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It's an investment: ensure you'll never have cold, clammy, snow-soaked hands on an otherwise-awesome backcountry powder day.

Arc'teryx held nothing back when it developed the new Alpha SV Glove. Its designers tossed standard glove construction out and went back to the drawing board to re-design what a glove should be. With a lightweight, fully-articulated Gore-Tex Pro Shell outer glove and a removable Polartec Wind Pro liner, this glove blends protection, insulation, and breathability like no glove you've ever used before.
  • Arc'teryx integrated the glove's Gore-Tex Pro fabric right into the outer shell for a far lighter, smoother, more breathable glove than standard glove construction permits
  • Tri-Dex construction makes the glove articulate naturally
  • Smooth, seam-free fingertips let you pick things up normally without seams getting in the way
  • Tiny Gore seam tape and micro seam allowances minimize bulk and weight and increase breathability
  • The glove's Polartec Wind Pro liner deflects the wind completely, breathes perspiration away, and insulates with a soft, high-loft inner fleece face
  • Use Wind Pro liner on its own for spring skiing and touring
  • Leather outer shell reinforcements and one-handed drawcord round out the glove's features

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5 5

Incredible Gloves

These gloves are incredible. The dexterity is better than any other severe weather glove, you can pull the liner out and replace it with a heavier or lighter liner and still keep the shell, you can go without any liner for those hot spring days. They are super expensive, but they are so versatile its almost the only glove you need in your arsenal.

5 5

great protexion

Great glove - excellent protexion!!

3 5


First off these are very well made gloves,very nice attention to detail and very comfortable and dextrous.
I have chronically cold hands and must have a dozen pairs of gloves lying around so when I got these as a gift I was cautiously optimistic. I skied w/them for the first time this past Sat on a mild Feb day w/temp. about 25 F, and,... COLD hands. No warmer than my $25 HEAD gloves from Costco. So, I will be returning them and getting a great deal of money back to continue on my search.

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i would try the marmot work glove. i had the same problem and i absolutely love them. and their a 3rd of the price of these

2 5

return to sender

Only after getting 20% off retail did I buy this glove. Immaculate construction, fit and feel. I was and still am blown away they did not come with idiot leashes. But my real problem is they are the coldest gauntlet type alpine glove I have ever worn. At first I thought it was old age creeping up on me but after using them on several days at Alta in differing mild weather conditions, a couple of days were in single digits but nothing brutal... my thumbs were numb from the get go. I finally sent an email to the "Bird" customer service asking if they had experienced any feedback about warmth issues. When I got a snippy response back stating their Alpha model isn't advertised as Arc'Teryx warmest glove and I should use a glove liner (which negates the tactile feel they tout) blew me away. And I couldn't get them back to REI for a $235 credit fast enough...which I then used to buy a pair of Mtn Hardware Bazuka & Mtn Hardware Medusa gloves (both on sale) and still pocketed $80.....way over priced and stone cold dissapointing.

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How do you like the Bazuka and Medusa?

4 5

Fingers are too short

If it wasnt of thé tailored shape these would havé been perfect!!!!

Hi everyone,

Could you cycle in these...

Posted on

Hi everyone,

Could you cycle in these gloves?

many thanks!

Responded on

They would be one expensive pair of cycling gloves! you could cycle in them- but there are better choices for cycling. It will also depend on how cold it is where you bike and/or if you ride in the rain. Take a look at some of the cycling specific companies to see what they have. You dontwant something too bulky when riding and you want some grip on the fingers and palms.

Responded on

For cold weather cycling I use these (see link) and I live in Montana.

What is the approximate comfortable...

Posted on

What is the approximate comfortable temperature range for these gloves?

Best Answer Responded on

Its really going to depend on how warm your digits are when it gets cold and what type of activity you are using them for. THey are not the warmest glove out there. They are simply leather and gore tex with a mid weight fleece, Although they breathe exceptionally well). If your fingers and hands get cold easily- these are not the gloves for you. Not sure if this fully answers your question but hopefully it helps.

Does anyone know if any significant changes...

Posted on

Does anyone know if any significant changes were made for the newest model of this glove?

Best Answer Responded on

The Alpha SV here is the same one as last year, there is, however, a short cuff version called the Vertical SV, that uses the same construction in shell and liner, but has a wide velcro closure on the short cuff. It's designed to go under shell jacket cuffs.

4 5

Good, not great

Had these for about half a season - wanted to put them through some use before writing a review.

First off, yes they're crazy pricey (unless you get them on sale). However, a perfect pair of gloves are worth their weight in gold, especially if most snow gloves don't fit stubby fingers (like mine) well (I wear a cadet medium golf glove if that helps), and I've been looking (and settling) for quite a while.

Sizing, they are shorter than average in the finger length, which works great for me. However, the rough edges of the stitching on the inner glove can dig in to the webbing between your fingers if they're a tad small for you. Also the fingers of the shell are pretty wide in diameter, though I suppose that may have something to do with articulation and/or warmth.

Durability wise, they've held up fine. The leather color seems to have faded slightly (not really a big deal IMO - probably from the Spring sun), and the shell material shows no wear after deflecting a few branches at head level. The leather is _very_ supple, and I was a bit cautious about not holding my skis by the edges too firmly, but I haven't had any cuts in them so far.

Design - Sounds like I'm in the minority in liking that there's no idiot strap/leash, since I never used them on any of my previous gloves (I did a bit initially, but they just got annoying). Stays in line with Arc's minimalist design philosophy. The wrist cinch works, but could use a little bit more development - the strap's excess slack can flap around a bit when you're at speed - fairly minor though. The one-handed cinch and release at the cuff work wonderfully. The stiff cuff of the inner glove makes it easier to don the glove (never liked the fidgety cuff to cuff velcro solution of other gloves with removable liners). One thing that would be a nice improvement would be including something to hook the gloves together when you're not wearing them (like the little plastic clips every other glove has). I used a small carabiner on my pack through the cinch loops on the gloves as a fix, but a plastic thing only weighs a gram or two (and could be easily removed by the hardcore minimalists).

Dexterity and warmth - They are indeed very dextrous, though I do have trouble literally picking up a dime from a flat surface with them. Though with just the shell (and optionally a thin liner), yup - able to pick up a dime off my desk. I didn't find them super toasty in the mid-high teens (Fahrenheit), but it could've been due to other factors - will need to see next season. You do need to cinch down the cuffs well to maintain warmth, otherwise the warm air goes right out the back of the gloves. Windproofness worked well too - no gaps of cold felt when it was gusting at the peaks.

5 5

Alpha SV Gloves

These gloves are by far and away the best gloves I've ever worn or owned-period.
After reading a few of the reviews,I've come to realize that when people pay a lot of money for something,they'll find fault with it-or look for something that could be better.
These gloves are just about as perfect a glove that you'll find for cold weather endeavors and adventures.They'll allow you to pick up a quarter off the ground without issue-but also keep your hands warm in -25F.The best 275 bucks I've spent.
I just spent the past 4 days snowshoeing the Paul Smith's Wilderness area just outside Lake Placid,in the Adirondack Mountains.Temps as low as -25F and never above 5F,and my hands were warm and dry-a feat I did'nt think possible after digging a snow shelter.The way the outer layer of fabric is laminated to the Gore-Tex Pro Shell is nothing short of revolutionary.The best gloves ever.
I think I should also mention that these gloves have a very easy to use and separate fleece inner liner that works well by itself in cold weather,but wearing both is so comfortable I can't see why you would want to just utilize the liner.I loaned these gloves to a buddy on a week off from snoeshoeing-he did not give them back until I went and got them!

Responded on

"I've come to realize that when people pay a lot of money for something,they'll find fault with it-or look for something that could be better."
That is so true. I often find when I pay a lot for something, it is because I have done research and it best fits my needs. Thank you for giving me further confirmation on how great these gloves are. Will be buying a pair this next winter. Hopefully they come out with new colors!

Responded on

Saw them in Blue ray for the fall....they look nice!

Responded on

blue ray 2012

Responded on

Thanks Logan.I'm glad I could help a bit.I've now worn my Alpha gloves at least 6 more snowshoe trips and snowmobiling almost daily(til the snow melted)and they performed exactly the way I expected-I'd never steer you wrong when it comes to throwing out good money-these are still far and away the best gloves I think I'll find-until Arc'teryx redesigns them and make them better.Definitely get them.You won't be at all disappointed.

5 5

You have to know what you are getting

These gloves are made to be the ultimate in breathable, waterproof. They are not the best ski gloves and are far from being the warmest. You would be far warmer with a 20 dollar mitten with heater inserts.

But on days with pouring rain, you will stay dry. I used to use heavy duty kitchen gloves in downpours - and these are obviously much better.

If you don't like to price, don't buy it. The price is not out of line with other extreme weather gear. But this glove is a unique product for a unique purpose. I am glad that it is not advertised as a high-end ski glove, and honestly, I would feel like a tool wearing these on the slopes most days.

Responded on

Why would you feel like a tool wearing these. I wore these skiing and they are amazing. Probably the warmest gloves out there. Some people just don't like mittens and prefer gloves, I know I do. But I don't think there is warmer "glove" on the market (excluding heater gloves). All that matters to me is keeping my hands warm in extreme cold, and if you prefer gloves and you don't mind the price then this is probably the best choice.

4 5

Looking forward to an updated version

Like most people it seems, I'm doing four stars and not five because of cost.

Warmer and dryer and waaaaay more dexterous then my Hestra Seth Morrison gloves.

For anyone worried about the durability of Pro Shell its a non issue. I wear Pro Shell pants and jacket for Christmas tree harvest. Twelve hours a day of chainsaw use, machete, clippers, twine and throwing around trees. I've had two spots get damage: one was from barbed wire and the other was from consistently getting gas, diesel, oil and chainsaw lube on the right arm. It caused a few bubbles in the fabric which didnt affect performance.

Ive been using the same set of idiot leashes from an old pair of Dakine gloves for years, but I think these should come with a set. A rubber goggle scraper would be nice on the sideways ice pellet days.

On the shells and on the gloves I havent noticed any quality control issues. I havent seen anything better yet and I'm always looking.

4 5


So I decided to try these guys again, but noticed a couple more flaws.

Firstly, no dummy strap. That is just absurd on a $300 glove. Not cool.

Secondly, the wrist clench mechanism. Difficult to work with one hand. Why not make it simpler with a passive elastic or something more streamlined?

Thirdly and most importantly. Most of Arcteryx stuff seems to be made for thinner athletic types, but these glove would fit best on someone with shorter and fatter fingers. I hope next year they will make them more for long, skinny finger guys. IMO.

Also, it did make a lot of sense to me to have such a dexterous design for a big glove. I think it would awesome if they used this technology to make a light glove. Something for temps 15 F to 35F. On par with BD Punisher. Maybe a similar shell, but a thin, fixed liner. Damn, that would be a nice glove.

I wonder, has anyone tried these gloves...

Posted on

I wonder, has anyone tried these gloves for ice and mixed climbing yet? I wonder, wether they'll be sturdy enough. So far I take at least two pairs of gloves for winter climbing. The reason being that the outer gets sooner or later soaked by dripping water and the membrain - wether it be gore tex or something else - can't move the sweat accumulating on the inside out any longer. I'm curious if Arc'teryx solved this problem with the SV glove.

Responded on

haven't ice climbed in them (it was 70f at my house yesterday!), but the idea with these was to eliminate as much seam and taping as possible, and use a laminated fabric package instead of stuffing a separate membrane in between the face and liner. This is drastically different from how any other glove is made, and the goal was to maximize breathability and dexterity. These things are pretty insulated, so if it's not very cold out, you may still run into a bit of vapor bottleneck, but that's when the thin gloves come out of the pack.

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