...

                            How is this pack for taller people - I am 6'3" - I see there are reviews for the Miura 20 that do not recommend that model. Perhaps the Silo 18 is different in that it sits higher on the shoulders - any one had experience of this?

                            I am 6'2" and own the Silo 18. I don't think that tall people were the basis for the pack's design but I can tell you that it fits me fine. I do have to adjust the straps a bit but it is simple. For me, it does sit a bit higher but that's fine. The pack is so small that you will not load it up too heavy anyhow.

                            The pack works great for me - it holds my camelbak 1 liter bladder just fine, ski goggles, food, extra layer and snowshoes. Its built well and takes a beating!

                            How is this pack for taller people - I am...

                            How is this pack for taller people - I am 6'3" - I see there are reviews for the Miura 20 that do not recommend that model. Perhaps the Silo 18 is different in that it sits higher on the shoulders - any one had experience of this?

                            The Arc'teryx Silo 18 will fit a tall torso better than the Miura 20 due to strap and frame design. It's still a bit of a stretch for the Silo 18 to fit a 6'3" frame correctly. That being said, the Arc'teryx Silo 30 comes in torso lengths, so a tall size in that pack would be the best fit, and can be compressed for small loads. I've got a couple tall buddies who use the Silo 30 and love it.

                            I imagine the HDPE frame sheet is removable;...

                            I imagine the HDPE frame sheet is removable; can anyone confirm this? I'm am looking to use the Silo as a summit pack, and will need to be able to fit this pack easily into my larger approach pack, so I would appreciate input on any other bulky features (such as foam built into the back panel).

                            Also, any word on how well it carries an ice axe?

                            Thanks for the help!

                            You can pull the framsheet. One other option to consider would be the Arc'teyrx Cierzo 35 (or 18). The Silo doesn't have a specific axe system (use the loop, and wrap straps), but the Cierzo 35 does. I've used the Cierzo a bunch and it's really light, packable (stuffs into it's lid) and stripable.

                            I just received the Silo 18 in the mail today. First off, I love the pack and am going to write a review on it. But, part of the reason I got the pack is because of what this guy said about the sheet being removable. Perhaps he was reviewing an older model, or maybe I'm an idiot....but there does not appear to be way to remove the sheet. If I'm wrong, please let me know how to do it.

                            Can it fit any shovel inside or out for...

                            Can it fit any shovel inside or out for that matter?

                            this says it's on sale for $79+ and yet...

                            this says it's on sale for $79+ and yet it shows a price of $98.00 at checkout. What's up?

                            I'm not seeing it on sale, only the $98.00 price. However, sometimes they will put one type of an item (maybe color, size, etc...) on sale yet leave the other versions of that same product at a different price. Maybe that's what you were experiencing? yea, what he said...What is "this" your referring to? - mikeIt's usually a discontinued color or abnormal size that is discounted. With limited quantities.

                            will it fit a macbook in the hydration...

                            will it fit a macbook in the hydration pocket?

                            Standing end on end it would fit but very tightly. The MacBook is 12.78" wide & the hydration pocket is 14" Hopefully you won't be going very far carrying your laptop in this fashion. I think it might be uncomfortable having your laptop directly against your back.