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As the burliest mountain pants in the Arc'teryx lineup, the Men's Alpha SV Bibs keep you bone dry in the worst mountain storms thanks to three-layer Gore-Tex Pro material. Not only do these waterproof breathable pants fight off horrendous snowstorms with ease, they also keep you from overheating with an ultra-breathable Schoeller Dynamic softshell upper. Waist-to-ankle side zippers provide ventilation and allow you to put on these pants even when you're wearing mountaineering boots. Arc'teryx added a through-the-crotch zipper to the Alpha SV Bibs to make answering natures call a little easier.

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Ideal multifunctional winter gear

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

I purchased these last winter and have used them skiing, ice fishing and winter camping in windy -20 or more conditions. They offered great movement while helping my daughters learn to ski. The knee pads are a nice bonus as well. During cold conditions, a set of fleece long underwear was enough to keep me comfortable(proper boots and upper layers needed of course). The continuous zipper from chest to back makes it almost possible to enjoy a book while pooping in the winter woods. The zipper does allow some water to seep through if you sit in some slush. Overall, this was a great purchase going on year three and they are basically like new.

Love em!

    I've had these bibs for about 4 years now and couldn't be happier. Construction is solid, and I only have a few small tears from crampons and skiing into tree branches accidentially. I'm a big fan of the articulating knees and kneepads. No problem lifting my legs when I'm climbing, and the kneepads add some protection when ice climbing and keep the knees warm when kneeling on snow. The full length side zips are a must for me, great for ventalation, but mostly allows for a speedy approach in just base layers and a quick layering process without removing boots. I'm 5'10" 190 lbs and athletic and the L reg fits just fine.

    As a product tester for Gore, I'm keen on the Gore-tex line of products and am a big fan of their pro shell material. I typically wear a single base layer under the bibs and have no issues with breathability or temperature regulation. As always, they keep me dry, even when snowmobiling. I alway end up repeatedly getting snow on the seat, and melting it with my bum. With other pants this results in a cold and wet bottomside, but problem solved here.

    What would I change? The full zipper between the legs is a good thought, but really cumbersome to manage going #2 while wearing. I've done it plenty of times, but your other layerscan only be pulled down to the crotch of the bibs regardless of the zipper being open or not. Other than that, those sneaky little chest pockets must be zipped at all times if you don't want to lose the contents. I've managed to lose a camera in one instance, and ID, credit card, and 40 swiss francs in another.

    I will definitely get another pair if mine ever die.

    Super Hero Bibs!

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit:True to size

    These bibs will make you feel like a super hero. They simply deliver. These are going on sale now because Dead'Bird is coming out with an updated version in Fall 2013, which makes the current version a steal at these prices. Everyone knows what Goretex Pro is all about so let me give you a review of the fit.

    I'm 6'2" 185 and wear XL in all Arc'Teryx jackets--for the pants I go L or XL long. I have very broad shouders and a 45" chest. I wear 36" waist and 35"/36" leg pants. For these bibs I went XL Long and the fit is tailored to perfection. I was concerned there might be too much dead space in the chest/stomach area of the bibs, but with the athletic fit stying that wasn't a problem. With a single light base layer on top the fit is roomy but not baggy. If I add another light layer it feels very comfortable, not too tight and not too loose. If I add the Atom LT under the bibs and base layers (probably not going to use them like that most days out) the fit is still near perfect. The stretch material in the torso area of the bibs really allows for you to put a few layers on under the bib, but it doesn't mean the fit is too baggy, with just a light base layer on.

    I have plenty of room in the crotch while wearing tights and fleece pants and the leg length is pretty good with my boots on--maybe an inch too long. My advice is if you are 6' and over go with the Long option, you will appreciate this when your pants are clipped into your boots and you have to make high step maneuvers--you won't have any pulling or tightness in the crotch, which is how they should fit. When in doubt always size up on the pant lengths.

    You will need to adjust the suspenders some to find the sweet spot, but once you get dialed in these should fit like a finely tailored suit.

    Amazing Pants!!!

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    These pants are amazing!! They are very heavy weight and durable. I use these pants for everything from AT to strait Alpine. You do have to layer since there is no insulation but my Arc'teryx pants and some wool long underwear make life beautiful. I am a gore mountain tech that believes that these are the best that Gore has to offer. An added perk is the pockets in the torso area. Great place for wallet. You will not be disappointed here.

    Amazing Pants!!!

    Theta SV

      I have used these pants extensively, from mountaineering trips to Mt. Olympus, to backcountry, multi-day snowshoeing trips in the Cascades. These pants are exceptionally well made. The fit is fitted without being tight, and not baggy. The ProShell holds up like a champ and the full length zippers are a great feature as well as the crotch zipper. Highly recommend. *note: I was given these pants as part of the MountainTechs program. However, even if I was not, I would have written the same review as I truly believe in Arcteryx products.

      Tough as nails and very versatile

        I bought a pair of these bibs in 2005 to be worn as a do-it-all outer layer for wear in the mountains while performing law enforcement duties,including crawling over rocks,through brush,over and under vehicles while winching people back up onto the roads after they had slid off in the snow. I bought them larger that needed to allow for wearing mid-layers as needed depending on how warm or cold it was,and still allow me to wear by body armor inside to keep it dry. The full length chest to lower back
        waterproof zippers come in handy for when nature calls...I don't even have to remove my gun-belt from around my waist.The side zippers from hip to ankles make it easy to allow for built up heat to escape and to stay cool inside my patrol vehicle. The elastic cinch-cords afford a quick and easy means to snug the pant legs tight around the ankles of your boots when in deep snow or when on snowshoes,skis,or crampons.With the small grommets on both the inside and outside lower edges of the legs,attach a piece of elastic cord to go under the arch of your boots,and you are as close as you can get to a gaiter.They're going on seven years of full-time winter use,and they look almost new. Clean and waterproof them with Nikwax or similar products designed for gore-tex as needed, and they will as warranted,last a lifetime.

        Nailed it

          I think I tried on every bib BC sells, and these by far had the best cut/fit. In reality they've been super functional as well. An extra pocket or two might be handy, but that's splitting hairs in my book. Arc'teryx nailed it with these puppies.

          I'm 5'7, 150, and the small is perfect. Shoulder straps are adjustable seemingly to any frame.

          Great Bib, But The Zippers...

            I have had this bib for a few years now and have used it in many severe weather situations. I have found that it works perfectly as a ski pant, rain pant, sailing bib, and all around tough pant. The only beef i have with this particular design is the excessive use of zippers, I know that this is built for intense ice climbing, but this is also the only high enough arcteryx bib to work for ocean sailing. The zippers are far from waterproof, even though they are laminated they still leak quite a bit when in contact with driving water or rain. This is a big problem since zippers run all the way down both legs and down the crotch and up the butt(this zipper looks very funny and will get alot of awkward remarks).

            Have you tried using outerwear that's designed for open ocean sailing???

            You give this bib a poor grade because you're using it for something that it was not designed for. All those zippers wouldn't be there if it were designed for open ocean sailing. It's designed to handle frozen water NOT liquid water.

            It's like trying to use a four-sided cheese grader as a cup!

            fantastic, if you can afford them!

              These bibs are fantastic for anything mountain. I use them above my soft-shell pants for mountaineering, ski-mountaineering, telemark skiing & ice climbing when weather & conditions dictate. The double zipper on the side zips are perfect as you can open them up to get great ventilation and breathability when chugging up-hill, and quickly close them if heading down-hill in powder when you don't want a snow drift as one of your layer's. I did replace the cords on the zipper with some longer accessory cord I had so that I could more easily pull them with heavy gloves on. Also love the keprotec on the inside of the ankle's. Could use that on the seat as well. Mine have an inner snow collar, so not sure when the version changed for the fellow who commented on that below. The only reason I don't give these 5 stars is the price tag.

              Buy the Theta for skiing

                Well, while I'm still pleased with the quality of this bib, it is not geared for a skier. I own both the Theta and was given this bib recently for Christmas (schwing). I really really wanted this bib to replace an much older TNF Mountain Bib that has been a mainstay for far too long for me. I purchased the Theta couple years back and it continues to impress me each time I'm out and about or on the slopes.

                The main thing, IMHO, that you should know is this bib does NOT have an inner ski cuff to keep snow out.

                It is extremely light weight and I have put it to the test recently with a 12" snow. This is a mountain bib, but not a skiers bib. The Theta rocks plain and simple.

                Oh yea...I'm 6'2" 185lbs (34" waste 35" inseam) and the the Large-Tall fits great.

                Thanks for the helpful information. I was looking into buying the Alpha bib, because the front side seems to go over your chest more than the Theta. This would lead me to believe that the Alpha would be a warmer bib, but the lack of leg gaiters is a "deal-breaker" for me. I have a Cabela's Original Trans-Alaska Suit (you cannot buy this one anymore - discontinued in 2009, I bought it in 2007) and it also does not have leg gaiters. After an awesome ski trip in Big Sky Montana and getting tons of snow inside the bottom of the leg portion of the suit, I will not buy ski pants/bibs/suits without leg gaiters. Why? The snow and ice hardened on my insulating layers and I was very cold in that area. By the way, how are the Arc'teryx Theta bibs in terms of warmth and bulkiness? I'm looking for a bib with leg gaiters, of course, but is also lighter than my Yahama Value bibs (low end snowmobile bibs, very warm, but very bulky, also discontinued) and warm.

                So far, a bit worried

                  I'll give my in-the-field opinion for later, but straight out of the box, I carefully pull one of the strings (which right away looks worn out) to adjust the waist and it breaks (or rather gets pulled out of some section which is supposed to hold it in). So I have to tie a double overhand on the elastic string so that it does not get pulled in through the plastic clip which is used to pinch it. Given the price of the gear, I am gutted. Pay 500 bux to get something that starts to rip straight out of the box is rather disapointing. It is doubly so given the reputation that this brand has and which is the reason why people are willing to pay more than other makers. I know there can be lemons once in a while, but c'mon guys! It does not stop me from using it but not the start I was hoping for...


                    i climb towers for a living and everyone that i work with wears carthartt winter gear. temps can get down to 0 with windchill of minus 30 up there. if they aren't freezing to death they look like the kid from a christmas story.i love the shoulder straps, elastic and very easy to get on. small inside pocket and two larger pockets on the chest that are perfect for gloves when you need to stow for technical work. a frozen tower will usually tear my clothes to pieces. these bibs allow for a phenomenal range of motion, 150% wind/water protection, and weigh in at only 22oz. oh, and i usually tear other bibs up in one winter on the razor-like frozen towers... one winter and counting without a single leak. it truly blows my mind.SECOND TO NONE.


                    Excellent Bib!

                      I bought these about 15 months ago and have used them many times. I do backcountry snow camping and snowshoeing. The bib has kept me warm and dry every time. It has several pockets; one where I keep spare batteries exclusively.
                      I use this bib as an outer as well as an inner layer. During the day when I'm on the trail I wear the bib as the outer layer (Only layer besides underwear). After I set up camp and am ready to lounge around, I just put on an over-pant and wear the Arc'Teryx bib as the base layer because Gore-Tex does a great job at keeping heat in.
                      The hem has a draw cord to create a gaiter set up and also has holes to attach cord to wrap under the boot like gaiters as well!

                      Perfect bib

                        I have been looking for good gore tex pro shell pants that I can wear skiing and also to sporting events in foul conditions. I like bibs for a number of reasons that I won't go into.

                        My decision came down to the Theta and Alpha SV. I chose the Alpha because they seemed more geared towards all around sports where the Theta is more tailored to skiing and snow boarding.

                        I have worn the bibs now for a number of activities and they are easily the most versatile bibs I have ever imagined owning. They are super comfortable and absolutely weather proof. I can tailor under garmets for any type of cool/cold weather.

                        I simply can't describe how well these bibs are designed. Perfect.

                        Perfect bib

                          I have been looking for good gore tex pro shell pants that I can wear skiing and also to sporting events in foul conditions. I like bibs for a number of reasons that I won't go into.

                          My decision came down to the Theta and Alpha SV. I chose the Alpha because they seemed more geared towards all around sports where the Theta is more tailored to skiing and snow boarding.

                          I have worn the bibs now for a number of activities and they are easily the most versatile bibs I have ever imagined owning. They are super comfortable and absolutely weather proof. I can tailor under garmets for any type of cool/cold weather.

                          I simply can't describe how well these bibs are designed. Perfect.

                          What is the inseam in the short version?

                          What is the inseam in the short version?

                          Do I need to take off the pants to take a...

                          Do I need to take off the pants to take a dump? I suppose the zipper between 2 legs can be opened?

                          So I'm really interested in how these pants...

                          So I'm really interested in how these pants do in the really cold temps and in the really warm temps. can anyone help tell me? im more interested in how these perform in warmer(spring) days

                          They're made from Gore-Tex Pro Shell.. You have a pro shell jacket, it'll be about that warm. I think for spring it's alright, but I find it strange that you'd want to wear a bib through spring. In the winter, you'll need a base and mid layer.

                          Hi, I see these have no internal gaiter....


                          I see these have no internal gaiter. How do they keep out the snow when I'm trudging up the untracked trails?

                          Arcteryx's Alpha line is designed for climbing and alpinism. I've never tried ice climbing but I have done a glaciated summit and I didn't need internal gaiters for that. The layout of this bib is designed to be used easily with a harness. I believe the reason Arcteryx left out the internal gaiter is because it isn't common in winter climbing or alpinism.

                          I have the older model. It has two holes at the hem, you can thread a bungie cord through the holes. After you put on the bibs, you let the bungie cord go under the sole of your boot. It is sorta like the fastener on a gaiter. The leg openings are smaller than the ski pants because it is not really for fat ski boots. So when you secure the hem to the climbing boots using the bungie cord, the snow can hardly get in. I use them for BC ski and winter ice climbing and found no snow inside.

                          I'm 5' 8" 155 lbs. Do I get a small or a...

                          I'm 5' 8" 155 lbs. Do I get a small or a medium?

                          If you need others to judge sizing for you, you need to quote waist size and inseam--this is how pants are sized. Probably a Medium, which is ~33" waist. Then you need to get the length for your inseam, S=30", M/R=32", L/T=34". Search for "size" on this page for Backcountry's fitting help.

                          Hi guys, Planning on getting these bibs...

                          Hi guys,

                          Planning on getting these bibs for winter alpine climbing, ice, and also ski tours where I will be waist deep in powder.
                          I am trying to chose between the Alpha SV, Theta SV, and a few others like the Patagonia Super Alpine.

                          How do the Alpha SV's go with trudging through the powder? Does anything get through the hems? I can't wear any external gaiters as this interferes with the touring boots I wear when I put them in walk mode.

                          Also, what makes these bibs more purpose built for climbing than the Thetas? If the Theta has everything that these pants have, plus the internal snow gaiters, I would just use the Thetas.

                          These are a bit burlier than the Thetas, which are more meant for Skiing. I have heard great things about the Super Alpine bibs, personally. They're made with the same fabric as the SV, and the fit is supposed to be fantastic. That said, the SV is a classic, so honestly, you could flip a coin, or just go with whichever color scheme you like better...

                          I'm 6', 152 lbs, and have a 30" waist....

                          I'm 6', 152 lbs, and have a 30" waist. Would a size small work or should I size up for more layering options? I'll be using these primarily for mountaineering/alpine climbing.


                          The through-the-crotch zipper on these...

                          The through-the-crotch zipper on these pants will be useless without base layer pants with the same zipper. I've had my Alpha SV bibs for about 4 years now and love them. I also have one pair of Rho AR boot cut base layer pants with a crotch zip that I bought in about 2008. I want another pair, but Arcteryx doesn't appear to have this zipper in any of their 2010 base layer pants. Anybody know where I can find some?

                          Trying to decide between the Alpha SV and...

                          Trying to decide between the Alpha SV and Theta SV bibs. Will be used primarily for skiing, snowshoeing and winter camping. What is the difference in construction?

                          I'd recommend the Arc'teryx Theta SV as a ski pant. Both use the same fabric in the legs, but the Theta SV uses a highly breathable back panel, lower front (just above belly button), and is built with more ski-specific articulation in the knees, and internal powder gaiters. The Alpha SV has removable foam pads in the knees, and a much taller torso.

                          Best Answer

                          It seems to me that the big difference between the Alpha SV bibs and the Theta SV bibs is going to be the lack of internal powder gaiters on the Alpha SV. This means that you might have to wear some sort of a separate gaiter over top of the shell in deeper snow to keep the snow out. I used the Theta SV pants all of last season for skiing and they were great. I'd have no issue using them for snowshoeing or winter camping since they are very comfortable to wear and they have good zippers for providing ventilation where necessary. Obviously the Alpha SV pants could be used for skiing, but if this is one of your main uses for the pants then Id' stick with the Theta SV.

                          What material is used for the inner...

                          What material is used for the inner lining?

                          The Arc'teryx Alpha SV bib isn't "lined" per se. These bibs are made with Gore-Tex Pro-Shell, which is 3 layers laminated together (face fabric,Gore Membrane, and a woven backer) the backer on these is a wicking polyester, but you'll need to wear a layer or two under these for insulation. The Pro-Shell is nice because it's really durable, but still light, and moves nicely.

                          Can they be used for skiing?

                          Can they be used for skiing?

                          Would these work well on a fishing boat...

                          Would these work well on a fishing boat for keeping warm and dry?

                          Best Answer

                          I'm sure the Arc'teryx Alpha SV work great. Just wash them alot if you'll be in salt water, as the salt will kill the breathability and DWR if it builds up. They don't have any insulation by themselves, so some fleece pants underneath would be necessary, or better yet, check out the Kappa insulated pants from Arc'teryx. Primaloft under windstopper. Serious protection!

                          does anyone use these for alpine climbing?...

                          does anyone use these for alpine climbing? Can you wear gaiters over the cuffs?

                          I have climbed many alpine routes with these bibs. I also use a pair of OR gators. The gators keep snow out of boots when high stepping and the help to keep you from cutting the bibs with your crampons. The bibs have a small kevlar patch designed to prevent this, but I have found that you will kick every spot except that spot. Hope this helps.

                          I have study the Arc'teryx sizing chart....

                          I have study the Arc'teryx sizing chart. But I still can't figure out what size I need.I know I need medium. But which length should I choose?My "inseam" are approximately 82-83cm. The Medium Regular says 77cm and the Medium Tall 85cm.Any suggestions?Thanks

                          arc'teryx alpha sv bib sizing what size...

                          arc'teryx alpha sv bib sizing what size should i get, waist 35.5 inches and hip 38 inch leg length 33 inch please advise. thanks ash

                          Any problems with snow in the boots since...

                          Any problems with snow in the boots since they don't have gaiters? I would use them mainly for backcountry skiing, so they would be going over a tele boot.

                          Best Answer

                          No problem, I use them with Garmont Excursions and have snow climbed in deep snow with no problem, cinch the drawcord down. I also sometimes use a velcro strap around outside at the bottom at .2 ounce each, the ultimate ultralight gaiter. The bibs have grommets on the bottom for a strap under the instep but I haven't used that.If they are mainly for day skiing you might consider the heavier duty Arcteryx bibs.