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The Arc'teryx Khamsin 70 Backpack includes features specifically designed for multi-day alpine climbs, mountaineering trips, and gear-intensive days at your local ice climbs. The two ice tool holders include pick slots to keep your newly sharpened Cobras from slashing up anything they touch. Arc'teryx integrated a collapsible kangaroo pocket to provide extra room when you need to overfill this 4577cu inch pack on a long approach. Of course, the Khamsin 70 Backpack comes with dual aluminum stays, a dual-density framesheet, and an emergency bivy pad—all of which can be removed to save weight on a summit push. *Only available for US shipment.

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Good pack, but comes with issues

    Well, I when I first viewed the pack at, I was impressed with the description of the product and all the bells and whistles that came along with it. I purchased the pack for 3+ days and nights in the Adirondack High Peaks Wilderness, carrying loads of approximately 50 pounds. I loved the blue bird color and was excited to purchase my first Arc’Teryx backpack.

    I was able to load the pack with everything from a down sleeping bag with stuff sack to a bear canister filled with 3+ days of food. The bag was a breeze to pack and held all items and their weight perfectly. When I inserted the hydration system, which easily swallowed a 3 liter MSR bladder, into the top lid, I noticed the lid was very top heavy and became cumbersome to finish loading the rest of the main compartment. It seemed I had to fight with the top lid in order to access the pack. Word to the wise, try to load the main compartment prior to inserting a full bladder! The outside crampon “clam shell” compartment is great. I didn’t use crampons on my trip, but used the extra space for my stove system and its fuel, which disappeared like a dream.

    I was very happy with the material the pack is made out of. I am the type of person who likes a burley, bomber-proof pack. I’d rather hike a few extra ounces and have the pack for years to come rather than a lighter pack that I worry about brushing up against rocks or branches on the trail, and scrapping to pieces.

    After using the pack for multiple day hikes and a long summit day of Mt. Marcy, my main complaint about this pack was the load transfer to the hip belt. I found it very difficult to crank down the hip belt, and when I was finally able to, there was not a great amount of weight transfer, leaving my upper back and shoulders supporting a majority of the weight. From reading articles on the pack, the hip belt was intentionally made for maneuvering steep ascents and not solely for transfer. I was not impressed the foam the harness was made out of and found it annoying to get the harness to secure properly.

    I also found that there may be a serious flaw in the way the pack’s suspension system is constructed. While burdened with approximately 50 pounds or so, the metallic stay that supports the pack, comes loose from the velcro and nylon that attempts to hold it in place. I had to adjust it to its original position every time I released the pack from my back, which takes time and is extremely annoying. I’m not sure whether the manufacturer is aware of this design issue, but please be advised when contemplating a purchase of this pack.

    Unfortunately, I decided that this backpack did not meet the standards I was hoping it would. I contacted and explained my issues to them and without going any further, the representative I spoke with told me to send it back for a full refund. I am very, very pleased with the customer support offers and I feel there is no other outdoor website that even comes close to them. also met a competitors price from a different website, resulting in an added appreciation! I hope this novel helps someone out there who is on the never ending quest for the perfect backpack!

    "I also found that there may be a serious flaw in the way the pack’s suspension system is constructed. While burdened with approximately 50 pounds or so, the metallic stay that supports the pack, comes loose from the velcro and nylon that attempts to hold it in place."

    I had this same issue. Very painful when you are not in a position to take your pack and fix it. HUGE FLAW. But back country is amazing with returns....

    not what i thought

      good bag but not the best. if you want an amazing pack in this size check out the osprey argon 70. it is the perfect multi day trip pack

      Seems you may have bought the wrong bag for your needs. This bag is designed for alpine climbing, not slogging gear down a trail. That being said, it is hard to dispute that the Argon 70 is a stellar pack. In short: different packs, different purposes.

      4 day Mt Rainier climb test

        Loved it. I did not know which pack to buy - I was looking for a quality, light pack that was sturdy enough for multiday alpine climbing. It also needed to be comfortable enough to carry heavy loads and allow me to save some ebery for summit attempts.

        I had my eyes set on this pack and the bora 65. I had tried on the bora 80 but thought this was too heavy and big for what I had in mind. I did not have the opportnity to touch both in a shop, so I called backcountry. The recommendastion I got was to buy both, try them out in the mountains and return one of them (or both if I wanted to!). I did not really believe this, and expected to run into some proiblems when i wanted to return one after using it to climb mount Rainer, but backcountry lived up to its promise: they fully refunded my used pack.

        A friend ended up using (and liking) the bora 65, but I preferred the khamsin 70. It is lighter, easier to handle because of the big openings and is still comfortable enough. Our paks were treated to some prettu cold and heavy weather: we summited during a blizard, and when we woke up after a night of smow and ice rain, both packs had to be hacked out of the ice.

        I am very impressed by backcountry's service, offerings and information. Nothing beats testing a pacvk while on a climb, and being able to do this to choose a pack and getting reimbursed for the other is just great.

        Last note regarding the khamsin 70: it does not have a sleeping bag compartment to save weight. This was something I expected to miss, but it turned out to be completely fine, because of the easy access to anything being probvided by the side pockets.

        Great pack, great service from backcountry.

        Any of you tried to carry ski with this...

        Any of you tried to carry ski with this backpack? I'm looking for a backpack for skiing and light-climbing, a good choice? ... i have a Arc'teryx Bora 50 for few days of trekking and its the best backpack i ever used! so i have a good feeling with the Khamsin 70

        where do I put the hydration bladder??

        where do I put the hydration bladder??