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Low weight meets total comfort.

Wrap Strength Technology gives the Arc'teryx R320a Harness a level of comfort that far surpasses nearly any other harness while reducing weight to about half that of a similarly sized harness. This unique construction spreads your weight over the entire surface area of the harness to support and cushion your body without the need for heavy, bulky padding. Not only are the leg loops adjustable, but they're also completely removable so you can take them off and have a little more comfort if you end up at a bivy. All of the buckles are self-locking and quick-adjust so you can't forget to double back and can make quick tweaks to the fit whenever you'd like. Take all of this into consideration, and you're going to have a hard time finding a better harness for long, hard free routes.

  • Large belt and leg loops have Wrap Strength Technology that evenly supports your weight across the entire harness
  • Wrap Strength Technology reduces the overall weight of the harness without compromising comfort
  • Self-locking, quick-adjust buckles add an additional layer of safety
  • Wear safety markers on belay loop and tie-in points let you know when it's time to retire this harness
  • Four gear loops hold everything you need for multi-pitch routes
  • Fully adjustable, completely removable leg loops easily handle changes in layers and open bivies
  • Vapor Mesh fabric improves breathability and keeps you more comfortable while you send