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Polartec Power Shield O2 fabric combines a tight exterior weave and high-loft interior to give the Arc'teryx Men's Hyllus Hooded Fleece Jacket the ability to combat nearly any cold conditions. This fleece hoody easily takes on a day of frigid temperatures and light snow, and you can use it as a heavyweight mid-layer for really nasty weather. This Arc'teryx jacket fights off light rain or snow, doesn't pill, and still provides enough breathability to keep you from overheating when the going gets strenuous.

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The Best

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

I've taken this thing with me on every climbing trip and used as my go to jacket daily for just under a year and it still looks and feels brand new. It may not be waterproof like a hardshell but it'll give almost any softshell a run for it's money any day. Even when the outer shell is soaked your nice and dry on the inside.I found the cut to be perfect as well. I'm 6'0 and 155lbs and it never constrains my movement while climbing nor does it feel too baggy. A must have in any climbers arsenal.

Cuff detail

Cuffs are stretchy (Stretchier than the rest of the jacket, which also has some stretch) and fit well. I have larger than average forearms that fit snugly in the jacket. Requires some tugging to remove the jacket, especially given that the fuzzy liner adds a lot of friction. Could have used an extension and thumbholes here, but might be the wrong look for the 'LEAF' types. EMS's knockoff copies this almost exactly, but requires an additional seam.

Cuff detail

Bicep pocket

Bicep pocket is totally useless. Too small to hold anything except perhaps keys. Will not fit your iphone or your wallet. Perhaps a money clip..

Bicep pocket

It should be pointed out that on EMS's knockoff of the Hyllus, the bicep pocket (they have one too) is even more useless, because it is a trapezoid. here it is a parallelogram, which at least allows you to put something in. Like... a business card.

Fabric Wrinkle

The fabric wrinkles easily. Note the folding across the ribs that is a residual fold from the way the jacket is packed. That takes months to go away and reduces the initial impression of the jacket considerably. Jacket should not be folded horizontally ever.

Backcountry: the folding isnt your fault, you clearly get it form Arcteryx this way. But you should push back against them and tell them to fold the jacket vertically to avoid this. better for everyone.

Fabric Wrinkle

Good Jacket, totally overpriced.

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

The Arcteryx hyllus is a flexible, warm jacket that can be used in many conditions, but it is overpriced relative to nearly identical jackets that feature the same fabric, cut, and features. Eastern Mountain Sport sells a similar jacket at one third the price, using the same Polartec Power Shield o2 fabric, at one third the price.

Strong positives: the fabric, which loves to wrinkle, truly breathes well, and it is comfortable at a wide range of temperatures far beyond those of the typical fleece. In windless conditions and without physical activity, you can wear the jacket in 0-10F, and in light wind you can wear it in 20-30F, without discomfort. When exerting yourself, you can wear this garment -10-0F easily in light winds. Perfect for digging yourself out of the polar vortex's aftermath. A hard day's shoveling at -10 will leave you warm and dry.

The jacket's cut is fashionable and flattering. The seam at the chest draws the eye towards the shoulders and the constrast handwarmer pockets emphasize a slim midsection. EMS's equivalent doesn't achieve the same effect.

Hyllus' main zipper uses a thin substrate, letting it to run smoothly except where it collides with the chinguard. D'oh. An unfortunate mistake. Other zippers are less friendly.

Hood and hem adjustments are effective, but use too much plastic hardware; EMS is superior because it sews the ends of the elastic drawstrings down, reducing weight and size.

Laminated pockets are too rigid! They press against the body in awkward ways, and they retain their shape in ways that make the wearer appear pudgy.

The jacket is shipped in a bag, folded in half horizontally across the torso. This manner of storage is a huge mistake because it leaves a bend in the laminated pockets and the main zipper that creates a pucker across the midriff, making the wearer appear pudgy.

Finally, a noisy nylon fabric lines the hem and the hood, making crackling noises whenever the hood is worn. Irritating.

Good Jacket, totally overpriced.


  • Familiarity:I've used it several times
  • Fit:True to size

The Arc'teryx Hyllus Hoodie cost an arm and a leg however it is my go to choice for outwear in conditions around 30 degrees and above. The material that makes up the hoodie is top notch and typical of the Arc'teryx company. The only reason I was able to justify paying so much for this product is because I know it will last for years to come.

The color is off

  • Familiarity:I've used it several times
  • Fit:True to size

I ordered the utility green. What I received is different from the picture. It's kind yellowish green and the fleece is very bright blue. I don't really care about the colors much. It's good otherwise.

Thin and cold

  • Familiarity:I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
  • Fit:True to size

Was very diasappointed in how little warmth it provided. Construction was top notch, but returned it for a light down.

Love it

    This jacket is awesome. I love the fuzzy interior, and it feels great against the skin. It is wind resistant by my experience. A light breeze will be blocked by this, but a stiff wind will blow through it and chill you. It is great worn over a midweight base layer and a hard shell if really nasty. Love the hood, as it is easily cinched down, and the interior is fuzzy. It holds up well in light precipitation, but I wouldn't want to test it in a steady storm. The pockets are ok, they just feel kinda weird. Overall, excellent insulation to mild shell piece.

    Great around town / winter jacket

      I love this jacket for around town use and in the winter when it is not below 20. I tend to be a hot body so having the jacket breath more is a huge plus for me as I sweat in a tee with this jacket if it hits 50. Also I sprayed some nikwax soft-shell spray on it and it helps keep the light rain off longer then before. I can now get about 20 - 25 mins in light rain till it starts to soak it up. Only problem I have with it is the zipper tends to come to the bottom, if it is below the 1/2 position when your hards are placed in your pockets.

      Made from the hide of Cookie Monster

        If you're looking at jackets of this ilk, you're probably comparing this to North Face/Patagonia/etc. Or, if you're a sucker for Arcteryx, you're comparing it to the Atom. What's the difference?

        The Hyllus is more water resistant than the Atom. Also, because the Atom has side breath panels, the Hyllus is more wind resistant. If you're wearing it under another jacket, the Atom is more flexible and softer--and thus easier to use. By itself in wet or windy weather, however, the Hyllus is the way to go.

        Compared to other brands (NF, Pata, etc.), the quality is exceptional. I've had softshells for years, from many brands. I've become an Arcteryx snob. Every seam is perfect, the zipper is perfection on a pull, the interior is softer than Cookie Monster after conditioner.

        How good is this jacket? So good that my wife wanted one, once she saw how much I loved it.

        Hyllus vs. Venta sv

          I'm hoping someone can offer some advise. I have been looking for a warm, wind/water proof/resistant softshell for years, and have accumulated many jackets. I want this for casual wear - around town type stuff, nothing serious outdoor, have plenty of stuff for that.

          For example: 20 degrees, light wind and snow, button down dress shirt underneath, just normal every day bumming around/ running errands.

          In terms of warmth, what is better for situations like this, the Venta SV or the Hyllus Hoody? (or something else?)


          This is a FLEECE jacket...

            No matter what anyone says, look at this jacket as a fleece jacket with a smooth outer face that doesn't let snow, leaves, dirt, etc stick to it, doesn't pill like fleece, and glides nicely without binding under another layer.
            It's an intelligent fleece jacket, combining a light fleece layer with a breathable soft-shell outer face.
            Trim fit.
            NOT worth $375, but worth any sale price if you explore the world in winter or in coastal environments.

            Great jacket, better store!

              This jacket is surprisingly warm for how thin and lightweight it is - although it is not a perfect wind shield, it is excellent in all but the worst cold plus wind conditions. The inner layer is very soft and the colors are just as vibrant as they look on the website (I was very pleased with my squid ink jacket jacket with rhino-colored lining). The jacket has a number of VERY well placed pockets, very useful during activities or just while driving (I can actually reach my pockets!) Finally, this jacket breathes better than any jacket I've ever owned of this weight - a huge upgrade from my previous North Face and Columbia jackets. Despite the price, this jacket is well worth the additional funds.

              I have to say, though, that my most pleasing experience was not with the jacket, but with BACKCOUNTRY itself. I will buy from this store again - what a wonderful company! First, when looking for jackets I was originally investigating a Marmot. When I described to the very knowledgeable online sales staff what I was looking for, they suggested a number of jackets, some of which were much cheaper, and one of which was very well on sale. They also suggested this jacket, and even told me when to buy it to get the best deal. The reviews on this site are unedited and honest - sometimes brutally so. It made me feel like I could trust this company.

              The best experience, however, was with a return I had to make. After several months of ownership during which the jacket held up well, I tripped and fell chasing a runaway puppy. The rip was severe, and the fault was mine. I called Backcountry to find out how I could get into contact with the company so that I could get the jacket repaired.

              Backcountry replaced my jacket! Not only that, they sent me a return label and shipped my replacement next day (they even offered to send it to me same day and just let me send back the ripped jacket at my convenience). I protested that it wasn't necessary as the fault was mine - "nonsense," said the representative, "we take care of our customers. You bought a jacket, and it should last - if it hasn't held up, we'll replace it - we just want you to remain as happy as you were the day you bought it!"

              I couldn't believe it, and I am still in shock. My replacement jacket is just like the old one, and brand new. I love Arc'teryx, and I love Backcountry - so much, in fact, that it has convinced me to buy one for my fiance. I'm not even bothering to shop around this time - with customer service like that, I wouldn't buy anywhere other than BackCountry.

              Thank you, Backcountry. If more companies operated with your ethic, our economy would be bristling with activity! You've earned a very loyal repeat customer.

              Fantastic jacket, I am telling myself.

                Ok, so this is really expensive for what it is. I'm still not entirely sold on whether I made the right choice on the purchase or not. I almost returned it several times but found myself reaching for it enough to eventually decide to keep it.

                On the plus - its a great spring/fall jacket. The material feels top quality. Sheds water well, just wore it in a steady rain for several minutes and it beaded the water right off. I'm sure you can soak it through if you tried though. It ain't my sabre hard shell. But it's not supposed to be either. The fuzz also feels super cozy and I love sitting there petting my jacket.

                Downside - its not really that warm. A chilly fall day it's perfecto, but anything colder and you will be cold. I wish there was more insulation, because right now it doesn't add that much more warmth than my Patagonia vest.

                Can someone from BC post a real picture...

                Can someone from BC post a real picture of the Storm color of this? Wanting to check the actual color of this garment. Thanks.

                Hyllus vs. Epsilon? For everyday wear,...

                Hyllus vs. Epsilon?

                For everyday wear, and rock climbing. Which has a more versatile outer face?


                There are a few versions of the epsilon to compare (SV,AR, and now LT). The epsilon series are bonded fleece jackets (hardfleece) rather than softshells. however I own 2 epsilon SV jackets and they are perfect for insulation and as a stand alone outer layer in the mid temps. They do let a bit of wind in though since they do not have a membrane.

                I also own a hyllus but find I do not use it as much as some of my other gear. It is just too warm most of the time. I take it out mostly in the fall and early spring otherwise it sits in my closet the other times. Neither has much stretch to the fabric which I prefer for dynamic activities (such as climbing). For those I prefer the Gamma MX. A perfect mix of stretch, insulation, weather resistance and breathability.

                Is the hood helmet compatible?

                Is the hood helmet compatible?


                I've looked around and researched and no one indicates (not even Arc'teryx) that this hood is helmet compatible.

                Even looking by pictures I'd think you'd be hard pressed to get a small lower profile helmet under that hood.

                Hope this helps.

                Jared D.


                800.409.4502 ext 4055

                Best Answer


                As a proud owner of the Arc'teryx Hyllus I can confirm Jared's comments above. The Hyllus is not intended to be helmet compatible and you will not be able to fit a helmet under it.

                If you are not looking to wear a helmet with this jacket then it will fit you very well when compared with Arcteryx jackets that are helmet compatible (less cinching required around the head). However, if you are looking for a helmet compatible jacket with similar features I would recommend the Arc'teryx Gamma MX Hooded Jacket. It won't have the high-loft lining of the Hyllus but it does have a fleece lining and a very similar fit and similar softshell outer.

                Can you ship Arc`teryx Hyllus Hooded Fleece...

                Can you ship Arc`teryx Hyllus Hooded Fleece Jacket to the Netherlands?

                Does the fleece on the interior of this...

                Does the fleece on the interior of this jacket shed?

                I own a Hyllus (original non-hooded model, made in Canada) and it hasn't pilled over the 4-5 years that I've had it. It's been ice climbing a couple times as a mid-layer, snowboarding 100+ days as both a mid and jacket, and shoveled plenty of snow in the driveway. I don't own a Strato but do have a few other pile/fleece layers from Arc'teryx. None have given me issues.

                I am 5'10" 205lbs What size do you...

                I am 5'10" 205lbs What size do you recommend?

                What is the difference between this and...

                What is the difference between this and the firee hoody?

                The Firee was discontinued in 2012 but it was way warmer then the hyllus. I would not wear the jacket if it was above 20 deg, with the hyllus I can get away with 40 maybe 50 if all I have on is a tee under it. If you are looking for something like the Firee now look at the Venta MX Hoody.

                Sizing Question! I'm 6'0", about 185 lbs,...

                Sizing Question! I'm 6'0", about 185 lbs, 34/35 sleeve, athletic build...what size should I go with?

                I was wondering if some more people can...

                I was wondering if some more people can speak to the wind resistance of this hoody. How does it compare to conventional fleece? Some people below said its pretty wind resistant, others said it cuts right through or only blocks about 60%. My main uses would be hiking and biking, so breathability is very important, but must be in balance with wind blocking so I can use this when fall fades to winter. I found another nice softshell lined with high-loft fleece here: the eider power pro. It's even more expensive! Also looks very nice. Polartec says Powersheild O2 blocks 96% of wind and Powershield Pro blocks 99%. Curios what people feel that translates to in the real world, and if the pro lacks the breathability for me to sweat and sleep in on the trail or while bikin 20mph in winter. Thanks!

                Best Answer

                This is Powershield O2. It blocks 96% of the wind, like Polartec says. This translates into an extremely breathable jacket, but one that you won't want to use as an outer layer in high winds. That said, some people like to use a jacket like this as a midlayer that can stand alone if you're really overheating. Personally, I think if you want an outer layer, the Eider Power Pro is the jacket to go with, although I think Patagonia's Northwall jacket is a nicer design, and less money to boot. Combine a Polartec Thermal Pro fleece like the Patagonia R1 with an eVent or DryQ shell for something that'll keep you comfortable in a wide variety of situations.

                Does anybody know when the new colors for...

                Does anybody know when the new colors for this season will be available?

                Hi! I?m 6.2' and 198lbs, size L or XL?...

                Hi! I´m 6.2' and 198lbs, size L or XL? Athletic body type

                Sizing question! I am 6 foot 1, 165lbs...

                Sizing question! I am 6 foot 1, 165lbs with a 31-32 inch waist. 34/35 sleeve. chest is about 100cm. So the obvious question, LARGE or MEDIUM?? I love the athletic cut, just worried about a medium running too small or the large feeling bulky on the waist. Appreciate the help-

                I'm 6'5" and was wondering what size i...

                I'm 6'5" and was wondering what size i should get. I have other Arc fleeces/shells and usually go with an XL but i have read some reviews that say the Hyllus runs a little big. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                Maybe even a double x, it is a close fitting jacket, i only 5'8 and i wear a medium and it def not big on me at all. So maybe you should try some of there jacket on before buying if possible to get an idea of how they run, Nothing like a North Face Jacket Sizing, where i would wear a small.

                Can anyone comment on the 'fit' of this...

                Can anyone comment on the 'fit' of this jacket compared to the MH Windstopper Tech? I don't do well with trim fits (nice way of saying I'm fat, LOL) and the Arc'Teryx website says the Hyllus has a "relaxed" fit, however I've seen some reviews here and other places commenting on it's trim fit. Thanks.

                Does anyone else have a problem with the...

                Does anyone else have a problem with the zipper unzipping too easily when it is zipped up all the way. It never seems to stay zipped at the top.

                Have noticed the same problem with the zipper...will not stay sipped when pulled all the way up....not so good on really cold/windy days. However, that is my only complaint about this jacket. I've worn it on single digit (F) days and was really impressed at how warm it is. Keeps you dry in light to moderate snowfall.... worth the money.

                How would this compare to Salomon's Snowtrip...

                How would this compare to Salomon's Snowtrip II jacket? Especially in terms of quality of materials, feel, cut/fit, and breathability.

                Best Answer

                Ed, Arcteryx Hercules vs Salomon Snow Trip II, you are really looking at 2 uniquely different jackets here. Arcteryx uses the best materials available to produce their garments, and their quality standards speak for themselves. The Hercules is fashioned from Polartec Powershield Pro softshell with a high loft fleece interior, very cozy and comfortable. The Snowtrip is built with Salomon's own proprietary softshell, and being a 3 in 1 jacket, comes with a removable synthetic insulation inner jacket. The Arcteryx fit is going to be more tailored and athletic against the Salomon fit for sure. Breathability wise you will need to weigh the Snowtrip w/ and w/o the liner versus the Hercules with a fixed interior. This being said you should look at what you will be doing in this jacket. If you are looking for a versatile, do it all, insulated softshell, look at the Hercules. The Snowtrip is a ski jacket. Happy shopping.

                Ed, i agres with him...And i actually own both the Snowtrip II and Hercules hoody this one_ now called Hyllus .. the Salomon Snowtrip jacket is much heavier, it has a light jacket almost the weight of the Hercules that zips into it also, ski skirt, and google wipes. THe SNowtrip is a great jacket to wear out skiing most of the season great in heavy snow and it is very warm..warmer than most other TNF, Columbia or Patagonia, that i have owned. This is a great jacket to wear everyday in warmer (30+ degrees) weather,(Colder in layered properly) its very light. The fleece inside is very soft, high loft, Polartec , very comfy. I love this jacket it is water repellent, but do go out in a rainstorm w/ it.. dwr will fail. I highly recommend it, fits great, stretchable also, so i wear this when im not skiing most of the winter or on a warmer day, on the Mt. If you looking for a dedicated ski jacket Probally would not recommend this, but i have worn it plenty a time layered proberly and it has kept me warm and dry.

                Ed, i agres with him...And i actually own both the Snowtrip II and Hercules hoody this one_  now called Hyllus .. the Salomon Snowtrip jacket is much heavier, it has a light jacket almost the weight of the Hercules that zips into it also, ski skirt, and google wipes.  THe SNowtrip is a great jacket to wear out skiing most of the season great in heavy snow and it is very warm..warmer than most other TNF, Columbia or Patagonia, that i have owned. This is a great jacket to wear everyday in warmer (30+ degrees) weather,(Colder in layered properly) its very light.  The fleece inside is very soft, high loft, Polartec , very comfy.  I love this jacket it is water repellent, but do go out in a rainstorm w/ it.. dwr will fail. I highly recommend it, fits great, stretchable also, so   i wear this when im not skiing most of the winter  or on a warmer day, on the Mt.    If you looking for a dedicated ski jacket Probally would not recommend this, but i have worn it plenty a time layered proberly and it has kept me warm and dry.

                Which jacket is warmer, the Hercules Hoodie...

                Which jacket is warmer, the Hercules Hoodie or the Hercules jacket? The hoddie has a 300 weight and the regular jacket has a 200 weight. I'm really looking for a piece without a hood, just as a simple winter jacket. I have also been looking at the Easyrider softshell. Out of all three, which one would be the warmest general use winter jacket? Does the "Hard Fleece" feel like more of a softshell jacket than a traditional fleece jacket? I like the weather protection of a softshell over the traditional fleece jacket. If anyone has any input, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

                Best Answer

                The Hercules Jacket and Hoody use the same fleece- a high-loft, which is equivalent warmth to a 300, but lighter. Both are equivalent warmth. The Easyrider is warmer because it uses the same highloft fleece, but has a more wind-resistant face fabric (Hercules-about 50% wind resist, Easyrider-about 90% wind resist). The hard-fleece indicates it has a smooth face, medium wind resistance, but is cut to be layered; it's still a soft jacket. Easyrider is meant to be worn as a stand-alone jacket.

                I love everything about this jacket except...

                I love everything about this jacket except that I want a hard shell and pit zips. What would you recommend? Please, I've looked everywhere but everything I've found either doesn't have pit zips, a hood, enough pockets or thick enough fleece inside.

                The closest you'll get is the Venta SV- pit zips, taped seam Windstopper (next step is Gore-Tex) and a hood. The Venta has 100 wt fleece inside. The Hercules breathes really well so pit zips are not needed. It will block about half the wind and shed light moisture. It also makes an amazing layer with a light Gore Jacket (see Phil's comments)

                There's no such thing as an all-in-one jacket. Buy the Hercules for the perfect on-the-move, breathable midlayer, and pair it up with the Alpha LT (which is 100% wind and waterproof) when the weather gets real nasty. Most of the time, you're burning up so much, all you'll need is the Hercules (which breaths way better than most softshells). It's a big investment but it's worth it for a match made in heaven. Shop around and you should be able to find them half off at some point.

                Is the Coffee Bean color fairly accurate?...

                Is the Coffee Bean color fairly accurate? I assume that it is darker than in the picture--I have found the most jackets, as pictured, are darker in person. Light brown or more of a dark brown? Thanks.